Oczywiście, and uh today were going to be checking this thing out lets see whats inside here here it is guys the 1 18 scale rock hobby magritch. This is basically an unlicensed version of the mercedes, unimog and yeah. Today were going to be unboxing, this thing reviewing it testing it out, seeing if its any good and guys, if its anywhere near as good as the fms k10 was then this thing is gon na, be amazing, so lets get it out of the box all right, Guys so in the box, you obviously get your truck radio a little battery, a usb charger and you get a little t wrench so guys upon bringing it out of the box here. I immediately noticed that suspension is way way nicer than on the fms k10 and the ezrc glacier its definitely softer and thats good, although again just like with the fms and the glacier um. This side is all bound up for some reason and then, when i took it out of the box, this mirror yeah the mirrors gone and this busted so not super happy with that. I am going to just glue that on there real quick, W porządku. Dobrze, this glued on there really easily the mirror its pretty finicky so ill have to try and get out that a little bit later, but for now guys this thing looks really good other than those little pickups. It feels great lets just peel this little thing off of here: Och tak, guys that looks awesome if we go to the radio.

This is the same radio that you get on the fms uh k10 yeah its got that cool little lambo in the front, and these are pretty good. I did have a lot of lag with my k10 radio so well see. If i have that same issue here, but hopefully we wontand if we pop the hood here, you can see your electronics board in there and you can actually see it poking out right in there. If you really look and then under here, this is actually an fms servo, jak powiedziałem, rock hobby fms and easy rc theyre, all very similar brands transmission, its the fdl 104, just like they use in the easy rc and in the fms same axle, same drive. Shafts, although they might be lengthened or shortened, probably shortened, seeing as how this is a pretty short wheelbase, speaking of which lets get this up against the fms yeah, you can see here guys definitely a bit shorter than the fms k10 is, and if its half as Good as this truck then its gon na be amazing. This was a really cool truck so yeah. I really do love this one, and i hope i love this one just as much so it looks like our little battery compartments in there and my light just fell off. This thing has some nice and big all terrain mud, bogging kind of tires on here, and i like that these red rims go really well with this kind of older style paint job on here guys, if any of you know why all these cars have this binding Issue on the passenger side, suspension in the front, let me know because its really annoying this side is always softer.

It has been on my ezrc on my fms and now this one. This sides always been softer than this side, because this one feels like its binding up or something. So if you guys know what that is and how to fix it, let me know in the comments and uh yeah. I appreciate it so in here you got your really nice little um interior. Here you got yourself steering wheel couple gauges. You got your nice seats in there here. I believe this is a snorkel and then you got your door handles here even got little windshield wipers. You got mirrors well, ive only got one. Hopefully you guys get both if youre getting this thing, you got these cool little lights again. Hopefully you guys dont have this problem. I really think that it was just rough handling and shipment or something these do not have lights in it. Neither do these side blinkers, but these should be functional. Everything on here is just super scale. You got some rear lights and i do believe these are functional. Not these ones, Choć, suspension feels pretty sweet. Uh feels like its gon na work. Cóż, wtedy, Oczywiście, youve got your bed here and whats really cool about this is, if you pop this back part off, then you can fold down the sides and you can haul a whole ton of stuff in here. Na przykład, it can actually fit the k10 back there. To jest, naprawdę fajne, definitely squatting its using all its suspension right now, but thats awesome guys well definitely have to test out the load capacity on this truck.

But if you just pop this back in, you have to do the sides first and then you can do the back and yeah guys. Everything looks awesome on this truck. I mean just check it out: Muzyki. O człowieku, Faceci! This thing really does look quite epic, although i did notice theres a little bit of a stain here at the front, and i know that definitely was not me so im beginning to wonder if, instead of having a rough shipment, this thing just never passed. Quality control. Really hope i just got it done, because if this thing really is you know good most of the time, then this is gon na, be a really sweet truck lets get the battery charged up so that we can run this thing so to charge up the battery. Just plug that into there and plug that into there, and just like the fms radio, this is gon na want four double a batteries all right guys. I got the battery all charged up here and uh lets get it into the mag rich, just shove it in there, and it is a bit of a tight squeeze in this compartment. But if we just plug that in there looks like its already on lets, get the radio on and just like the fms and ezrc glacier. This thing has a fantastic servo. Więc, with the bigger wheels, it looks like this things got a bit more wheel, Prędkość, so thats awesome still crawls, really nice as well, so the lights are off right now from the factory, but just like the fms.

If we put this switch into b mode over here and click, this led button here we got lows, then we got our brights and then off lows, Itp. Następnie, if you keep it in b mode and click, this uh reverse steering angle button uh from the factory its at a hundred percent click it once one beep thirty percent, so really bad steering. Just like on the fms two beeps, fifty percent three beeps, a hundred percent, this thing looks awesome, so lets go, take it out and uh see what it can do. Oh yeah guys this thing scrolls smooth just like the fms does. It is a little bit less smooth because of the bigger wheels um. But honestly i dont mind that so much because it made easy work of this i mean usually, oh especially right. Nie ma, oh easy peasy. Other trucks always had an issue with that, because they get hung up and the bumpers would scrape, and oh man that is no problem. I got ta find something harder for this thing, its definitely quicker than the other ones. W porządku. I tried doing this with my fms and it wasnt able to get over it lets see if i can get over it with this Music. Its getting hot up well looks like this. Rock is too slick. Lets do a little payload testing all right all loaded up. Oh yeah suspension is definitely squatting, all right Music. That is something im expecting to see a bit more of is tipping over backwards, but luckily the unimog had a very forward biased body on it, because i mean just look at it.

Look at that cab, its all the way forward, its all squished up to the front and all the weights up there, so it shouldnt be too bad. Och, wszystko, right guys lets see if it can make it up this deep little incline here. Oh doing good doing good doing good there we go. I dont seem to have very many obstacles that this thing cant go over. Oh, come on there. We go all right guys. This is where the easy, rc and fms would always get stuck. O mój boże! Oh there we go definitely made it over that easier. Oh, i dont like how this hood keeps popping open all right, its a little bit top heavy, but oh no problem and then, if we make it down here there we go its definitely a pretty capable little crawl. Tak właściwie, Oh, not even a bumper screen. O chłopaki, Muzyki, Nie ma sprawy, Och tak, guys it loves it. Oh no problem guys! This thing is so much fun lets see if we can make it up this man. Guys Applause. Oh lets, spróbuj ponownie! Okk, tam idziemy. Oh, moja dobroć, guys awesome all right guys moved around the rocks a little bit and uh lets see if we can make it up this having a bit of a rougher time here that bumper does stick out quite a bit Music. Idziemy tam. Music definitely got ta find out whats wrong with that passenger side shock binding up.

That was nice. O rany, chłopaki. I do like this truck all right, guys back in the shop with the magritch and guys ive got to say i love this thing. This thing performs really well and what i love about, that is that now you can finally get a crawler that is super scale, its at a good price point. I think i paid 160 bucks for this thing and it can crawl really well. This thing is no joke. The k10s were a little bit held back by their long wheelbase, but this thing can go over a lot more things and it does it really really well, and i really like it, i do think ill, probably push the bumper in a little bit saw there when I was trying to do that a little pass in between those two rocks. It was hanging up on this thing, im sure it would go through mud really well, W zasadzie, i want to try that for sure and the radio didnt seem to be very laggy, so i think it was just on my k10 that i got a little bit Of bad luck there, just like the fms, you have to hit reverse for the taillights to come on, and i think thats kind of stupid definitely going to be finding out how to fix that. I already found out how to fix the ezrc headlights and where they would only come on when you hit the gas, so thats awesome ill put a link to that video right here, ale tak chłopaki.

I hope you enjoyed this video. I know i did this things. Awesome i really like this truck um youll, probably see a lot more of this thing on the channel and uh yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did please consider subscribing liking the video for now check out this video down here and ill see.