Więc w zasadzie, what we’re going to be installing today is a screen protector if you do have a touchscreen radio, just like mine. So if you have a 2020 Twitter Tacoma, this install is going to be exactly for you. I have done this on my previous truck if you want to check that video out it’s going to be in the description box below, but as far as for today, as you can tell the radios on the 2020 Tacomas, they have changed. Let’S go ahead and put this bad boy on there, Muzyki, you Music doing this install, is gon na basically that’s going to help protect your screen in the long term. So that way you don’t get any scratches on it or dirt debris. Coś w tym stylu. Just kind of like what you do similar to your phone, mostly everybody has a screen protector for that same reason, so let’s go to it and just get into the video and show you how easy it is so inside the package you’re gon na receive. If you do in the purchasing it you’re gon na receive two screen protectors. Um, Oczywiście, only going to use. One package is also going to come with a cleaner, a dust, removal and kind of like come with a cloth to help you clean it as well. It comes with two ever you’re eating or if you have greasy fingers anything like that, w ten sposób, you don’t get it onto your actual radio and mess it up in the long term.

It’S also going to help with light scratches it’s, not a glass protector, but it is some type of protector really gives you easy instructions, and it gives you numbers. Na przykład, right here says part number, one that’s, where you’re gon na remove and that’s what’s gon na go placed on there and then it’s going to see part number two which is you’re gon na have to remove after you’ve installed it right off. Oczywiście, with the cleaner that comes provided, it’s super simple, nothing too hard comes with the alcohol pad that’s gon na be your first step. You want to go ahead and take it out. You want to open it up. Super proste, just kind of clean it up, but and now just use the alcohol wipe that was provided nothing hard about this you’re, literally just kind of wiping it down. Oczywiście, the microfiber towel is not provided. This is just something that I kind of thought would kind of be helpful in the process just to remove any extra dirt debris that was kind of caught on. I thought qahal wipe did not help out with so once you’ve done that and now you want to go ahead and you don’t really need to use this. Szczerze mówiąc, it did give you some dust: removal, stickers, Jestem, not gon na use these. I don’t like these because I feel like it kind of messes up the radio, but just in case, if you do see some extra dirt lying around, you can always use them, to jest, basically just a sticker that you touch with the screen I’m, not going to use It on here you’re gon na notice, there’s a number one that’s.

What we’re gon na go ahead and peel first nice and easy I’m, not really good at applying screen protector, so I may be doing this wrong. Jestem, just showing you guys. This is a cool little product for you guys to get so if I install this wrong, my bad for today’s video it’s not really going to be like an actual install, because I honestly don’t really know how to do this every time I do it on my Phone I mess it up and there’s always dirt and bubbles, and everything I’m, just kind of showing you guys how cool this product is. You know to help out your radio in the long run, I’ve had it in my old truck and in that one it helped out a lot it or avoid hit a lot of scratches because I did beat it up a little. So I want to make sure I take care of this radio as well once you’re satisfied and you feel, like you laid it down correctly. You know there’s a lot of bubbles for me, like I said I don’t think I applied it correctly, but once you’re satisfied you then pull number two and there you go that’s how you apply a lot of bubbles. Can you see it so now that you’ve applied it? Like I stated for me, I don’t really know how to apply this, so there is a couple air bubbles, but that doesn’t really matter to me all I know is it’s now protected, make sure to LIKE the video and that’s it.

If you want to end up just purchasing one it’s gon na be in the description box below so that way, you guys can buy it. So if you guys did enjoy today’s quick little video, please make sure to like comment and subscribe.