PRZYGODY RC – What is in the Box? Hint: Cormier!

PRZYGODY RC – RC Flying Saucer..? Nie, Electric Traxxas Slash 4×4 & PiMPED Trail Truck

This is a trail truck right, yep mayhem, evolution rims, nie do końca. I didn't put my stainless are very very nice power wise to sell Mamba max that's. Three now give a Mamba max in your trail, run wrong. Max 3803 sell with the ax to two speed transmission. Two speed transmission transmission. Let'S see […]

PRZYGODY RC – SLiPPERY HiLL CLiMB – Skala RC 4×4 Ciężarówki podążające za DRUMHELLER BADLANDS (PT1)

I do you have yes don't, you do now. Tak tak, yeah they'll be a big help. Today tonight, hey John, how slick is it slicker than baby poop? Oh yeah that's right Joe Joe Joe a summer yeah me and Pat came and those where these then I went everywhere. We'Ll call them you're […]

PRZYGODY RC – Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR & Rc4WD Wyszukiwarka szlaków 2 – in MEXiCO! Części 2

PRZYGODY RC – Gelände II 4×4 Defender D90 & Toyota Hilux Trail Finder 2 – Icy Scale RC Trucks

PRZYGODY RC – Jeepinin the Beast 4X4 Wrangler Rubicon

PRZYGODY RC – Tanie! Gorilla Tape Wheel Wells! ALTERED BEAST 4X4Rebuild BV8

Okk. So now I have this area in here wide open, I've got the scoop mounted to the rx 8. I did it with some liquid cement. Bah bah bah could have done it with some. You know jb weld or anything, but doesn't really matter right now the ESC is just temporarily in there. […]


Determine your exact route pay a special attention to the nature of the ground beneath the undergrowth. So when driving through, you avoid deep hole, bogs and other obstacles select the gear which is most appropriate for the type of ground and it's inclination can drive as slowly and as smoothly as possible into the […]

PRZYGODY RC – 13 RC 4X4 Trucks – „In to the Core” Pt 1 – Inspired UrbanRCLA, & the RC 4X4 Hobby!

Oh it does smell bad. Look at all. You guys in the red X truck is no magic. Smokes any blacks just going down the flames everybody's doing it like is that doesn't matter whose it is oh yeah, which makes a good us to add something get in there. It'S bad it's, delicate, melted […]


I just got to get on location. I feel a little bit like Les Stroud out here, Survivorman ah awesome. Dobrze, the snow is definitely deep but check it out. Look at this calm, quiet and untouched. Dobrze, one of the things I didn't anticipate ice and snow wait. This truck weighs about 20 Funtów […]

PRZYGODY RC – iNTO the CORE 2 – Urban Assault – Pt3 (polski) – Group Trail Run into Downtown Calgary

I hear it oh Ted. What how many mini Manos have you had? I'Ve lost a couple that's what you get yet sharpen the gap. You know why it's, not you know what's just making table now doing this. Where I shot over that great you can bet, I pulled the runner right up. Oh […]

PRZYGODY RC – ALTERED BEAST 4X4Rebuild BV5Scale Engine, Winch

I thought you'd want to have a look at this, because I know that you're gon na love this kaboom right here. Let me get closer, Zapłaciłem 6.99 for this u.s., Tak myślę, might have been 5.99 don't worry it's, just the packaging look at this. Let me get out of the way so […]