PRZYGODY RC – Meet DJMEDiC2008, Ty Tessman, Ted’s Garage, Rude Boyz, & JEMCOOL!

PRZYGODY RC – 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 Truck w/ Appearance Package Off-road at a Dirt Track

PRZYGODY RC – HUGE 3D printed Snow BlowerKyosho BlizzardSpyker Workshop

I do have stock motors in there, but everything else a sound kit in the sabre tooth ESC. All that neat stuff has already been done to this machine plus a little extra. You must be wondering what this blue mount is up front, or maybe you hadn't noticed until I had said it well, […]

PRZYGODY RC – Vintage RV Upgrade! Drive System & Rear Wheel Steering – 1971 Tonka Truck Winnebago

PRZYGODY RC – GiANT BACKYARD 1/10 scale TRUCK PARK! Trailing with a HUMMER H2!

PRZYGODY RC – 2015 „BiG DiRTYCanadian Large Scale Offroad Race Highlight Reel – LOSi 5T & DBXL

PRZYGODY RC – 2015 „BiG DiRTYCanadian Large Scale HPi Baja Off Road Race Highlight Reel