PRZYGODY RC – Siberia Super Duty Bucket for Earth Digger 4200XL Hydraulic RC Excavator

PRZYGODY RC – Modified „Łza w” Jet Boat (My 1st RC Jet boat run, Kiedykolwiek!)

PRZYGODY RC – Radio Controlled Tonka Dump Truck

Tak, Moi przyjaciele! This is something you might recognize from your past childhood days or heck. Maybe you even have one right now in your back yard. Maybe you even have an updated one, but check out this vintage Tonka dump truck yeah metal. Oczywiście, just like they used to make him in the […]


Just these tires alone are 10 inches in diameter, 10, inches Wow, Ok! So now I got to take it out yesterday for its maiden run. I wish I could go outside and do another running video today, but unfortunately it's a little bit on the unpleasant windy side, so it makes for very bad […]

PRZYGODY RC – Dziesięć minut czołgów – 1:16 Skala Airsoft & Podczerwień Hobby Jakości RC Zbiorniki

PRZYGODY RC – Duża ładowarka hydrauliczna 4WD w skali 1/5 – Naprawa osi (Tylne)

PRZYGODY RC – Projektu: duży 2.0 – epizod 600 Celebration! CUSTOM LOSi 5T

I could recall one time: okay well and roll the star of the show so uh, 600 600. We did it 600 rcadventures and they already saw the thumbnail. So there was no point in like covering it. I know pretty much. We can cover it up. Wiesz, don't, give you a close up. […]

PRZYGODY RC – Unboxing LEM Traxxas Summit Upgrades & Spykers Stunning 3D Printed Snow Blower

Everything is covered in frost, but look at this no snow that's, it it's all melted, so it's pretty cool today. I think I'm gon na take this opportunity to go over some new products by some inventors. I think you guys want to see alright to manufacturers. I want to talk to you about […]

PRZYGODY RC – Pitdawg Hydro & „GRAVE ROBBER” – New BODY!

Wreszcie, here I've been waiting. I don't even know what the dip is that he did for me, but I got ta. Tell you my friends, I am excited. He shifted in a red cat box, thanks for doing that, making sure it got here safe and sound, ensuring that no one was going to […]

PRZYGODY RC – Muddy Momma helps make a MUD PiT! Will 4X4 PiNKY GET STUCK?!

This is a very well established area right here. I love you baby. You can see my truck after right now, look at you yeah RC edit. So how do you build a good mud pit water patience, good shovel, some galoshes, no guy named patience? Can you believe you were just filming my black […]


6L. 22 point two volts: 3200 milliamp power keep in mind. This truck weighs about 49 pounds not including any mud, but I definitely think we should take it in the mud. Let'S do it. Oh, Oh looks like I lost my back axle. I wonder if opinions come loose, ah right, the best part […]


Speaking of suspension looks like that's what I kind of broke here, no big deal. The spring is not a big deal but I'm worried about what happened to the bottom of the shock. Aha (Aha), so upper control arm, I snapped it. Nic wielkiego. I'Ve actually have another one of these on the wall. […]