We have the Ford Mustang GT Ford from Tamiya, and this is on their tto to honor a platform it’s just gon na be so much fun. It’S gon na be a fun build and look at how scale and detail this body looks. I can’t wait to get into it, check it all out and show you guys what this kit is all about now. Tak, it is a full build up kit for those of you that are looking to build, and I know there are more and more of you lating, który jest super fajny. This is a fun car to build up plus you have to do all the painting and detailing of the body. Tak, I know it looks like two colors but there’s. A lot involved in here there’s a lot of decals to apply to this thing, but when you’re done, this is gon na be look super cool, it’s gon na look awesome rip it around in the Park lot. So I’m gon na go hit the workbench right now. I’Ve got some building ahead of me, some painting some detailing and then, when I’m done, I’ll see you over at the workbench. So we could talk about all the details. Well here it is our Tamiya tto, two Ford, Mustang GT four, and this thing looks amazing doesn’t. It guys I mean Tamia’s bodies are just fantastic. The amount of detail that they put into them is just incredible. Now the build on this car was pretty simple.

As far as the chassis goes, Mam na myśli, I think it took me like an hour and a half to build this T. Teochew chassis, to jest, just so simple. The chassis has been around for a long time and you know it’s a nice simple, Budować. It works great for on road fun and I know it’s got ta, be a lot of fun, one to go and drive it, but the majority of the build time came in with just the bodywork. Na tej rzeczy, tak jak powiedziałem, I think it took me an hour and a half to build a chassis. I think it took me over that just to cut out the details for the body, so the body itself probably took me three, maybe four hours to do and yes it’s, just a simple gunmetal paint job with a little bit of black in the front and rear. But you got to do some taping and then put multiple coats of paint on it. I think I did about four coats in total on the gunmetal three on the black and I actually sprayed the black afterwards under the gunmetal just to darken it up a little bit and give it that black look on the inside versus a gunmetal. But again the the decals two decals. I think there were over 90 decals for what you see here so yeah. That is a lot, but I mean it looks super cool. I mean just look at the detail on the front of this thing.

I mean it really. Just pops what’s really really cool guys is the headlights and the taillights there are inserts behind them, so it gives it that 3d look. So the decals for those are actually placed on that. Insert that lexan insert that you paint black and then you to site tape. It to the into the backside of the lights, and it just gives it that awesome, realistic. Wyglądać. The spoiler here is an ABS plastic same with the mirrors, you know again details details, details, Tamiya is well known for, and this thing looks just amazing. Now the the wheels on here there are a gunmetal as well, so it matches the body perfectly and I think they look great, but why don’t we go pull the body off. So I could tell you guys more about the TT o2 chassis. It again it’s a great chassis guys, if, for those of you that are looking to build a vehicle now, actually I went down to the local hobby store to get some paint for this, and they were saying that right now, bill kits are on the rise people That are going into stores. People like you want build kits. Więc, if you’re looking for something fun, the bill to me is a great company to turn to alright. Now let’s talk about the TT o2 platform. It’S been a while, since I built up one of these and I had a lot of fun. Putting it together up front we’ve got a foam front bumper on this.

To help protect the front end, really simple suspension setup going on here: upper and lower a arm it’s a fixed upper arm, so no camber adjustments. But again this is just a fun on road car. Little flexing the suspension. So if you’re going beating on curbs shouldn’t have a problem with breakage on there, but you always stay away from curbs. Those are dangerous and it’s gon na ruin that body, but the suspension gets the job done, works nice and smooth these shocks on here, Jednak, are just friction. Dampers there is no oil inside it’s, just a single plastic post, not even a metal shock shaft in there. Jest to, just a plastic post and a spring for rebound. So though it’s a little bouncy but again for fun driving in a parking lot. It works just fine let’s, pretty much set up in the front and mimicked in the rear. The suspension arms are a little bit different in the rear, it’s more of a narrower upper arm in the rear, but it works out just fine, but I what I do want to mention about the rear is the wheelbase is adjustable, and what you do is you Flip the arm over, and that gives you a longer wheelbase or a shorter wheelbase, depending on how you situate the arm so that’s, pretty neat that you could go just the wheelbase, maybe throw on some different bodies and for right out of the box. It’S always nice to have options on your car.

Porządku, let’s talk about the drivetrain now, so the differentials in here there’s a front and rear differential. They are gear, filled differentials that just get packed with grease and that will alter the action of the differential. Whether it’s me a kid, they just have you lightly coat all the gears in there, so everything spins pretty free, as you guess, the guys there are bushings throughout this kit. I mean it’s kind of just a to me a staple at this point. So if you are going to build this because you’re going to drive it a lot, yes go grab yourself, some ball bearings before you build the kit. I did not do that because there is something else that I’m gon na do with this kit: to jest. Zasadzie, gon na be a shelf clean I’m gon na talk about that in the minute. So I didn’t put ball bearings in it for now, it’s only gon na be driven a couple times by me, but gear differentials, front and rear we’ve got a plastic propeller shaft. In the center, the dog bones are actually a composite it’s. Pretty neat, Choć, that they go and mold the cross pin into the composite plastic dog bone. I thought that was pretty cool same with the outdrives and same with the axles. There they’re very hard composite material and then they go and mold metal, shaft metal axle into those pieces, the outdrive cups, so I think that’s pretty cool.

It looks pretty solid, so we’ll see how they hold up. You know for the power system that comes in it. These are gon na work totally fine, and I got to talk about the power system right now, so it does come with the TBL eo2 SP controller. This is a very cool speed controller guys because it allows you to run the brushed motor that comes with it. Jest to, a simple silver cam 540 motor in here or once you get tired of this motor here, you can go and pick up a brushless motor and run it off the speed controller within limits, Oczywiście. But that is cool that you have that adjustability with the speed controller. Now you know I just talked to a number of people about Tamiya cars like they say. You know what the speech was really worth it because it’s so versatile. It allows you to grow into the vehicle now it did say this is the silver cam motor, but it is the torque tuned motor. So you got to get a little bit better performance out of this motor than you do with the standard silver can with no markings on it. So that is cool gives you a little extra power. The speed controller can run nickel metal hydride or lipo batteries. That is cool as well you’re going to need to supply your servo, your receiver and your radio system, but you do get the motor and speed controller and you’ll have to provide whatever battery and obviously whatever charger you want to use as well.

Okk, so now onto the chassis, it is a pretty solid tub, Podwozia, jesteś, pretty neat set up all plastic, and you know again: it works really well I’ve, driven a number of tto twos in my time in the Hobby and just going out for fun parking lot. Walnąć, these chassis work, great twin bellcrank, steering upfront fix links all the way through again, just a simple fun setup throughout the entire vehicle plastic shock, Wieże, plastic gear cases. You know a lot of plastic throughout, but it definitely works to me. Is great engineering. Fun vehicles even have a little scoop over the motor here. Pretty neat setup going on and you know really rounding up. The rest of the details got a little rear. Bumper. We got a servo saver, I know something I want to talk to you guys about. So I told you about the cool gunmetal wheels. We’Ve got some standard. Rubber slick tires no foam inserts on the inside, but what I wanted to tell you about was it does have a faux disc brake in there, tak więc 12 millimeter hex has a disc brake around it. It really adds to the cool factor of the Mustang body. Alright guys, I think that wraps up all the details again, if you are just looking for a fun, build kit, you definitely need to check out what to me. Ma to, and i really suggest, going to a hobby store if you want to get a good price on one.

I know that Tamiya works closely with hobby stores to give them better pricing than maybe what you’re seeing online so definitely hit up. The local hobby shop see what they have to offer if you like this kit, alright guys time to find a parking lot. Let’S go see how this thing looks on the road man, what an awesome day of testing now it’s winter time here and it was in the high 50s, and so it was absolutely beautiful out. And then I drove this beautiful machine and it was just the perfect day for RC and I had so much fun, but before I get into the performance, I do want to talk to you guys about something I had said before during the detailed portion of this Video I had mentioned that I was just kind of building this up right out of the box. I wasn’t gon na put any bearings or anything like that, and the reason being is: is I’m gon na go and clean this up? Now that I’ve driven it and basically put it on the shelf and the reason why I’m gon na do. That is because this is actually a 30th anniversary kit commemorating to me a USA when it was established, and it was established by mr. M Tamiya. Who, Niestety, is no longer with us, but I had the pleasure of meeting him a number of times and just a wonderful person who always welcomed me into the Tamiya booths, and we had dinners even saw him in Japan.

Juez and trade shows there and just a great person that really love this hobbies, so this kit kind of has some value to me personally that’s, why I’m gon na put it up on the shelf and to me it goes ahead, gives you this little card here With mr. M tamiyas accomplishments and in some history and it’s a great little piece to have, if you’re a true RC collector or anyone for that matter, it’s just a great piece to have, and then they do give you some decals as well. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Tamiya USA, so this this is: why I’m you know: dostał ta, go and shelf clean it because it’s just a great piece of RC history. Porządku, guys now let’s talk about the performance of this vehicle and you know first up. Let me just start off with the styling the cool factor of it. This thing looks awesome running across the parking lot and I went to a couple parking lots. I went to my usual basketball court because it’s, usually nice and clean and fun to test vehicles on, and this thing just looks cool out there just flat out if you’re a Mustang fan, it’s awesome. Jeśli jesteś, just an automotive fan a muscle car fan. It is awesome in those respects, as well now on to power that tuned motor. I, like it guys it’s a lot better than the standard silver can it gives these cars the pep NEADS I kind of wish they all came like that.

I understand why you know there’s, probably a little cost difference there, but that motor is a lot better. I did also go and run it on a lipo battery. Before in the details, I showed it with a nickel metal hydride will end up running a little lipo. That combination is the right amount of power and fun you’re not going to get into trouble. It still has great speed, it’s a fun vehicle. It also has reverse just for those of you that want to know you know. Can I back out of the situation? Tak, you can onto the handling of it. It actually handles pretty good. You could tell that they are just friction dampers that you know it’s just spring rebound there, because it does get a little jittery out there. But overall between you know, the the tire combination and the tire just kind of gives way and it’s got a bit of a push to it and it handles. You know any rough stuff of the the asphalt just fine and you know you could carve some tight corners and stuff it handles well. In that respect, Wiesz, and overall for the type of vehicle that is just going out and cruising having fun it’s. Definitely awesome. I like the way it handles. You know with the power that it has steering. Oczywiście, it’s got a bit of a push just the way, it’s all set up and that’s great for just having fun.

Oczywiście, but you know you, could you could tighten up the corners save on the brake a little bit, you know and plant the front end just a little bit and it will turn some nice tight corners. If you want to you’ll roll off the power a bit just be aware of your braking points but again it’s a fun car. So if you just want to go out and rip up and down parking lots, you know maybe go around some curbs and stuff in in the parking lot. You know that’s, where it’s just a lot of fun and that’s me at TT, o chassis has been around for a long time. You know they just got it down as a fun vehicle and even if you did want to go and take it to the next level, Dla mnie, it has a ton of hop up parts for their vehicles, so definitely check out the hop up options on their Website to me it does have a relatively new website, so much better, so much easier to find stuff like option parts and the parts you’re gon na need so definitely check out everything that is offered for these vehicles. Alright guys, if you’ve been looking for an on road car, that you could build up, that has some really cool styling and has a great background story to it. Definitely check out the Tamiya tto to GT, for I think we’re gon na see a lot more American licensing on to me.