It slightly removed a couple of bits. Nasa lent us there, where else, so we could work on their stuff using proper products and that so and what we did. We took the axial rift and we added a letter d. So now we have the axial drift, which i’ll show you in a moment. So there it is guys the axial drift i don’t know if it’s gon na work we’ve had to remove the brake calipers just so we can sit the wheels over the hubs um. We have had to just like re ball, where the thread comes through ever so slightly just to compensate for the eight mil nuts that come standard on the rift and that’s all. But if you look, there is very little room between the diff and the floor, so we do get just a nice clearance, but you know what it said patrick’s day, what would rock some green wheels seems? A rift has a hint of green. We added the letter there, you can’t see it. It should start showing in the next few days, we’ve used magic, nasa paint, so yeah let’s have some fun and just if you’re wondering i’m uh running this on a 2s lipo again just a shorty pack. I do have a 3s in my pocket just in case because it is going to slip on the plastic but yeah baby axial drift multiples yeah. I reckon we’re going to need a 3s in there because at minute it is like trying to all wheel, drive drift or we could come back and disconnect the front drop yeah, but Music Music relax.

Maybe you should read labs just kidding Music from there: Music, Music Applause, Music, oh Music, i Music Applause, Music, um, Music, now Music, without the risk of smashing the hell out of it. Stop stop! Stop! Stop stop Music! Here we are axial drifting, Music, it’s. Basically, an axial riff with a letter Music that guys we’ve just recycled our pockets just for some bits of crap to use. So here you’ve got like the center of the football pitch full circle around and then leave it off here. We’Re gon na drift around the keys Music and then we power back off here: whoa, Music, a couple of circles and skids around the phone case and then we’re gon na power off up here or for the reverse entry round, the little 2s shorter life. Oh pack now coming backwards, wheels. Spinning. Let me drive off oh and we approach the tripod again around the tripod back onto the roundabout, so i’ve under the remote to my pilot, who is actually into drifting reel cars. So this is a little scaled down and probably absolutely enough all like the real, but in three two one go Music. Remember we are all wheel drive, so we are going to take the prop back out and then somehow i’ll get it. But here he is down the keys Music down the focus i’m gon na try and reverse enter around the life. Oh oh we’re looking! This is just a trial run anyway, just to get a feel for it.

So down the tripod sets out. The tripod tripod got took out yesterday and the phone just every time the truck went near it so that’s just bound to happen anyway, regardless you could be the most professional drifter in the world, and you will let that traffic. I think it moves on its own. A little feel for the route. Now Music let’s go the keys down the keys, found the keys i’m actually struggling just trying to film this with actually watching the car itself, but Music. Oh it’s, amazing boom Music. Oh nice, nice nice. He did the reverse entry around. There instead, oh yeah, oh okay, Music, so this is going to be wearing the plastic out on these tires, but we do still have clearance for the diff. The tires aren’t completely blown out yet battery’s still running. So i reckon we just carry on Music. Music lost the tire Music, then a super glue, Music, Music yeah. I think i think that’s the rift in with the letter d done with kill it he’s doing amazing on three tires. Look at that bracket took the temp block when he goes inside: oh yeah, Music. So we only got three wheels left. This is where i might kill an axle, but we may as well just kill the wheels Music, so that’s two wheels gone different wheels well, that’s the end of the 3s, so we’ve trashed the front wheels just totally ripped the tires off them, but uh.

I won’t leave in the camera on tripod. Not after yesterday, if you’ve watched that video, my phone i’m surprised, it’s still in one piece, got took out about four times uh, so i want doing that on concrete, so i’ve been trying to chase it around with the camera on the flat selfie stick thing, but You end up too busy just watching the car itself. I’Ll tell you what it’s fun, so i can see myself now investing in the uh 4s life or just for drifting with it. So if you’re interested it’s a real, easy modification, all you do is take a marking, pen and write the letter d in front of your rift. Add some drift wheels there you go so i hope you like.