PRZYGODY RC – Dual Motor Swap on the BEAST 4×4 Mega Mud Pickup Truck

For you guys to see in yesterday's video, where I had this truck, which is basically a mega monster, mud truck. You know I had it pulling the Cormier trailer, which is the red trailer, pulling my traxxas Spartan speedboat through mud slush and a whole bunch of water, because we're having a warm spell […]

PRZYGODY RC – LC70 Land Cruiser 4×4 TruckInstalling a Body Mount Kit from RC4WD

This is my Toyota Landcruiser LC, 70 body on my trail, finder long wheelbase. Now you guys actually watched me. Do a speed build of this body a few months ago and you're actually asking. Where has this truck gone but really what I've been doing apart from out being filming, and you know going […]