We just picked it up from the dealership we’re gon na go through and demonstrate how easy it is just to install our remote start system for three lock presses off of your factory key fob. You literally have to hook up a ground wire and then one additional wire, więc jest to, stupid, simple. Tak więc z tym powiedziawszy, our kit covers all variations and trim levels of the transit. Więc, as you guys are aware, this one is a passenger van. Obviously they do make a cargo version, they have transits with the OEM alarm and they have some without they have some with an immobilizer system. They have some without so with that said, our kit will cover everything. So if you guys have a fleet of transits and they’re, not all the same, our kit will work on all of them, so some require all the parts in our box. Some may not so you’ll have extra parts, but we do include everything that you will need to cover every single trim level of transit without further ado let’s jump in here and get it going alright guys so under the dash we’re gon na start with removing this Panel right here just grab a plastic pry tool or you can pull it off like that, but usually it’s, not that loose you let’s have to Punk it in and then you can work it around and it just pops right off the next thing. We’Re going to do is remove this cup holder because there’s a couple screws and behind it so again take your pry tool and you can go right underneath this lip pop it up.

There are three seven millimeter screws there’s one here, one here and then one hiding back here go ahead and remove those remove this cover, and now we gain access to two more seven millimeter screws. So go ahead and remove those once you have those two screws removed. Go ahead and pull them up here. Take your plastic pry tool and you’re gon na see a little lip up here. Once you get it loose, unplug the electrical connectors from the headlight harness and then also, if you have the power mirrors, go ahead and unplug that harness as well. We have seven seven millimeter screws that we need to remove there’s first ones over here on the left on the encap. Then we have six more. You got one two three four six go ahead and remove all those and then there’s going to be one more that we have to remove up in here. But we’ll show you that here in a second, this dark, gray, piece right here, you can pull out and we’re actually going to pull it down and we’re gon na go at the seven millimeter from right here between the pieces, so grab your drill or an extension Piece, if you have something like this, you can reach back up in here, get it out just like so and once you have that loose in the screw out, there’s a clip that holds the sub on, so you can either give it a Yank or you might Have to use a screwdriver or a panel popper to come up here and leverage it and break it loose Music and then, once you got it out, set it to the side.

We need to remove two t20 Torx bits from the bottom of the steering wheel, shroud there’s one right here and one back here. The easiest way to remove this is to grab it by the back, give it a little yank it’ll loosen up over on the side, and then you can get it from there and just work it off all right. So go ahead pop the steering wheel, lock down, pull the steering wheel, all the way out and up lock it back into place, and now we will get the furnace out of the box and show you guys how to install it. The ford transit contents of the box are as included. This is our main ignition harness obd2 harness we had the remote start module. We have our parking light connection kit. We have our lock and unlock wires. This is only required, as it says right here. If you guys are using a remote kit, andor phone module, we have our ground wire kit and then some zip ties warranty info and full instructions, Porządku, so out of the box, I need you to grab these three things. This is all we’re gon na start with right now, and this is all that is required for a one wire hook up three locks off of your factory key fob. You got your remote start box, you got your ground wire kit and then you have the main harness and obd2 connectors, and then these are our niche ignition harness LT harness plug right in this is plug B.

So this is where we plug our ground wire into and then the rest of this plugs right into the module here. So you’re gon na have the obd2 connector plugs into the remote start, red connector plugs into the remote start. The four pin black to the remote start, there’s a I think, it’s a twenty pin and then the little black box that comes in here plugs right into this one. All transit vans will be required over here on the left to use our key harness for the main ignition switch, so go ahead and plug this in make sure it clicks make sure it is seated all the way. The next one that we’re gon na do is the one with a B on it, go ahead and take our ground wire kit plug the connector into here and then that’s our main ground, and we will run these together here in a second for connector. A right here, nie ma, a black ring around the ignition cylinder there’s, a four pin plug connected to that mechanism and that’s, where our immobilizer connections going to go. This is a passenger van. Most will have this very few. Cargo vans will have this, but I have seen it so. If your van has this connection around the ignition cylinder plug a must be used, it is required. Jeśli tego nie zrobisz, have this connection, then a just gets zip, tied or taped to the harness and tidied up. So it does not rattle underneath the steering column all right, so everything is just loose hanging here.

We have the ignition plug connected right here we have plug a connected to the mechanism around the ignition cylinder and then plug B. Right here is connected to our ground wire kit, so I’m gon na go ahead and tidy this up and show you what it’s going to look like when everything is buttoned up all right guys. So we got it all zip tied up. You can see it comes around, is it tied of the loom? We got our connector plugged into this switch and we have the original back in here and it just kind of goes along this limb over. I came behind that loom and then what we’re gon na do with the ground wire is come out. This hole right here so take your wire feed it through this little area right there, where my finger is at so there you go, remove the eight millimeter bolt pop the plastic out, insert it down, cinch it back down, and now we have a good om factory Ground on our remote start system, the last tee harness that we need to install is the obd2 connector. Więc, jak widać, there’s a lock tab on each side, so just depress it with a screwdriver and you can push one side back and then weasel it on out it’s loose so grab our tea harness, go ahead and install it in place, wrap the white Wire around here and now we are all good to go.

The last Connection we need to make in order to operate this from our factory key fob by pushing lock three times is our signal wire, so grab the green one with the Spade on it. We are going right here. This is the BCM underneath the dash take a pair of wire cutters and snip. This zip tie peel back the tape careful you do not want to cut any of the wires. The wire that we’re looking for is a purple green. There are two of them in here. Jak widać,, the one on the right is a lot skinnier than the one on the left, so the one on the left is that’s. The one we’re looking for use the supplied t tap crimp it down with a pair of pliers, or I would highly recommend you guys solder. These connections that we’re about to show you to test this. You guys grab a meter or a test light or whatever it is that you guys use for testing wires. This is going to show ground, but when you hit the lock button, let me see if I can do this here, it’s going to show 12 V. Więc, every time you push lock it’s going to show 12 volts same thing with the door switch you push a lock on the door, switch it’s going to show 12 volts that’s the wire that we need and after you’re done testing it make sure you push the Unlock button, więc nie, lock your keys in the car.

Take the green wire tap it on here, W porządku, Faceci, jesteśmy, ready to program the module now keep in mind. Programming is going to be different between trim levels of transits. There are only two possible programming scenarios. This goes back to this connector right here around the ignition cylinder. Okk, this four pin connectorif you guys have this the programming that I’m about to show, you is what you’re going to use. If you do not have this stay tuned because I’m going to show you the second programming process as soon as we’re done with this one Music, alright guys so plug everything into the module on the backside. You’Re gon na have the red and white plug it in. On the front side, you’re gon na have the big white connector the black one you’re not going to plug in just yet, and then the seven pin goes to the little black box here. This is probably going to end up turning over to a circuit board chip that will be installed in the harness already. But if you guys have this black box go ahead and plug it in you’re, gon na push and hold the button you’re going to insert the 4 pin connector. This light is going to psycho blue red, amber blue and red and then it’ll repeat the process when it gets the solid red release. The button like I just did and it will stay on red, należy pamiętać,.

This programming process is for the vans that have the four pin connector plug a attached at the steering column. If you do not have that plug a connected, do not follow these instructions because it will not work so grab both keys. Zasadzie, what we’re going to do is I’m going to label this one key one, the other one’s going to be key too so take key one insert it into the ignition count. The three take it out put key in within 5 seconds turn it on count. Tthe 3 pull it out, push and hold this button. Ignition turns on let go of the button and then we’re waiting for that blue light to blink rapidly so it’s blinking, your ignition is still on, give it a few seconds and there we go ignition. Just turned off so everything is complete and now you just tap the lock button 3 times so we’re gon na go 1. 2 3 you’ll see the red light, come on and we’re running now. If you guys don’t want parking lights, go ahead and tidy all this up, zip tie it up in here and you’re good to go I’m gon na go through the second programming process right now, Applause push and hold the button you’re gon na insert the black connector. These lights are going to start fluctuating and cycling, so it starts it. Blue then goes to red, amber and then red and blue at the same time, non transponder vehicles, you’re gon na release when it’s blue.

So we got blue right here and now you take one of the keys, you insert it into the ignition cylinder. The light goes out turn the key forward, give it a couple seconds and that lights going to blink blue and then let it blink for about five seconds or so go ahead and clinic er yeah Music, alright guys so the transit is completely finished up and back Together, ready to go back to the dealership on the factory key fob, you’re gon na push lock lock, give it a few seconds here. So fire up the car does stay remain blocked. Muzyki. The ignition is on air. Conditioner is on. Jak widać,, the door is locked here, so what you’re going to do is walk out to it.