PRZYGODY RC – AXiAL SCX10 4X4 RTR Unboxing: RCSparks Decals Included!

What could it be? Scalpel, please it's, not Christmas. Tak, it is every day you get a new package that has an RC inside it's Christmas. When I figured thank you guys, we're gon na want to have a look at this as soon as it arrives, ponieważ to, at this point in time of […]

PRZYGODY RC – Projektu: „duży” / LOSi 5T (Pt 4) Zajrzeć do silnika gazowego w 5 skali 26cc

Wiesz, whoever it is he's been doing this alone. Even I have a little bit yep. You know how many trucks do you have whoa jeez. If I had to count sixish in the fifth scales that's a lot of trucks, you must have a garage just for yourself, basement nice yeah for all […]

PRZYGODY RC – iNTO the CORE 2 – Urban Assault – Pt 2 – Group Trail Run into Downtown Calgary

I might rock something retro here later on and the gun Oh yeah, I don't know man. Here we go what's that so try not to do like tough Scott. What is from, I roll it, but go have fun play. Are you having a good time, but every time you catch me on film […]

PRZYGODY RC – Traxxas X-Maxx otrzymuje czas antenowy – 6s Lipo, Energia elektryczna 4×4 Monster Truck

Everybody asks me why I don't buy other larger trucks and I'll tell you it's, bo mam ten. Teraz xmax, chociaż ludzie mają różne opinie, I've read that it is one fifth scale that's why I bought it under that idea that it was 150 ale. It is electric I'm taking […]

Turn Any Phone into Universal Remote ControllerDIY IR Blaster

Lets make a IR blaster or Universal IR Remote Controller For your smartphone and Control Everything. Similar VideosAir Cooler … [compare_prices_deals] Źródła

Unboxing Almubot Remote Control Robot Building Blocks Zestaw edukacyjny, Recenzja STEM Building Toy !!

So today i came up with a robotics video. This is a mub and we’re going to build him today and when i was younger, i’ve always had a craze for robots like in transformers how do they move their legs? How do they work and i’m very excited to build my own robot let’s […]

PRZYGODY RC – Ścigajmy się! Dwa Traxxas X-Maxx – Zawody slalomowe

Nie. Tak się złożyło, że mieszkałem w środku ziemi uprawnej. Cóż za świetnie wyglądająca półciężarówka, Koo, Koo, kachoo, W porządku. W końcu podniosłeś się do X max Wow jedną piątą skali, lepszy kolor ha ha ha ha czerwony vs. Niebieski. Co możemy zrobić? Lou? Dostaliśmy małą wyjątkową rzecz […]

PRZYGODY RC – HD OVERKiLL does DONUTS & my First Stripped iDLER Gear!

This tubing, Oczywiście, shrinks. I heat it up, it's easier to remove. This is exactly why I remove the lipo batteries from inside the cab. Didn'T figure out. I didn't want to have body pins on this and earth magnets it's a very tight fit in there. I might be able to get the […]

PRZYGODY RC – LiTTLE DiRTY 2016 Canadian Large Scale Mixed Class Racing DayTrack, Test & Tune

PRZYGODY RC – 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 Truck w/ Appearance Package Off-road at a Dirt Track

PRZYGODY RC – Ski-Doo MXZ on 3s Lipo, Art Attack

She chickened out, ha ha ha, but shot ha ha ha. So here is my old new bright one fifth scale toy rc conversion, and we had issues in here with these pegs being pure plastic and everything being such a toy quality when it was in the coal that actually snapped very easy thanks […]

Moving Driver in Brushless Buggy RC Truck on Ultra 4 Race Course | PRZYGODY RC

For course, here I have at the farm and I'm getting it prepped for the winter snow and my Kyosho blizzards, but I figured today would be an awesome opportunity to introduce this new truck to our audience. This truck is actually built by my friend Chuck, actually acquired. It in a trade for one […]