24 Skali. Remote control and off reads off road Jeep. I bought it from gearbest I’ll put the link of where going from the surprising thing. Then it cost eight pounds so working your body, Pilota, car for eight pounds is get the screws at the bottom. I put batteries in the remote control. It goes quite quickly. What we need to do is and Tech’s a fight and goes outside and it’s got light, look and slightly different them back much at all. I’Ve got like the front look note. The back nice we’ll get the test that’s going through the glass and how far it can still fit. That’S quite good ray. Okay still got control, that’s supposedly good range coming back, so it should guess. You’D ever drive through the house, or we couldn’t quite got there. Taiyang look already closed and moving run. It it wasn’t, Bardzo dobrze. Try up again. Good range is video. We did it haha good, cutting you drove up so for eight pound it’s going to be able to do indoor fpv every as she is the remote control Jeep.