PRZYGODY RC – (Kamuflaż Basic) Jak malować natryskowo RC – Rc4WD Wyszukiwarka szlaków 2 4×4 Modernizacja ciężarówki PT 4

A lot of people have asked me to do my camel paint in a tutorial as well. I did this years ago when I did a giant 8 skala robota, but I can tell you that this is simple: everybody does a different camouflage technique. Sometimes all you need to liven up your RC is […]

PRZYGODY RC – iNTO the CORE 2 – Urban Assault – Pt 2 – Group Trail Run into Downtown Calgary

I might rock something retro here later on and the gun Oh yeah, I don't know man. Here we go what's that so try not to do like tough Scott. What is from, I roll it, but go have fun play. Are you having a good time, but every time you catch me on film […]


PRZYGODY RC – ACCiDENT! Excavator lifts tipped Dump Truck

PRZYGODY RC – 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator pulled on Triple Axle Trailer

PRZYGODY RC – śnieg & BŁOTO? Simply an Invitation. Traxxas Slash 4×4, Juggernaut & Kyosho Rally Car

PRZYGODY RC – RC Flying Saucer..? Nie, Electric Traxxas Slash 4×4 & PiMPED Trail Truck

This is a trail truck right, yep mayhem, evolution rims, nie do końca. I didn't put my stainless are very very nice power wise to sell Mamba max that's. Three now give a Mamba max in your trail, run wrong. Max 3803 sell with the ax to two speed transmission. Two speed transmission transmission. Let'S see […]

PRZYGODY RC – (Podstawowy) Jak malować natryskowo RC – Rc4WD Wyszukiwarka szlaków 2 – 4×4 Modernizacja ciężarówki PT 3

I just finished opening the cellophane let's have a look at the side. This particular body set is part numbers ed B, as in boy zero, Zero, Zero, seven it's gray instruction book, the original trail, finder 2 comes with a yellow body. This has a nice flat gray, almost as a primer windshield has […]

PRZYGODY RC – SLiPPERY HiLL CLiMB – Skala RC 4×4 Ciężarówki podążające za DRUMHELLER BADLANDS (PT1)

I do you have yes don't, you do now. Tak tak, yeah they'll be a big help. Today tonight, hey John, how slick is it slicker than baby poop? Oh yeah that's right Joe Joe Joe a summer yeah me and Pat came and those where these then I went everywhere. We'Ll call them you're […]

PRZYGODY RC – RACiNG & BASHiNG 1/5th Scale RC TRUCKS – Losi 5T, Baja 5SC, Baja 5T & WIĘCEJ!

PRZYGODY RC – Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR & Rc4WD Wyszukiwarka szlaków 2 – in MEXiCO! Części 2

PRZYGODY RC – TTC 2013 – HiLL CLiMB – 4X4 Tough Truck Challenge

What do you think of this event? Pory, it's pretty fun good times? What are we? What are we doing now? No climb hill climb looks a little bit different, looks like he goes up been around and then down so looks like a hill climbing in the descent descents. Oh that's, the start […]