This is not a sponsored or affiliated video um. Just clearing us up. I spent this with my own money, so let’s get on with it, so i’ve already obviously unboxed it and look at it before this video but i’m just going to show you what you get in the actual box. So you get like a manual and a couple tools, that’s actually downstairs and you get like a waterproof receiver box and you get a spare surface um. You also get four double a’s they’re, not exactly duracell, but you know they’re included, which is it’s good for the price um. You also get free delivery, which i liked. So if i can open it right, so this is what you get the dx3 transmitter made by spectrum all the controls on the top. There also comes with a little arm, so you can drive it one handed and stir it one handed if you’re like recording. So you can drive it one handed and still turn i like these spectrum controllers. I’Ve got another spectrum, the slt3. I use this on the armor creating v5, and this i like this one. This is better than the tactic: radio they used to use, ale tak. I, like it a lot so that’s the spectrum, one for that this is the one for the gladiator, so the actual car in itself look at that, obviously again i’ve taken out the box, so this is a boxing, an unboxing for you guys.

So this is what you get the actual gladiator wow um it’s a lot bigger than i thought it would be for tent scout um i’m gon na run through some things for you now. Tak więc oczywiście, you’ve got this lovely, lovely shell scale. Shell um it’s got some details, so it’s got lovely bead lock wheels. I think that’s time to go worlds. Um, so it’s got some caps here. If i can undo it, it’s got your actual knot on the inside that’s. Co powiedziała: it’s got some brandon places. It’S got some it’s, a lovely lovely accessory bit there i’m not going to put any accessories on it, because i know that they’ll break uh. These lights, look like they’re, just stickers, są one, not it’s stickers, but it’s lights on the inside that’s, actually working lights and it’s got a lovely metallic gray paint job. Probably can’t see that on the camera and reversing lights, uh not really it’s rear tail lights that are actually um like light up, so i’ve obviously put this actual sticker on the window at the back um. This is very nice. The wipers actually go up not on their own, but you know i like it: it’s got the mirrors um. Is this something that you don’t see much on? Jeet it’s got portal axles. I don’t know if you can see that on the inside it’s got portal axles, which means that there’s imagine like a straight line which is the axle and then the center of the wheels, obviously that’s, where it’s going to be but it’s not because it’s got two Little gears on the inside there, and that makes it a higher center of gravity.

Many people are actually putting standard axles on these because they, like the scale, looks i’m actually going to keep the portable axles, because i think that it doesn’t hinder it as much. I mean personally, i don’t think they hinder it as much. Um it’s got obviously a solid rear axle, as well with the center diff case there and then an offset diff case there. That’S nice. I like that it looks all very sturdy and, jak widać, that there’s quite a lot of flex on there, i mean three wheels on the ground and then so yeah that’s. Quite a lot of i like that, there’s quite a lot of flex. Dobrze, i think this is one of the most capable callers you can get. Um let’s have a look what’s underneath the shell i’ve obviously seen what’s underneath before, but yeah on about the shell um. It can be a bit flimsy in places so obviously there and at the back you could probably see some cracking sometimes, but at the top, where it’s going to roll over and the side you’reprobably not going to have any troubles with that, ale jestem, probably going To sugar it and drywall tape, it makes it a bit stronger if i can get it off it’s a bit fiddly at first it’s, just i’m not used to it right. Więc, underneath you get this lovely lovely chassis, so servo’s up front with a brushed motor as a 35 Włączyć, i believe um and the sx spectrum servo.

I can’t remember what server it is. The ss14 spectrum servo um i’m, probably going to swap that out for a savebox survey, because i’ve always run surveys in my vehicles like the hobo hyper and the armor creighton um. I also run it in the speed car so it’s, a very nice composite molded chassis and it’s got a 13.9 inch roll base, so sometimes that can hinder it and sometimes that can be beneficial. Also it’s got a spectrum from a 40 Amp, smart esc with receiver. All built in so that’s all in one now with a ic3 ic3 connector. I haven’t got a battery or connected with that, so obviously i’m going to run it tomorrow. Um that’ll be in the mail tomorrow. So i can give you a running video on that. Um. Look at those drive, shafts and they’re they’re, lovely beefy and molded um. Obviously they flex with the vehicle to make sure that they’re still turning when the vehicles um, obviously move in um. This is my first brushed rc in a very long time. Um and it’s gon na be different for me, it’s gon na be quite different. Uh the tires are actually really nice and sticky they’re very soft and plush. The sidewalls do are like they’re a bit soft, so i’m gon na i’m gon na watch out. For that a bit and the bumpers are pretty hard, i hope they don’t snap, but they do flex a bit um there’s next to none chassis flex.

Only if i do that, but obviously, when you’re running it you’re not gon na get that um. Lubię to. I, like zero chassis flex, so it’s also got a dig feature. So what that is? Is it locks up the rear axles, so it doesn’t move and then the front ones are doing that. So when you’re actually running it just the front wheels, you can just pivot. The vehicle around, whilst the back wheels aren’t moving um that’s, run by a little spectrum servo right there. Many people have actually gotten these servos to fail in the first five minutes, umm jestem, actually going to set the end points tomorrow, Jestem, going to show you how to do that, ale to jest, probably because they haven’t set the end points um. These sx 107 servos do fail. I think they’re about 14 15 quid to replace, but you can get like a better one for about the same price um. I think that’s a 22 spline on there. I think i’m not sure i might have to put a 21 online uh 21 on there i’m, obviously going to set them points on there tomorrow. So the way you do, that is for verse all right press the bind button, and then you turn it on. Okk. So first you put your batteries in included, so that’s helpful, W porządku, so four verse four right bind and then you turn it on. So you hear them beeps and it’s, the green one on the battery level and that’s, obviously flashing purple there.

So that means that it’s in the binding mode i’ll show you that tomorrow, um switch it off. Okk, so that’s the way you do it um and then you just adjust it on the steering right there left and right, and then you press the button button to set it because obviously you’re not going to want it to go all the way, because i will Stress out the server and burn it out um, so i press this. I push the servo lock and, jak widać, and his front wheels are moving. So if i obviously press the button on there, because it’s off all four wheels are moving so that’s, what it does it locks and unlocks the batteries so the way the lights work is it’s got two little uh wire things there, so you obviously plug them in To each ones, um it’s the same color wire for the same anyway, and then you obviously put the body on afterwards. But you’ve got to be careful when you take off because the wires, so you just do that and all the wires should um stay on actually out now for you, so there right there so that’s all connected up, nie to jest, not that’s falling out. So there that’s all connected up and obviously when you turn it on the lights gon na come on that’s cool yeah, the whole car looks very durable um. I like it a lot it’s. It seems like a very premium product for the price um.

I hope it is too um battery mounts now. There is two ways of mounting your batteries. If you get a cooler size battery, you can put it on the side bit, but if you don’t, if you have a normal three cell um, this is the 4000. It should fit in that one there so undo that it’s just something easy: to jest, not recording let’s move here. Więc, as i was saying, let’s get the body pins back out. As i was saying, this 4003s fits lovely in that one um and then i could put like another battery in that one. If i wanted to just not notice any time, obviously um, so this big servo i’ve probably explained it before, but when you spin again so it locks the back axle the rear axle, so four drive it’s locked and now the rear axle doesn’t turn. If i knock it, it’s gon na turn, um it’s amazing. I love the way that this corner is designed. Looks i mean it’s got scale, looks metallic paint metallic paint on our crawler right. Most of this is probably going to get scratched off, but they put it on anyway, because that’s the way that this design um super grippy tyres at the sidewall of the tires do seem to collapse a bit. I can’t tell unless i run it um this yeah i’m, happy with the quality of what you get for your money at the minute. I haven’t got the battery so that’s.

Why i have got the battery. I haven’t got the connector for it. That’Ll come tomorrow. Więc tak, there will be either an extended video of this or a running video tomorrow um it depends how long it takes for you to edit it tonight, because i really want you guys to see the way it performs out of the box stock. I’Ve not done any modifications and i’m not going to i’m going to keep it the way it is. The stock 35 team turn motor. You know i’m, not going to do nothing to it. I mean it’s got a lovely little skid plate there and the screws are counters on. So i like that, the wheels are actually three piece wheels. Um they actually come apart in three pieces. I can’t really show you but it’s on the box. Where is it right here so that’s, one of the three piece wheels that can come apart, so yeah all of these are beat lock, Koła, są one, real big locks and these wheels tires are really sticky and soft and they look like they’re going to drop very well. Um loads of flex and suspension, i absolutely love this thing and i’ve not even run it yet. So i have softer axial for that so what’s. My final thoughts of the axial scx 10 jeep gladiator there’s, osiowy scx 10 jt gladiator right a bit of a mouthful um. My personal thoughts. It is a very capable rc, uh i’ve not run it yet, but i can tell that the way looking at it.

Like feeling it looking at it, it’s gon na be good that’s what she said: umm tak. This is not gon na struggle. What i put it through tomorrow, you’re going to see that video um top right hand corner. Miejmy nadzieję, if i upload this tonight that wouldn’t be there obviously you’re going to do it tomorrow, so i can’t time travel you know not even now, crore can help me time travel, but you know this goes three miles an hour. Jest to 529 pounds to anyone. Czyli, a lot of money, so it’s personal preference spend five. Eight nine get a success. Creighton that goes 63 mile an hour or you know, spend a bit less than get a call and it goes three miles an hour and lasts for a couple hours on long battery. You know it is total for personal preference, but i think this thing is going to perform like well done axial for making this. This looks amazing um. I can tell that this is definitely going to be a good caller i’m, going to really put it for his patients tomorrow, A. So that is my final thought. This is a worthy truck um. If you’re not thinking about it, i think you should consider it. Wiesz, if you do your research through callers, you can probably get most of your money’s worth out of it. It i mean rank here. I live, Wiesz, i’ve got places where i can take this and really use it properly, so it’s all personal preference, so yeah i’m happy with this.

This has been the unboxing. I don’t know much more to say, Jestem, just astounded about the way that it looks and i’ve not even driven it. Yet you know i’m really impressed it’s got a chassis mounted. Servo it’s got stainless steel, pivot, balls, um three piece: Prędkość, Blokady, Koła, it’s got injection, molded plastics, you know that’s, just good quality, rc stuff that is so i’m really impressed, so that this has been my f um final thought. This has been the unboxing and yeah i’ll. See you guys next time.