How to make a remote control car

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PRZYGODY RC – Waterproofing RC, Tanie! Example Model: Axial SCX10 RC TruckTutorial

I am going to show you something I should have done a long time ago in one single video, ok in every season. I always get the question. How do I waterproof my RC seems pretty simple but a very complicated task nonetheless, so today we're going to take an axial scx10 right here, we're […]

How to replace remote key battery Toyota Camry US model. Years 2013 do 2018

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PRZYGODY RC – Projektu: „duży” / LOSi 5T (Pt 4) Zajrzeć do silnika gazowego w 5 skali 26cc

Wiesz, whoever it is he's been doing this alone. Even I have a little bit yep. You know how many trucks do you have whoa jeez. If I had to count sixish in the fifth scales that's a lot of trucks, you must have a garage just for yourself, basement nice yeah for all […]

PRZYGODY RC – HD OVERKiLL does DONUTS & my First Stripped iDLER Gear!

This tubing, Oczywiście, shrinks. I heat it up, it's easier to remove. This is exactly why I remove the lipo batteries from inside the cab. Didn'T figure out. I didn't want to have body pins on this and earth magnets it's a very tight fit in there. I might be able to get the […]

PRZYGODY RC – Projektu: „duży” / LOSi 5T (Pt 5) OBR 8.2hp Full Mod 30.5cc TR/OBR 4 Silnik Bolt RC

I don't like a lot of my sandwiches. Mówię do niej. Tak, hej, czy właśnie z nim rozmawiałem? Okk, co ktoś słyszał, jak to mówię Śmiech, Muzyki, Muzyki, we're back we're? Wreszcie, z powrotem w studio, and today is the big day isn't it big day. Wszyscy znają mojego przyjaciela, Everett he's […]

PRZYGODY RC – Naprawa opon Beadlock – 1/10 skala G-Made Komodo 4×4 Ciężarówka trailowa

Some of you noticed some of you didn't it didn't really matter and didn't really affect my performance too much other than getting a little bit of water inside my foam and bead locks. Tak więc dzisiaj, I'm going to take the tire off really simple, just trying to do some maintenance and, while I'm at […]

PRZYGODY RC – Unboxing a 1/4 scale KiLLER KRAWLER 2 – RC4WD KiT

PRZYGODY RC – Brushless Snowmobile TestArt Attack Kit, Tekin ESC & T8 Motor, 3s Lipo

PRZYGODY RC – Rc4WD Wyszukiwarka szlaków 2 – Toyota Hilux Scale Trail 4×4 Truck Upgrade Video PT 2

PRZYGODY RC – JUGGERNAUT- Steel Transmission w/ Dual BL Motor Mount

PRZYGODY RC – MOD: How to Paint an RC Transmitter, Tanie! model: JEM’s New Spektrum DX3R Pro