PRZYGODY RC – Jeepinin the Beast 4X4 Wrangler Rubicon

PRZYGODY RC – Projektu: duży 2.0 – epizod 600 Celebration! CUSTOM LOSi 5T

I could recall one time: okay well and roll the star of the show so uh, 600 600. We did it 600 rcadventures and they already saw the thumbnail. So there was no point in like covering it. I know pretty much. We can cover it up. Wiesz, don't, give you a close up. […]

PRZYGODY RC – Tanie! Gorilla Tape Wheel Wells! ALTERED BEAST 4X4Rebuild BV8

Okk. So now I have this area in here wide open, I've got the scoop mounted to the rx 8. I did it with some liquid cement. Bah bah bah could have done it with some. You know jb weld or anything, but doesn't really matter right now the ESC is just temporarily in there. […]

PRZYGODY RC – TTC 2013 – HiLL CLiMB – 4X4 Tough Truck Challenge

What do you think of this event? Pory, it's pretty fun good times? What are we? What are we doing now? No climb hill climb looks a little bit different, looks like he goes up been around and then down so looks like a hill climbing in the descent descents. Oh that's, the start […]

PRZYGODY RC – Black Sheep Customs Bouncer Tube Cage Upgrade for Axial Wraith 4×4

My friend Curtis Landry runs black sheep customs, and so this piece of artwork came up for sale and I said I had to have it. I wanted to put it on the show. Give him a bit of exposure. I'M gon na put his Facebook link in the video description box below so you […]

PRZYGODY RC – Skoki, Crashes & WipeoutsRadio Controlled Air Time

PRZYGODY RC – US M41 Walker Bulldog Airsoft Radio Controlled Battle Tank (Taigen)

PRZYGODY RC – Street Truck STUCK in MUDTamiya Ford F-350 Highlift 4×4

PRZYGODY RC – PiNKY Repair & upgrade – JEM helps out, Family TimeExtended Version

PRZYGODY RC – Pitdawg Hydro & „GRAVE ROBBER” – New BODY!

Wreszcie, here I've been waiting. I don't even know what the dip is that he did for me, but I got ta. Tell you my friends, I am excited. He shifted in a red cat box, thanks for doing that, making sure it got here safe and sound, ensuring that no one was going to […]

PRZYGODY RC – Losi DBXL 4×4 – Jump Testing with a Radio Controlled Buggy


I just got to get on location. I feel a little bit like Les Stroud out here, Survivorman ah awesome. Dobrze, the snow is definitely deep but check it out. Look at this calm, quiet and untouched. Dobrze, one of the things I didn't anticipate ice and snow wait. This truck weighs about 20 Funtów […]