PRZYGODY RC – „GREEN BASTARD” 1/5th 4×4 Ciężarówka trailowa / Robota – Short Intro Vid

So I figured I was going out for a trail run with my friends today anyway. I might as well bring along this exceed RC hybrid Frankenstein, one fifth scale crawler, if you guys want one of these, if you didn't see the last video you can't buy one of these. This is actually something […]

PRZYGODY RC – Projektu: „duży” / LOSi 5T (Części 1) Stojak rc osi

PRZYGODY RC – AXiAL SCX10 4X4 RTR Unboxing: RCSparks Decals Included!

What could it be? Scalpel, please it's, not Christmas. Tak, it is every day you get a new package that has an RC inside it's Christmas. When I figured thank you guys, we're gon na want to have a look at this as soon as it arrives, ponieważ to, at this point in time of […]

PRZYGODY RC – LEARNING to DRiFT – Części 2 – Circles & Linking

I don't have to travel a lot either to do a little bit of drifting out in the front street dis to a bit of practice. As you saw inside, they are the nice flat worn down wheels. I have not switched them. I haven't had a lot of time to practice drifting but it's, […]

PRZYGODY RC – HPI Sprint 2 Strumień – 1/10th Scale TouringI want to DRiFT Wit’ Jest on a.!

Tak, W zasadzie, I'm going to be going into an area that we've only done once before. That would be on road electric RC racing. But this time I am not actually going to be doing carpet racing I'm going to go back to one of the first things I did with drifting, Moi przyjaciele […]

PRZYGODY RC – TTC 2012 – Eps 1 – Skala 4×4 Wyzwanie dla ciężarówek

2012. Look there's gem in the background high gem this year, all the tenth scale, trucks plus we're, having a monster class which is cool, so we're gon na get all the trail trucks out there mud bog. There is a tank trap, there's an obstacle course. You guys know how the drill goes and […]

PRZYGODY RC – LOSi 5ive T (5T) 4X4 25 Foot Jumps – & REDCAT XBe

PRZYGODY RC – 5 Years of Radio Control Hobby Entertainment on YoutubeLet’s Visit the Studio!

Dobrze, where else would I be it's January and it's freezing outside? I live in Calgary Alberta and Canada, and I got to tell you at this time of the year. It is very cold and lots of snow, which means I could be out having a lot of snow fun, but it's got to […]



PRZYGODY RC – PM HOBBYCRAFT (South Location) Ted’s Garage has a New Home!

PRZYGODY RC – PAiNT an RC – „Top Gear Toyota Hilux” Danina – PT1 – SPRAY & RDZA (RC4WD TF2) BV3