This is called the demon, so this is an early version. I would classify this almost as a prototype because it looks like it changed a little bit in the product specs. I think mainly the props are different um. They sent the hq. I think these are the t two by two by four props and in the product page it’s. A jam fan 2036 four bladed props, so it should be flying pretty. Podobnie, should have pretty similar flight time. I think the antenna is also different as well in the picture um, i believe the rest of the specs are the same and um. You know not a whole lot of stuff here, that’s all that interesting. I know some of you guys have been complaining there’s too many cinema videos but yeah. I just keep getting sent a lot of these and actually i’ve declined a number of these as well. So those of you guys that actually love these little guys and want to see more videos. You might want to speak up now because i’m probably going to start moving away from these if uh the the people that are complaining that you’re seeing too many of these are going to start winning out and i’m going to start doing other other types of videos. So if you do love these, Wiesz, let me know in the comment section below anyway, two inch cinema up here, pretty standard it’s, not a pusher it’s, standard.

Wiesz, uh motor is upright. You got separate prop guards here with a foam bumper. That is stuck on with some adhesive got a bottom plate. Um looks like about maybe two millimeter bottom plate. Nothing too surprising. There you got a battery strap on the bottom battery, goes uh forward and backwards front to back like this, and i used a force. 450. that’s what it’s typical for this size if the rcm powerthese are the 1204 Silniki 5000 Kv, so this motor will work on a number of different types of micros from two inch to three inch: um and very uh various different batteries um. I think that this weight, the twelve of four and a two inches it’s, prawdopodobnie w porz膮dku, it’s a lit. This is a little on the heavy side, because it’s got a lot of stuff on a lot of tpu a lot of standoffs. I mean it does come with the dji system right here with the vista air unit and in this case it’s got the cadx nebula pro camera, wi臋c jest, the newest and latest and greatest in terms of the fpv camera here in terms of the weight and everything. But the while they’ve reduced the weight in the camera they’ve added a lot of extra weight with this tpu stuff and then these standoffs now i don’t think this is particularly that durable, Mam na my艣li tak, you got the bumpers here. You can apply flight indoors, to jest, probably their intention.

If you fly this like a like a bandit uh crashing into concrete walls at a bandeau yeah. These prop guards are gon na, definitely break they’re. They don’t they don’t. Look like they’re really that brittle. But you know you crash this hard enough. They’Re gon na probably snap, the carbon will be probably fine, Uh, just as these pop cards are going to probably break and they don’t include any spares in the box. You do get a spare set of one foam bumper from i’m, never sure why we would want to. I would rather have a spare prop guard, because the phone bumper i mean yeah, Ja nie – think they’ll ever like break or rip off or anything like that. It’S more likely to prop gradle, probably get smashed in a really hard crash. Um, the all in one flight controller is a whoop style, but it is rotated 45 Stopni. The usb port was, it was a little uh it’s right there, it’s not super easy to get to, but not not terrible, either um same with the usb port on the vista for doing your updates it’s a little tricky getting in there. Didn’T have to use a right angle adapter, because this uh prop cord does get in the way and uh it’s a tricky to remove the motor. Because then, jak wiesz, because the uh foam everything’s kind of held together, you got a tpu part there that actually surrounds the vista, which i think is completely unnecessary and yeah.

I believe that’s actually uh tied into these standoffs in the front and back there’s two here in the front two in the back there and then the little part that’s hanging the vista off of the standoffs and also holding the canopy that holds the camera plenty of Camera protection on this one. Obviously they went with a little demon theme when here little horns on the canopy um, but yeah lots of protection for the camera on the sides in the frontier with his lens protector. So they went all out on the camera protection. Adding tons of weight, probably for that and the buzzer in the back, i didn’t uh, you know if you lose your uh center up somewhere crash. It um just turn on your lost model alarm or your flip. Your switch for the buzzer, assuming the battery, is still connected. This isn’t one of those with the battery connected to this one. So if you have a battery ejection, then uh this won’t work, oczywi艣cie tak. The all in one flight controller is a 20 Amp. I don’t know pretty standard f4. My艣l臋, 偶e to 411 two uarts. You know nothing, nothing really special there. I think it says the generic i think like uh, one of those aurora rc uh branded um uh. All in one flight controllers, you got a xt 30 with a capacitor here on the end, wi臋c tak, nothing really unusual all around there, no receiver on this one.

So i did fly this with a dji controller and uh on the product page. It didn’t say anything about uh whether other receiver versions are available. I don’t think it is going to be available with the receiver version, so um that may change. You know that i got this is probably like a month or two before the products being released. Wi臋c uh, you know obviously adding a receiver on this is going to be kind of a hassle. Och, jeste艣, gon na have to pretty much take. You know all this stuff off the top. I would say the easiest way is to take the four screws here for the standoffs off and then you would be able to raise up the canopy plus the vista off of here and then you’ll have access to the flight control board. And then there is a wiring diagram here that can show you the pads for how to install a uh receiver so like guest bus there’s, the uart there there’s another yard over here, um three to four s, light point but so yeah. I don’t recognize this board exactly. This looks like maybe it’s from jhe mcu, possibly yeah. It says it’s the ghf 411, although it’s pretty generic f411 board does come with the beta photoc if you want to use on an analog. But obviously this is digital side it’s. Not going to be used, you can see here on the specs that it’s uhthey originally had the hq prop on here, but they have a photo of the jump fan prop so it’s kind of strange anyway, and then this interesting is it’s 25 Wzmacniaczy.

Here i just noticed that, but on the product page it says 20 Amp, all in one, so yeah they obviously are the specs are kind of in flux. Between the time i got they sent this to me and the time that they actually start production, which i actually at this moment, it’s still um, not in production. O ile wiem,, all right so here’s how much it weighs 115 grams and then, with the force 450 we’re coming in at 160, 169 gramy tak, definitely for a two inch. To jest uh. Definitely on the heavier side. Um. If you look at some of like like 95x v3 uh, Czyli, A, 116 Gram贸w, but it’s a two and a half inch prop so that’s gon na have a lot more power because it’s got bigger props on it. So this is almost as heavy as that, but it’s only got two inch props, so that does affect the flight time and so i’m. Only getting like three and a half minutes on this 454 S, wiesz tak, if you’re looking for flight time, you’re going to probably want to go with a cinema up with a bigger prop than this, as what my suggestion would be um, but if you’re just Flying indoors, you don’t really care about the flight time so much you’re, just looking for the size or maybe just like the looks of this. You know this is going to fly like a typical 2 Calowy, it’s a little underpowered not going to be doing a lot of acura or racing with this one it’s going to you know it’s mainly for smaller spaces and shorter flight times is what i think they’re Targeting here, ale wiesz, there’s a lot of these on the market – Tthe 85 X, i think the v2i think it’s inverted though um or maybe the v1 is probably more similar to this one uh.

I think that has 1105 motors instead so yeah the flight characteristics of that one. Je艣li dobrze pami臋tam, it’s been a while it’s quite a bit different that one’s a lot lighter. It doesn’t have all this extra stuff on here all this tpu and everything, and i think uh that one is also set up for naked gopro uh. But if i remember right that was analog as well, so it’s completely kind of an apples and oranges not really can’t, really compare that to that one, this one to that one but yeah i mean i think that one’s a lot lighter. So that flies a lot better, but as the week goes up with, Wiesz, adding dgi. Oczywi艣cie, then um it’s going to affect the flight characteristics, make it feel a little bit heavier and shorten your flight times anyway. There’S a couple of flights for you. Let me know if you have any questions and i’ll talk to you guys in the next video all right. So i flying at the same uh spot that i put the uh the hum fpv uh unicorn, and this is a also two inch, but a bit heavier and very windy right now so yeah. This is just flying with a stock tune, whatever it came with, and i don’t think they did any real tuning on this i’m wearing this 4s 450 here from outlineand this is significantly heavier than the unicorn, so it’s hard to kind of fly it more aggressively.

But you can hear the sound of the tune, different props. These are like hq four bladed and i’m getting really pushed around. It says the uh, the full dji camera, so the obviously the video is much better let’s. Do a full punch out whoa there’s, a yaw wash out there, that is from the battery sagging, so you got multiple forces at play here. You got the voltage sag as well as the wind hitting it and then so the flight controller freaks out this is pretty typical for whoops. Okk, this has some really low rates. I think let me put some low rates on this one so i’m not going to do any acura with this just going to try and see how how well it can fly precision wise it’s, going to be tough in this wind i’m. Getting pushed to see which way the direct direction of the wind of is, these are pretty loud, oh and i’m. Already running out of battery this battery is kind of getting i’ve been using a lot so that’s the end of this flight, pretty short about three minutes. All right trying a parking garage on this one as well: Uh, Oczywi艣cie, trying to get away from the wind see what the tunes really like give me an idea what it flies like, maybe in an indoor space, yeah of course, it’s much better. Nwo, Muzyki, stable Music, really tight gaps in the windows there i think for longer flight times you may want to switch to props from these uh hq four bladed to maybe like jim fan 2023.

Three bladed got someone behind me here. I think it’s a janitor or something there’s, still a little bit of a breeze coming through here, to jest, pretty windy outside, but uh less wind inside here than outside. Oczywi艣cie, it flies. Nice it’s, do艣膰, stajnia, let’s go outside here, see oh there’s. This building that’s kind of blocking things tooyou see therei am oh yeah, it’s way, windier outside whoa hard to control yeah. I think i got to get these outline batteries replaced. The flight times have really suffered should be able to get more than about two and a half minutes on these i’m. Only getting about two and a half to three minutes.