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Oh, this is the wheel spin, pretty cool in this car and in real life I think, is pretty fast Music. These toys even have nitro to the button on the top is right so now to my dodge Hellcat to my Dodge Challenger, Hellcat, 2017, so I’m just going to speed it up here, […]

Roku Remote Not WorkingPairingHow To Fix Roku Remote IssuesRoku Remote Broken

But when I was clicking the pairing button, I wasn’t even getting like that green light to flash here so I’m gon na see if I can go through the same circumstances, to recreate the issue and see if I can fix it with what’s been working here. So I’m gon na reset this remote […]

Zdalny przegląd Apple (2012)

Here is a quick demo of me using the remote control to control the volume, jak widać, it’s pretty easy to press on the buttons and really comfortable to hold in the hand. All this remote does is really just control the volume and play and pause. Your music and skipping tracks, Więc […]