This is the hsp94103 and i’m going to show you later the specification of this hsp94103 so guys let’s start foreign. Oh, thank you! So guys. We need a test run for this hsp94103, but unfortunately we are having a problem with the steering system and we need to check what’s the issue possible. We need to adjust the regret in the steering system or the servo, but before i show you the specification of this car for this car, i only purchase purchase it for only 283 homes and the original price was 1450 in toy scoreless. So it was a really big deal, so let’s start sharing the specification by showing you the details of this transmitter so guys this is the stack passmeter from hsp. This is a little bit heavy than the other transmitter that i have the reason why it’s heavy, because for this transmitter or this remote system, you need to provide a double a batteries. So this is the battery pay, so you need to provide eight double a batteries. One two: three: four: five: six, seven eight then now let’s proceed on the controls, let’s open this part, so guys on the bottom. We have here the on off switch okay and on this left left part, we have the stirring cream. This is the steering ring and on the middle, this is the throttle trim and on the right, this is the sd drive. Maybe this is the dual rate, so we also have to switch on the on the on the top.

This is the reverse and normal it’s written here, n, o r and r e b. So these two are both n, o r, r e v, o n o r r e v. I think this is for the normal or normal orbitals. This is for the orientation of the steering and the orientation for the throttle, so let’s switch it off. Okay, before i forgot, this is the bind button so guys inside the box. You are going to receive this charger. This is a balance, charger gt power, 80 balance, charger input, voltage 100 to 240, volts ac max charge, current 3×9 900 ma, and this is capable of 3 cell battery. So this is the two. This is the 2s and this for the 3s. But for this charger i’m, not using for for my rc i’m using my skyrc charger from the box also, it includes the instruction manual. So this is the structural manual. If you break something, so you just need to search the item number here and you can search online. Don’T worry about the parts of the hsp, because a lot of seller are available on online and this ring is to adjust the orientation of the sharks so guys. Let’S push it on the car, so we need to remove the four body clips so guys. This is the canopy xsdr power, hsb racing dura 56, so guys this is the main car or the main parts. This is the receiver.

This is a 3 channels, 2.4 gigahertz receiver and for the esc, this is a brushless system, 10bl50 rdr – and from here you can see also that this is a waterfall. This is the stack servo e6001, so i’m planning to replace this one with 25 kg servo, and this is the battery i’m, not sure if this is the. If this is the stock battery, because i also have a himalaya rse, they are both new, my hsp and himoto, but i mix them so guys. This is the lipo battery i’m, not sure if, if this is the one that comes with the comes with this car – or this is the stock battery, so let’s check the battery. So this is our fully max battery lipo battery 30c rating with 3500 mah 7.4 volts. So this is a 2s lipo battery. If you’re going to use the stock battery, maybe it will take you three to four hours to full charge this battery, or maybe five five hours – and this is the other battery i’m – not sure which one is for the hsp94103. This is vega power, lipo battery two 2000 mah 7.4 balls, and the discharge rate is 30 dc 30 cp dc. I don’t know which one is the you call this the discharge rate, but i think this is not the charge rate the try to see this is heavier than this one, and i think this is a good quality than this one for the motor.

I think they provide the 3300 foreign and a little bit loose on the front. We have a phone bumper and for the tires it has leaky type tires. I think this one will not last for a long time, so we need also to find some good tires for this hsp94103, so guys, i think, that’s it for now for this hsp94173. Hopefully i can fix the issue for this steering system and possible i’m going to get dumbo rc transmitter to replace the heavy transmitter. Maybe i will take the dumbo rc 6 channel transmitter with gyro system so guys that’s it for now and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.