I get to try drifting in practice after all this time, because for those that were watching, the show before saw me build an epic drift car with afro in uh on vancouver island, shout out to afro right now, bro it’s time to get drifting dizzy. Finally, we have some asphalt to play on i’m still trying to wash this darn thing. It’S like peeling a banana over here. Look at this, the smallest strip. Don’T worry a shout out to everybody that was on my facebook that showed me that uh there was a uh like as pressure washer surface washer that i got on order right now: 20 inch it’s so satisfying though oh man. Well, it took me like what what was it two hours just to do this one area? I wonder if i have some glue and i don’t have my: do you have the glue gun? Yeah? Yes, but sticks yeah. We need glue for that yeah, but i don’t know if i got glue sticks, i don’t care where they are okay. Well, they may have to put up with some body rub on the back bumper, then uh, a little body rub, never hurt anybody. It’Ll just grind itself right off and then no problem big shout out to you buddy afro, thanks for putting this together for me on camera, the yokomo. This is a hundred and ten thousand rpm motor for those that don’t believe it. We already showed it on a dyno.

This thing has a gyro in the front. It says the gyro and everything actually just sounds so neat when you turn it on wow yeah it’s, like a monster, yeah a good one yeah, so the body is held on by magnets. I think that’s, my favorite part yeah, no, no uh body posts. This is the first time i’ve turned on the drift car, since we were in uh on the other side of the country, vancouver that’s, exactly it. We were hunting for places at that time. Look at our, so nice, so rear wheel drive only guys Music. I think we should smooth around and give gem a chance to even try to focus in on this car it’s been a while, since we’ve been able to do anything on road seven years we were at the ranch deer. Yes, i think it was about seven years that we were filming at the studio. Look at this afro shouting at the camera at his screen. Right now have throttle control. Man going to afroshop was actually insane because he was such a good teacher as a senpai. I would say he had to run into somebody that had so much experience with a drift car and who was also very calm in teaching. Well, just all of his racing experience full scale and regular like in scale. It was a real privilege. He even offered to come out here and set up a drift course for me, and i said once we got settled.

That would be something that would happen. Hopefully it can happen next year. Well, we do have longer seasons out here now. Oh man, we have seasons. Actually so one of the issues i always had before in alberta was that we would always start getting the show going because it had been winter for so long, then we’d just start getting rolling and it would be freezing cold and snowing again. But now we can actually experience seasons instead of four months of really blazing hot weather and then eight months of snow and cold it actually rained here the other day it was the most beautiful warm rain. I had ever felt. It’S almost like being in the tropics. Would you agree uh, Music uh? I find it hard to believe that 12 years ago i did a learning to drift video series. It was one of the first drift video series on youtube and i’ve gotten no better. I was expecting not expecting that. Yes, oh i’ve, gotten no better! I see my intercoolers my radiators falling off there afro. I got ta glue it on there. Buddy we’ll, take it out now, just for some good airflow and i don’t lose it that’s. What i get when i move my rc’s 5000 kilometers away: Music, okay, so drifting, the long deep drift here, let’s see, if i can do this let’s stand up and see if we can get a good shot. That was not good. That was the other thing about being at afros and having a teacher that’s just calm.

He always encouraged all of the students to just like the new person to their shop always had to be first in the train line, and even though you’d screw up like that, the guys behind you were actually supposed to compensate the more experienced guys were supposed to Compensate for the lack of ability of the student driver like a team sport like a team sport, so they teach you how to train and get those nice long. Deep drifts could be so much better and they would just keep supporting walk with me for a second i’m still getting the handle on on how to drive this car it’s such an advanced car. To start with, and just even how it moves right, you can’t compare it to your normal driving to my uh to my hpi, sprint 2, that i had had as a drift car all wheel drive this two wheel drive is completely different. Look at that beautiful spin, but, of course, when i focus on it, i lose it. This means that i get to spend hours of practicing off camera and i bet you in nova scotia, where we’ve moved there’s some other drifters around here. Even though nova scotia is a nice big place, let’s see if i can get a figure, eight going uh. Oh, i hit it dang, it that’s a weird thing, such great turning ability up front but because they’re slipping tires, they’re sliding, if you don’t, got a slide going on.

It makes it incredibly challenging to turn come on oh too deep that’s what she said. I would agree with you Laughter there. You go nice, let’s, walk more let’s, go around and see what we can do here. I want to know right now, because there’s not a lot of people that watch rc drifting, videos but there’s, been a lot of people that have watched our channel over the years is drifting something you’re into. I want you to comment down below. Do you have a drift car? If you do, what do you have get away from these shadows? Jim? I can see already as a camera. Lady you’re like get me out of the shower. You must have read my mind. Yeah. Can you go to the end of the line and see if we can get us a good shot of that for the guys and gals and the guys and gals tight they’re all tight together? I wanted to see if i could drift around the other side of this. Oh, i want to fit in between them. Beautiful, beautiful, come on oh spun, out little too confident, i’ll bring it back, i’ll, bring it back into the shadow around and whip it. If anybody has advice for me on how to drift even better, apart from the hey, just wrap some electrical tape around your rubber tires, then i would love to hear it if you guys have videos of things you’ve done in the drifting end of the rc sport.

Please post a link down below for other people to check it out and for me i want to check it out too. Let’S go for a deep, long drift here and then slip and then around oh, too, sharp too sharp we’ll come back. Try it again dude the story. I remember i went back to afro and i said afro. You know i love the fact that you painted me this car. Thank you so much, but you know like pink, is not really my color and he said. Let me tell you about why your cup, your car, is painted the way it is my friend i said okay. Why is that, and he said remember when i handed you your car and you and i said here – is your weapon and i said yeah because that’s what he had said to me. He said there is an ancient japanese tale about an executioner that was very powerful and it was the emperor. I believe that felt threatened by the by the executioner, because he’d become a very powerful man in that village or in the area that he was, and the the the the executioner actually carried a sword. That used to do the beheadings of the people to be executed and his sword had an ivory handle, and this executioner had so much blood on this ivory handle that it was stained pink and so this man had been so respected and so revered and and became Such a threat to the emperor that he himself had been put uh to death, and so the legend i believe and i’m sorry afro.

If i got that wrong brother, because it’s been months and months and months since you told me, but that is why it is painted this way, because it is respected and revered as a color in the japanese lore. So at that moment, all of a sudden, you know much like the the cherry blossom. You know all of a sudden. I had a great respect for what the weapon i had in my hand.