Chłopcy są skończeni w testach alimentacyjnych w pobliżu 200 super motocykle o mocy, ale i, pomimo faktu, że jestem we Włoszech i słońca out im testuje to małe dziecko, co sprawia, że ogromne oczekiwanie na to. 44 koni mechanicznych ive dostał szansę jazdy tym na drodze, slightly modified version of the bike using a few of ktms power parts on track here at the circuit or de moderna, and then hopefully ill get my biggest thrills. If thrills are going to happen from the super sport version of the bike, which is quite a bit more modified, i mean the beauty of this job is, of course you never know how long the straw is going to turn out, miejmy nadzieję, że chory, be able to rival The thrills that those guys are definitely going to get in the alamance lets see so whats new, then well. It might look like an all new bike thanks to the completely restyled bodywork, but the '0 is actually more of a careful refinement of the existing model. Its in that theres still plenty of new bits and pieces, the frames over a key law lighter and its got a lot more flex built into it. The subframe is now bolted on the wheels are now on three and a half kilos later and the front brakes shed just under a kilo. The wp apex suspension is new and it comes with a lot more adjustment. The electronics package thats now got cornering abs and traction control.

The air box is 40 Większy. The fuel tanks. Capacity is up by four liters and the dash is full color, tft, cornering abs and traction control on a bike for five and a half grand weve not seen that before rolling yep. The counter is rolling. Its already got 44 koń mechaniczny, but its a riot which hit the old red limit of that no points for me down there ill tell you a bike: snobs, i.e, those who dont recognize anything with less than 200 horsepower and a big price tag and lots of styling Should try one of these all right? It helps that were in a good part of the world on naturally little back roads, but its nowhere near as dull as 44 horsepower might suggest. It should be its just its a cracking little bit of fun and it doesnt feel cheap and nasty as well uh, its its sort of its a quality sort of mini super bike bloody. I love that this nation man, i mean weve done loads of fantastic roads, been past the ferrari factory which i would have filmed, but i was just a bit inept with the camera settings and i dont know its just relaxed and lovely and you wave to people And the nod eventually, um must have come back, Uh, good suspension and going off some bumpy stuff on a light water bite here, and it seems to do the uh job of absorbing it and still of keeping wind control rather nicely right.

We might be going to the track there. We are then about to do some. Dobrze, hopefully fast, laps, Witam, 44Th, Zwolenników, Youre, bardzo piękne, and we all love you, but nobody. Nobody can understand the word on your way anyway. Ill. Take it from me yeah right. Okay were getting ready and somebodys getting shitty right. This is a learning lap, see ill log out and be patient for before wanting to uh get a shift on. I think this is the slow group all right should we have a go at this block here, Jeden. My all right son do this walk because its on the brakes now this is where the thrills sort of die down a bit certainly got to trust the tires a bit more than i am currently ill. Tell you the mortar might be a single, but you can screen it its a lovely little agile thing: ive got a passive on the bridge, but then ive got to get lost and you can tell from me every breathing im not as fit as i need to Be for this, camera could do with the water. Oh that okay ive got my ear plugs in. I have bummed in my ear, plug with a bit too much enthusiasm and it would come out man, so surgeon roots here is going to have a go, and you say an audience is arriving to witness this splendid or hopefully explain that already dont push it through To the other ear im an ear plug blockage virgin, but not anymore, my hymen has been busted to you should feel the things i do when im going around.

I dont know any bike right: Okk, Prawy, you can sort of trail break a bit into the corner. Right that is way better, because i didnt rush it right. The mortar just feels a bit flat here but again thats, where you have to really concentrate on getting everything as right as you can still close to what hit the limit that yeah just hit that this corner, i hit very good support under breaking all right. Dont forget to bring back three gears there in fact, right bit of movement at the back there right thats, just hammered up for the staffer just hit the top right, a one, two three scream the tits off it could be with a slipper clutch movie. I think booty, and i would have wow was by me by now all right, Bardzo, very carefully tip this in just feels like, like wash mate top bike, to learn to do sort of track days on, because its so unintimidating right its. Like sticking its sticking. Its sticking, no faith being tempted there. I think right: Okk, uh all right! Thank you right im on a bit of a trick version of this here at kdmrc 380 and if i dont pass this block in front of me, then theres issues, ale jego 20 kilos later. Tak myślę, im doing what the inside here get out of it. Mate get out of it definitely pulls a bigger gear. What a lovely little motorbike just yours, nie, need a bloody chuck, millions of pounds it had already expensive water bites overlap.

Much more flickable man, Obciążenia, more field, yeah everywhere was third before this shell. Zrób to. In fourth, now its funny its got no attraction or abs or nervous, if youd love to see this thing being written its a bit of a work in progress like this ill. Tell you what im just gon na shut up right. The sudden see wait where this had to be third in the uh yeah just accelerates better to the next gear. Quite a lot happier man wish id ridden this first one was a bit less knackered. A wonderful little water bike start feel its not sliding, but its definitely working. The tell you because its uh just a trigger to the sport tank on foot, just cracking yeah different suspension, wavy front dust, a bit more power because of a an air box change. I mean the main difference with the slick isnt, the absolute grip of such which it does have, but the uh stability it just doesnt walk at all. Absolutnie. Dziękuję bardzo. O przepraszam, sorry really good, really good right im going to now sum up. Co to jest? Jego? A big surprise to me actually ive had an absolutely cracking day ridden on the road on the standard bike ridden on track with a slightly modified version of the standard bike and three, a more modified super sport version of the bike and uh its just been an Absolute hoot, this experience today just kills the prejudice that you need masses of power to have just just to have masses of thrills.

You know it just doesnt necessarily have to work like that thing. Ive liked about this bike is its its manageable, its its pretty friendly. Its super agile, its super usable and its really demanding, not because its got tons of power, as mentioned its only got 44 koń mechaniczny. Would you believe in standard trim, but you need to get it just right on track this morning on the road. It was still a bit of a hoot okay on a long motorway or something its going to start tiring, youre a bit mentally youre not going to be stimulated by it, but its just a toy it just it sort of screams. I have a bit of fun mate here the changes theyve made to improve the sort of feel and feedback the bike offers and the ability to ride it harder, definitely work and its been emphasized here. There were times when down the street on the standard bike. I just thought i wish i had a bit more power, but by that um the suspension and tires which felt a bit a bit wooden because the road tires i got used to in due courseand this is a pretty tight twisty place. This circuit de modenaand it definitely kills your lap time if you make a mistake, um and thats what i loved about it, it just didnt. Do you any further as this bike you just said me ride this ride me properly and ill.

Give you what you want it didnt, forgive you like. A bigger bike. Could, Jednak, the super sport bike? Bloody? Oh, that that was an absolute hoot. Youve got an air box. Mod and youve got an exhaust mod. That gives you another 10 koń mechaniczny. Jego 20 kilos lighter thanks to all the mods that theyve done to it in total, and it just changed the character of the bike completely the feel and the feedback and the grip and the power you could go around corners in a gear higher and itd. Just pull you could just feel so much more confident stuffing it in and knowing that you had better grip. The agility of the bike changed hugely because of its attitude change its got a longer shock on it, but both forks and shock have been revised internally. W zasadzie, theyre different units hang on carry on or stop can we tell rock to stop doing that? Proszę, and it just proves what can be done with what some people might label as a bit of a shopping bike. Um again it just emphasizes the fact. Thats got 54 koń mechaniczny, but it emphasizes the fact that you dont need masses of the stuff to have a good time. That really was the highlight of the day, but yeah rc '0 winner and much much more of a winner than you, and i would possibly expect loved it best bits for me are the really lightweight it only wears a featherweight 155 Kilogramów, plus fuel and the quality Of the suspension both help to make it feel so capable, regardless of how hard youre riding 44 koń mechaniczny, might sound a bit weedy.