Unboxing & Let's PlayMIN 1:71I RC TANKSSGILE Remote Control German Tiger Panzer Tank

So these are our two boxes here and, jak można powiedzieć,, these are actually very highly detailed things. We have two different colors. We have a grayish blue one here and the nice looking green one here and if we take a closer look at them, you can actually see that there’s a lot […]

Let's PlayDisney Pixar's Wall-E U-Command Remote Control Robot like Cozmo!

You can actually program your very own, so let’s go ahead and take a closer look. Nwo, if you actually look at Wally itself, you can tell it actually is a very high quality piece, nie ma, actually a lot of different materials on this as well a lot of different colors, so it actually, to […]

Unboxing & POZWALA GRAĆ! – Ultimate Justice League BATMOBILE – 1/10 RC movie car – PEŁNA RECENZJA!

Today we unbox and test out one of the most high tech RC car yet! With a price of $249.99, it really is worth every cent! We see all the features of this amazing car and take a close look at the app itself. Do własnego wymeldowania: Dzięki za oglądanie! Prepare for the […]

Unboxing & POZWALA GRAĆ – 1/14 Scale Lamborghini Veneno RC samochód – PEŁNA RECENZJA!

Dzisiaj rozpakowujemy i bawimy się fajnym Lamborghini RC! Za naciśnięciem przycisku ten samochód otworzy drzwi, trąbić, Rev, i nie tylko! Jest sterowany za pomocą kierownicy i napędza za pomocą pedału gazu / hamulca! To naprawdę NIESAMOWITA koncepcja! Do własnego wymeldowania: Produkty Best Choice prezentują to nowe […]


Today we test out the brand new robot by Sphere and see whats in this $300 high tech rc car! This is a state of the art robot that has a lot of bells and whistles, so lets see if it holds up to its name! Dzięki za oglądanie! Make way for the champ! Rev […]