Originally it came with uh this battery right here, 7.4 volt 1200 milliamp hour battery, but we swapped it out for our uh, your gen x, 1600 milliamp hour battery and just made a little adapter now some spare wires. We had laying around and uh it did not come with this uh heat shrink on there. I had that laying around. I noticed that this motor does get pretty hot when you’re, using it it’s been playing with it for about a day now ran about six battery packs through it haven’t had any issues with it. It seems to be a really cool. Little rig yeah it’s got a adjustable lights on it, even uh, using the channel three button on here. We can turn the lights off. We can go just white go white with a red halo around it or my favorite, just red halo. The body on these is a really nice. It comes with a nice protective wrapper over it uh. I flipped it over many times, we’ve, really smashed the front end into a lot of things and uh it’s holding up really good. You know i mean obviously we’re gon na have some cracks and stuff in it and that’s uh that’s to be expected, like we’ve, really we’ve crashed this thing really hard. I’Ve thought it was actually broke a couple times where it’s, like oh it’s, done smash it to a curb and it it’s actually just perfectly fine. You do want to have a place that you got good ground clearance, because uh suspension sits pretty low, but this is a a really cool truck they’re under a hundred dollars, and i was all steering with my mouth i’m holding the phone in one hand and uh Using my trigger finger and steering with my mouth yeah it’s hard to remember, which way to go doing that yeah it’s uh comes with uh get here, so you can see.

It’S got like a gyro that we can turn up and down. It helps uh make it steer above 30 throttle we’ll turn here. I’Ll turn the gyro all the way up and we’ll get on the gas for you guys. I don’t know how i’m going to do this and hold the camera we’ll. Have my assistant hold the camera? Hold the camera all right above 30 throttle the gyro kicks in. It makes the tires automatically turn that’s. Pretty neat Applause. Yeah it’s got real good control with or without the gyro thing. I prefer it without. The gyro gives you a little bit better feel notice with the gyro all the way up, that it uh it wobbles back and forth so i’m, just going to go straight, not even touch the steering Applause so fast. We got a couple more of them on the way seems like they’d, be good for uh make a little racetrack out in the parking lot. Okay, so it comes with two sets of tires. They come with uh some hard plastic drift tires and it comes with these uh rubber tires and uh. I like these rubber tires, see i mean it’s got enough power with its uh brushed motor, just uh spin, the tires anyways as long as you’re on something slippery. Like this parking Applause, lot, Applause plus it’s, not too heavy to uh, hurt you. When you hit yourself now we’ll, let my assistant drive it and we’ll try to get some cool shots for all you.