This is the car we’re talking about today, guys for the first 30 seconds and then it’s done so guys i failed. I have to eat on this one. I tried to build a car that will go 100 miles per hour and less than 250. I truly believe this car would have done it, but there were some factors that i didn’t take in play and i’ll show them to you real quick. So this is a tc4 if you’re just checking it out good, build man. I have no doubt this car would have done good, but when i bought the car i really didn’t know much about them. So this is what it was afterwards 250 everything in there, except for the receiver, the diffs and the drive. Shafts are actually plastic, guys that’s hard plastic, not even hard plastic. I should say this is just a plastic very much when people say: oh oni są, just toy cars. This is what i imagine look at that the diff cup totally snapped in there there’s plastic pieces falling out right now. I don’t know where that goes, but um yeah they’re just cheap. I took it out, i locked the front diff the best way. I could just tighten down the screws. First time i went out it snapped the diffs in half, so the dog bones. Tak właściwie, surprisingly, for being plastic held together now i did find the diff in aluminum. It was on ebay for 87 came off a nitro, ntc 4 A, and then i found the dog bones for 27 z przodu 27 for the rear.

Cóż, teraz, we’re way out of the 250 range we’re almost to 400 dollars for 400 Dolarów, i’m sure you can get so much more. I mean you can get a uh arma what 600 For 200 Więcej. You can get a fully built arma ready to run. So this car guys was a no bueno good thing is i’m gon na take the electronics out for the build i’m gon na show you now and i’ll probably end up giving the car away to one of you guys so, and it is a good looking car Manand maybe you can take since i already paid for the majority of it – samochód, the body the wheels. Maybe you can take it and buy the drive shafts and the cups and go hit 100 miles per hour with it. That would be really cool, but for me i didn’t do it so i’m i’m not gon na stick with it. Now i am all about my goals, chłopaki um. When i set a goal for myself, i like to achieve that goal matter of fact: the four tech i absolutely hate that car i cannot stand it. I don’t want nothing to do with it, but it whipped my ass back in the day and the most. I can get out of it, i think was 108 Lub 110 mil na godzinę. I don’t remember it was like two years ago. You can look at my videos to check them out, and i said i got to do better than that.

So i got one and i went out and hit 140 w nim. So since i don’t like to admit defeat, A, actually i i’ll admit defeat. I just don’t like the feet. This is what i got yes from hobbyking. To będzie 100 mile per hour under 250 Samochód. I haven’t opened it yet so i’m going to do an unboxing with you guys check it out, see what all it is um. I was looking around everywhere, guys and honestly. I you just can’t beat it you really can’t. So i got a bunch of stringy crap here. It is guys throw some wheels on that um there’s a little body flat and i’m just jumping yes, sun rc there. Zaleca się, aby. Tę. Is the blaze r2 made by sun rc touring car 10 Skali? Four wheel drive belt driven colored carbon fiber, Rozstaw osi 260, właściwy 10 Skali, car let’s, open it up and see what’s inside guys, jak powiedziałem, i’ve never opened this, so i don’t know what to expect. Miejmy nadzieję, it’s something good man i’m, really hoping this will do it got the manuals got opinion gear in there, a bunch of the plastic crap, some body posts stuff like that cool, oh damn it does come with a body. I wasn’t sure i did buy a body, but man it comes with a body. So if i decide to take the 250 and use it towards something better like electronics or something, then uh i’ll keep this body.

Jeśli nie, then i’ll put on the body, i just paid 30 bucks for and uh this one will just be an extra. I did buy this separate guys, A, not sure how it got on the inside of that box. Maybe hobby king did it. This is a let’s see if it shows the size, Wierzę, że, it’s an 82 ząb 48 sprzęt skokowy, so everything i read about this car everybody said it’s a copycat of a x ray t4. I don’t know i’ve never had a x ray t4, so i couldn’t tell you honestly, but what i can tell you is everybody that does like them says: they’re good cars. The only complaint is the gearing everybody was complaining about the gearing there’s, not enough gearing options. Look at that check that out it was zip tied down completely carbon fiber man. This thing is light guys. Another complaint they had was there was no sway bars on it, but speed running we don’t need sway, bars right. These are some good wheels right here to send off to rick gone bananas if the budget calls for it, so it’s already got um battery straps in there. Is that locked in the front? Look at that the front is locked already guys. What about the rear and the rear? Jest to, nie to jest, Niesamowite, oh and it’s got a rear diff. I think i read about that so now i can put whatever oil i want in the back um in this car.

Ten samochód, guys there’s a wing in here also came with the wing for the body. Anything else make sure before i get this out of the way nope box is empty, wszystkich facetów w porządku. Więc, with the last car, the tc4 i kind of messed upand i really did i said i’m gon na make this for everybody to do, but i didn’t show you what i was doing it every step of the way this car is gon na, be a Hundred percent different guys this car right here, i’m gon na build it and i’m gon na tell you everything i’m doing down to the gearing i will give you guys the gearing i will give you guys the diffs. Dam wam chłopaki. Uh shock fluid everything matter of fact, i can tell you right now what i’m going to do with the shocks. This is what i do on every single car just about 90 z tyłu 60. In the front, you can use any brand guys i’ve i’ve noticed there’s, not a huge difference between low c and team associated and mugen and traxxas they’re, all roughly the same guys as far as fluid a weight is a weight and just like car oil you’re going To use chevron with techron or or uh mobile, one dude they’re, all the same, so let’s check this thing out one more time, Man, so i think what i’m gon na do is take the electronics out of that tc4 put a sidewinder three in here with probably A castle 4, 600 Lub 5700 coś, but i want to keep it under 250 legitimately under 250.

One killer thing i found out about this car guys i went on and all their parts are so cheap for this car, probably because it’s a hundred dollar car. You know you can buy this rear carbon fiber plate for like four dollars or something it’s really cool. Amortyzatory są metalowe, aluminum or metal really nice. I honestly did not expect this. When i got this thing um, i expected it to be like that tc3 or tc4. I expected it to be all plastic and stuff um. The drive shafts are actually metal. Now i did see an option uh. Byli jak 15 bucks front 15 bucks rear. Więc 30 Dolców – you can get spring steel drive, Wały, really make it strong, but everything’s aluminum and carbon fiber on this car and it’s really smooth man. The belts just move very smooth there’s the motor mount right there. Nwo. I believe it comes with an 87 Lub 88 zębaty zębaty, so i’ve been doing my homework lately and i’m trying to find a couple spur gears. Like i said everybody said this was a replica of the x ray t4. So maybe x rays got a smaller spur gear i can put on there i’m hoping to get into a 60 range somewhere in the 60s 66 62. If anybody out there runs 10th skeletorian cars and knows something that might work um where’d, that gear go. Let me grab that gear if i didn’t bury it somewhere, if you’ve seen that gear that i just had, and you know of something that might work with that bolt pattern.

One two three: Cztery: Pięć: six holes. If you know something that might work with that bolt patter shoot me a message or uh comment below, so i can uh order it up. That’S gon na be the hardest part about this honestly, with the front lock. Diff i’m, really loving that the front’s locked the rear. I can put a nice diff fluid in there. I’Ll probably do like a 500 ciężar, but man it’s really it’s so light. I think that castle system will have no problem pushing this down the road guys. The tires, obviously we’re not going to use these tires, but these would be great wheels to send off to gone bananas and have them foam the dish style. Tak, jestem, really digging it i’m going to buy some extra belts and pulleys. Tak jak powiedziałem, the only really complaint is people said they didn’t have sway bars but that’s for turning. So we don’t need to worry about that. Yeah that’s, naprawdę ładne, even the spool up front guys, is aluminum, really good quality. You know what i got a hobo. What is that h4 that i bought that i’ve never built it’s up it’s at the top of my closet right now, and it reminds me of this little car right here, so maybe that one will have a better spur gear. I’Ll have to take it down and look at it, but yeah really shocked at the quality, podwozie. I thought it would have had a lot of flex to it, but really no there’s, not the top plate, has some flex to it.

But this is a stout little car. I have no doubt this thing will be hitting good numbers so, jak powiedziałem to, one guys is going to be a hundred percent for my subscribers i’m. Not gon na fill the car with some fancy chassis that no one can buy and all this other stuff that’s all custom made and have a 5 000 car that we built together, because you have no way of building that car. If it’s custom, then there’s it’s custom for a reason, someone order all these parts, this car right here guys 100 exactly i’m. Przepraszam 99.99 to the house. When you add the gear hobby king over 100 offers free shipping so 99.99 for the car. Shipping was going to be 18. I added this gear for a dollar 27.. It brought it to a hundred dollars and i got free shipping saved me. 20. Dolców, 18 Dolców, cokolwiek to jest 100 bucks to the house, man that’s. What that car cost with the body with everything everything shown here, 100 Dolców? How could you go wrong honestly? If you crashed it your first time out, you know it’s gon na suck, but go order. You another hundred dollar car and try again. Where else are you gon na get a hundred dollar car that you can throw a hundred dollars worth of electronics in and body and some wheels? I might even just use this body but body and wheels 250 Dolców.

You got a brand new car, not a used. Jeden, a brand new car brand new electronics ready to send and i’m willing to bet money. This thing will hit 100 mil na godzinę. The only thing i didn’t check is, if it has the yep it’s, got the screws inside the a arm, so you can lower the suspension and race the suspension in the front and the rear. Awesome that’s really cool, oh and you can change the shocks to the front or the back. It’S got three settings there, so you can move the shocks to the inside. If you want to um man this this i’m really blown away on the quality. Faceci, Szczerze, i think this is pretty cool comes with the uh, klakson serwo, also it’s plastic, but that’s all you need it’s kind of weird how it sticks up like that. I don’t know how that’s going to work oh kind of like that: Okk, Tak 100 dolców chłopaki. How can you go wrong now? They do make this in a sil uh silver, which is this the silver silver carbon fiber, and they also make it in a red and uh. Someone on there said he got the black version. I don’t know if they still have the black carbon fiber, ale człowiek, you really can’t, go wrong with that. Even for drag racers 100 car to get you going, throw 100 in electronics sending it so there. It is guys that’s going to be my next project under 250 100 mil na godzinę, guarantee it with this one guys this one stay tuned, i’ll be getting rid of it real soon.

To one of my subscribers see this one, i wonder if that body would fit man you subscribers might just get a brand new body, the clear one. Ah, Oh, what it does fit in the front, but it don’t go all the way down. Let’S see what style! Oh it’s got these stupid things right. There let’s take these out real, Szybkie. Take those body pins out. Take these off this body might just fit, but in the budget i’ll go ahead and deduct what i paid for the body. If i do use it, i don’t know if it’s going to work in the back, but look at that that’s a little off. Dobrze, there you go let’s see if it fits back. Actually you know what it’s dead on for what that tc4 was that’s crazy. So whoever gets this car might get a body to paint, so we’ll see guys stay tuned. I have no use for that tc4, but you want to put the money into it. We’Ll send it out to somebody probably so there you go guys, Myślę, że to. What i’m going to stick with other than i don’t like that? It kind of sits too far back so maybe you will get that body. I already bought another body anyways. I bought a porsche from delta plastic. I also have a mcallister racing raven and i have another gt1 car body. I have a couple bodies so and i’ll just deduct what the going rate on ebay is, throw some tires on there um.

I do have some gone banana foams that i’ll probably end up. Throwing on there they cost me, Jak 30 Dolców, so i’ll deduct that from there, but we’ll get this thing under 250 bucks and we’ll get it down. The road guys best buy that i’ve ever done for a hundred dollars. I i’m stoked i’m really happy about it. Guys check them out at hobbyking, umm jestem, no way sponsored by hobby, king or anything but i’m just really shocked at the quality of this thing for 100 Dolców. Szczerze, i expected a lot less a lot less so there you go guys let’s. Zrób to 250 bucks stay tuned because we’re going to build this thing together, like i said i will give out gearing i will give out everything on this car. I will give you pinion gear spur gear, Uh, diff oil shock oil. Everything to get you down the road 100 mil na godzinę, because i have no problem helping you get to 100 after that it’s 100 on you um. If i end up pulling 110 with it, then you’re getting that gearing too. But here we go guys and then from there man, if you take it from there and you go up to 130 140 150 miles per hour props to you guys. Dziękujemy za oglądanie. Thank you to all my subscribers. Thank you for all the people out there um giving me a shout out and telling me a good job.

When i hit the 177., i was stoked and i got a lot more coming guys um. I ran the infraction yesterday i’m, not going to post the video. Yet because um well, you’ll just have to wait and see there’s some really cool things coming man and uh. I shocked myself again when i ran that car, so it’s coming real soon guys, we’ll have that dual motor build real soon everything’s coming together, let’s build this. Get you one man, 100 bucks we’ll build it together, i’m out peace.