I just got to get on location. I feel a little bit like Les Stroud out here, Survivorman ah awesome. Dobrze, the snow is definitely deep but check it out. Look at this calm, quiet and untouched. Dobrze, one of the things I didn't anticipate ice and snow wait. This truck weighs about 20 Funtów […]

PRZYGODY RC – iNTO the CORE 2 – Urban Assault – Pt3 (polski) – Group Trail Run into Downtown Calgary

I hear it oh Ted. What how many mini Manos have you had? I'Ve lost a couple that's what you get yet sharpen the gap. You know why it's, not you know what's just making table now doing this. Where I shot over that great you can bet, I pulled the runner right up. Oh […]

PRZYGODY RC – KiNG z Mistrzostw RiNG (30ft Pierścień betonowy) Ból Skate Park 5 – Pt 2

PRZYGODY RC – 5′ Hand Made, High Steel Tower Crane & Electro-Magnet

PRZYGODY RC – ALTERED BEAST 4X4Rebuild BV5Scale Engine, Winch

I thought you'd want to have a look at this, because I know that you're gon na love this kaboom right here. Let me get closer, Zapłaciłem 6.99 for this u.s., Tak myślę, might have been 5.99 don't worry it's, just the packaging look at this. Let me get out of the way so […]

PRZYGODY RC – RC4WD Gelände II 4×4 Truck Kit w/Defender D90 Body SetBuild Video (PT4)

I got the new spectrum: SR 200 WP receiver, waterproof now, let's see what I got here bind come on. Where is it there? It is bind bind binding, bound excellent day. Okay looks good unplug. Now my Glenda. This is what I've been working on my friends. This is more of an update video […]

PRZYGODY RC – Ford AeroMax 1/14th 6X4 Semi Truck hauling Excavator on Trailer

Questions and the people on Facebook have been getting an inside look at these types of things because of the pictures and whatever. But I know a lot of people have been asking questions about this rig what's in the semi truck. What have we done? The trailer this whole thing and I think, it's […]

PRZYGODY RC – Trail Truck 4×4 Trial Highlights – 1/10th Scale, Blackfoot RC & Rude Boyz RC!

10. Sir a scale assembly, huh it's, you hey crazy Joe. How are you pal good? How are you the the rude boy himself, putting on a rude boys events down at Blackfoot RC in Calgary everyone's, getting scored right now, different classes? Man tell me about the classes what's running right. Now we have […]

PRZYGODY RC – Learning to RC Drift PT 14 – Rat Rod Drifting

PRZYGODY RC – MERCEDES-BENZ Wojskowy UNiMOG 406 Serii – U900 – (Obudowa CC01) Unboxing

Wreszcie, back and I have a box finally picked it up I'm. A little concerned, Choć, even though it's marked fragile, all over check out the state of this. How many of you have had our C's or packages come in the email well or internet? Burned me through email that say fragile Priority Mail, […]

PRZYGODY RC – Unboxing the iMPULSE 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2 Radio Control Speed Boat

This is my impulse 31, a lot of my regular viewers that have been watching rcadventures for a while know that I've recently, this season just started to get into radio control boats. Now the impulse 31 is a speedboat it's. A 31 inch brushless deep V hull, which is basically down here now, I'm […]


W zasadzie, one of the monster trucks that I originally was interested in when I started rcadventures was a sin c e n. Now a lot of people have asked me to bring a sin machine in because they're starting to make a bit of a comeback there, they've redone the nitrile version, they've redone, […]