Roku Remote Not WorkingPairingHow To Fix Roku Remote IssuesRoku Remote Broken

But when I was clicking the pairing button, I wasn’t even getting like that green light to flash here so I’m gon na see if I can go through the same circumstances, to recreate the issue and see if I can fix it with what’s been working here. So I’m gon na reset this remote […]

Programowanie jednego dla wszystkich uniwersalnego pilota zdalnego sterowania do dowolnego urządzenia!

Dzisiaj, I’m standing on location here at Myrtle Beach, it’s a beautiful day, chodzi o 85 degrees this morning and I’m standing here, looking at the ocean doing its thing, but in this video I’m going to show you how to set up and program this one for all. Three device remote control I’m, going […]


Roku without a doubt, is one of the most popular streaming devices in the market, and this is why today I’m starting a new series of episodes that I call roku hidden tricks for streaming. Success with this trick that i’m going to show you in different episodes, you’re going to have a Roku experience […]