I crazy, updates, hi guys and welcome to another vlog. I am driving this. This is the BMW 5 series, the 530i and straightaway we are going to do something extremely cool which is going to turn on the vehicle and park. It yeah actually maneuver it now. I need to use both my hands, so pardon the bad camera angles which you might witness, because nehi operating the camera, no answer, sorry Mia, but yeah anyways it saying connecting. We need to go further, so you have to come close. Unlike a Tesla, which can do it from further with the BMW, you really have to come. Close yeah it’s, saying okay, now there’s some vehicle interference, which is happening in it’s discontinuing, though the deactivating, the remote control ac parking here so come on, Connect connect, connect, connect, connect yeah. Now it is connected, which means that I need to press this button and I’m gon na start the engine there the engine is starting. The engine is actually started of the vehicle. Now I’ll show you something really cool: okay, so it’s saying activating remote there you saw the steering actually change the angle as well and right inside there is nobody self kept the window open, we’re going to move the car ahead by pressing this button and there the Car is actually moving I’d and there is absolutely no one inside you can see the wheels are moving. This is so freakin cool. This remote parking feature of a BMW is the coolest thing you will see on the internet today.

Trust me on this. I not shown this so many times, but yet it does not fade. That is how cool this feature is. Anyways the car is going. I think the car will keep going and finish the vlog itself, so we just want to stop it right now. There it stops and there I’ll stop the engine as well. They’Re deactivating, remote, controlled parking car is turned off. That is how cool this feature of the BMW 5 series is anyways let’s, open the car right away, and let me take control of things. Thank you now. So much say: welcome now: anyways let’s open the hood, which means that pulling this twice, and this is the 530ithe M Sport version. They launched the sport version yesterday which, by the way, misses out in certain features, and he was this is the engine of the vehicle. It says twin power, turbo and, as usual in case of BMWs, the engine is actually closer to the cabin for the 5050 weight distribution. There is insulation right there very refined motor. Now. Can you see these vents? These vents are actually open now, so they close when it does not need any air that is again done for the sake of aerodynamics and it’s, a very aerodynamic car as such I’m actually waiting and talking that these vents will close. But I don’t know when they’re going to close, but you know when, even when your car is on the vents are closed at times, just so that to ensure that you know man, it does not need it.

It’S not going to be there there’s a front parking camera right there and this being the M. Sport gets a lot of funky bits to give it that special treatment as well coming to the lights. The lights are really amazing on the car and they obviously look really nice and get this beautiful elements as well. Now these are BMW, adaptive LED lights and they can project up to half a kilometre ahead. Yeah you get front parking, sensors right there and from the front. Obviously it is a Pisces it’s, a BMW. There is no denying the back kind of look like the smaller version of the 70s, the pre facelift. The facelift version of the seventies obviously has a massive grill. The grill is so big it’s bigger than the length of this car. Now with the g30 model, they have obviously increased the size of the vehicle when compared to the f10, I mean the wheelbase has increased. The tracks have increased both at the front is the rear, and this car is running on M sport. Wheels as well, so you’ve got the M badging on the wheels massive decides. The Desai’s is so big it’s, bigger than most hatchbacks wheel, size and, of course, you’ve got the M brake calipers finished in blue. The tire size at the front happens to be 2, 45, 45 eighteens, I’m. Still gon na try my luck to see if the air vents have closed. No, they have been closed, yet that’s, surprising, anyways, coming to the side and coming to the rear.

Specifically, this being a rear wheel, drive car has bigger tires at the rigueur. Meanwhile, the 520d has same size 245. On all tires. This one has two 7540 eighteens at the rear, again M brake calipers. Look really nice in this blue shade. The car looks beautiful as always coming to the rear of the car. Typical BMW affair says 530i, but there is no M badging either your thank God for that. But we’ve got dual exhaust one on either side. Now these are functional exhaust. They are not fake exhaust there’s a towing hook. There is a reflector rear parking. Sensors, reverse parking, camera 530i written right there and yeah. The car looks so athletic, no wonder be able to actually calls it business at elite and you’ve got the M badging on the side on the side, fenders a lot of aerodynamic bits in this vehicle. So you know curtains behind the wheel. There curtains here as well, and all these air curtains are actually functional on the vehicle which is pretty cool. It says: BMW adaptive LED right there, meanwhile yeah em, badging, again, there’s a camera on the side, rear view mirrors, and this is obviously for the 360 degree parking camera on this vehicle coming to the rear of the car either coming to the boot of the vehicle. Now there is something which has suffered because the International modelspec BMW 5 seriesgets a 530 litre boot. This one gets a 400 eater boot because they have actually made this whole thing so that they can put the spare wheel below for the inimical.

You obviously need a spare wheel, 135, 1819 or either 18 is the size of the tire there. You can see it and, of course, all the tool kit is placed below first aid kit is here, and that is the manual of the vehicle and the storage based on either side as well, but yeah the boot is smaller. Now now this button does not close the vehicle; it actually is to lock the vehicle. So you have to manually: do this as well: there’s a camera just in case you missed it earlier, let’s get to the rear seat of the vehicle, and let me tell you straight away that the space of the rear is quite good indeed, but before getting inside The rear you know there has to be the end badging everywhere, door. Pockets are large enough, and these are some lines which are manual actually manually, operated sand lines, but still cool enough yeah same for the open or closed them have to do it. This way love the treatment on the vehicle, the quality everything fit finishes supreme on the car there’s, this massive hump in the center, although you have got three adjustable headrests, this is more of a two seater at the rear. All the space is good. Enough anyhow occupies most is then I drew the giant. I don’t know why this good amount of space one offer scooped out seat back as well magazine holders. Headroom is also pretty good on the vehicle is a hook miss handle yeah.

You can see how Headroom is also pretty good on this vehicle. Two people can comfortably sit in but for reasons best known to BMW right here you know these are lights, but there’s, a hump which kind of actually eats into the Headroom. But you know it scoops. Here so actually third person can fit in comfortably, but then again the problem is this: hump gets a four zone: climate control system, storage, space, here, storage space here, two USB ports. Now these are USB sees not the regular USB. So if you don’t have the latest charger you need to buy one and there obviously twelve volt charging socket as well. Now you got a center armrest with cupholders, so they are the cupholders. On often again you take a seat ahead. You put the seat behind and really it’s difficult to judge the space at the rear, so sit like a human being. You see there’s good amount of space on offer. Your seat is further behind then my seat. Also. I also I am like 18 feet. I’M. Actually. 18 feet tall and I am not using so much space. Okay, anyways yeah, there’s, a remote you can operate, but this being an M sport should have had a screen but it’s, not metal present in the 530. I somehow and some features are actually missing in the 530. I am sport compared to the 530 DM sport, like, of course, your entertainment package, which I think probably could have been optional, but anyways let’s get inside, and there is, of course, BMWs, beautiful shark fin antenna and doesn’t get a panoramic roof coming to the driver side And let me tell you here is something which you will really appreciate.

First and foremost, obviously you get the M badging front drivers rather front driver and co passenger get electric adjust, but only the driver gets a memory function. You can save up to two people: settings power window controls outside you have your mirror controls, obviously, to lock and unlock the vehicle and the beautiful treatment which really looks nice, and you have also got a storage space here, which is not big enough to put your Manual and like an Audi cars where you can do that seats are amazing, like really supportive, good, bolstering good under thigh support and amazing side bolstering as well. Meanwhile, under the hood is never an issue because you know you can open this and increase the under side. Support this is manually done, but the steering is electric. You know compared to the M Sport, or rather this is the M Sport compared to the 530d. What I’m finding missing is, of course, yeah. A heads up display is not here, which is kind of surprising. Stop. Sneezing me huh, I told you to have like Odin anyways there you have plug the product, which has no sense in you, maze so we’re going to start the vehicle, which is start engine stop button there. It comes to life and it tells you exactly how much time the car needs to be serviced in and the beautiful BMW 5 series can be seen there as well. Now, air conditioning controls are similar to the one we saw.

First, on the seven series, air conditioning works brilliantly well on this vehicle and a lot of controls. First and foremost, let’s, look below the front centre, armrest a storage space here, and there is a USB slot again. This is for the USB see meanwhile there’s a light placement as well, and this seems to be like a very crowded cupboard right now with a lot of stuff lying there. The glove box is a decent size. Now you’ve got some fig layers inside that right now and there’s an envelope because today’s Valentine’s Day, which has been given by BMW to me, don’t, get too excited. Nobody gave you an envelope anyway. You’Ve got multiple airbags, auto dimming inside you view mirror and it is not frameless. But the light placement here easy to operate the lights. The lights are bright, but yellow so you’ve got a panoramic roof. No sorry! So sorry you do get a regular room. You don’t get a panoramic roof, so that’s it a single roof panoramic would be real. Nice addition at this price point for the BMW 5 series, because I think the c class in the GLC also get it that’s about how much don’t get too excited. You actually do not move the c class, so let’s close this for the moment. Yes, that is important. Bob looks, is you only very nice, so you don’t have? Would we have got this beautiful? You know you know whatever you want to call it silver or metal treatments super nicely done and gloss black finish there as well.

Stop knocking here, because you know like hard plastics are on the lower half, but not as hard as Havis. Coming to the steering straining looks really nice. I love the steering it’s a chunky, but a flat bottom would have been really nice, obviously get the M logo right there. Just to remind you were driving an M. In fact, yesterday, when I was driving the car, I parked it somewhere someone’s asking me wow. How is that a real M series? I’M, like no it’s, actually a fake one, because it’s the M Sport and uh it’s, a Harman Kardon audio system with 600 watt output and hell. Obviously we get a mirror along with the light same as the case there as well mirror along with the light. Now you who can see your face? No, that is not a definition of beauty. Now you see this seems a little uh stirred, but it’s not it’s, very easy to operate. Firstly, you’ve got a wireless charging pad right. Then, how can you give me a phone? So this is how actually the phone charges just put it there and then wireless charging activates it had got activated yeah. The wireless charging has got activated now how much you praise Mercedes, but you still have a m5 as your wallpaper exposed. Anyways you’ve got an ashtray because Nina likes to smoke one zero, why you got a cupholder along with the cigarette lighter here here’s the cigarette lighter, go lighter flames anyways there are little disappointing part here is all these buttons are.

You know made of plastic, they couldn’t be made of metal, it might have been really cool on this vehicle lot of control here. These are actually for the lights, parking lights and front and rear fog lights and obviously for the main lights as well. I love the treatment. This guy has got multiple colors for him in lighting, but not as much as Mercedes cars. Mercedes had like 64 color in bed lighting, this car has around 10 or so, and the ma lighting looks beautiful at night. You get this 10.2 5 inch screen, which is the same size as the one which we see on the key are cell toes. You are not going to open it. I am going to remove this. This is so satisfying removing the plastic sheet on a BMW here. Now you can keep it inside to watch battle for the win. Anyways everything feels so nice. This is obviously the hazard light button, air conditioning controls. I told you there’s a CD player and you can actually change a lot of thing. I think you can check seven series probably, and this is for the volume control. Meanwhile, this is obviously the galley one looks really nice and the best to operate. This is the best galley, but I have seen this is obviously for the traction control button. This is for the drive mode. So what are the drive mode? You’Ve got eco pro, you got comfort, it would support you but adaptive as well.

Now this is for the parking, and this is again for the cameras. Electric parking brake auto hold function, and this is the iDrive controller. The Eider system is really nice. It got handwriting recognition as well and, as you can see, I mean it is super slick to operate there’s so many things, but the difference between the 5 Series fighter, TDM sport, which I reviewed earlier and the one which I’m living right now the 530. I M Sport is the fact that this gets the new BMW cluster, which I’m not a big fan of, because you know you really can’t see the tachometer. So obviously, when you change the modes, the color of the cluster changes as well, which is good and it disappears the tachometer when you get into Eco Pro Mode. So I mean this is actually easier to use, but I love the old testicles. You can really make out a difference between various modes. You go all the information, in fact, it always tells you your location down there and you know, obviously go for the range in the clock as well as which mode you are in gear position, indicator outside temperature and various information. Also so that’s easy to operate order buttons here now these buttons are obviously you know you want to browse through various functions there, which you want to get into radio and whatever, like it’s, for the audio system, and this for the volume controls is for voice command.

Is to pick up a phone call, and this is to browse through a track now this guy’s not equal with the heads up display that’s. Why it’s going to show me the track here so when to browse it shows me like staying home. Active entertainment shows Moscow cause Nana happy. Meanwhile, on the left side, you have got controls for the cruise control. Paddle shifters are really nice on the vehicle. Really nice and robust on the right. You’Ve got controls for the wipers, so we’re gon na use the wipers right away, as you can see, there’s good amount of spray on offer and the wipers work brilliantly well too, on the left. You’Ve got controls for the indicators, along with the button. Ona is vc. It’S not what do you think is actually to browse through functions here, so you see there yeah so it’s telling me the track. It’S telling me the mode and specifically it’s also got a g force meter telling me what is the real time mileage as well. This is a g force meter that is so cool as well, love it to the core, and back now everything has been explained. We have not yet got to the cluster. So this sorry, the cluster is new and so is stuff. Here it gets apple cobbler. It gets Android, auto connectivity, it gets a beautiful reverse parking camera. In fact, let’s get into Reverse right. Now there you see, the camera is really nice.

It gets achieving. The parking camera gets adaptive guidelines plenty of stuff here in this vehicle. Now let me turn on the 360 degree, parking camera rather yeah, that is the camera. Really nice really fluid, really sexy. In fact, let’s use Park Assist right now. So sorry, I got into another mode altogether and they have looking at me she’s like I’m waiting right now. Can you just do the audio test, so let’s do one thing: let’s do the audio test right away, so that is amazing. Audio in this vehicle, obviously or equality is brilliant Harman, Kardon, audio system, 600 watt output. It gets gesture controls which work really nicely and fluidly as well on this vehicle, which is again a very nice thing and you get navigation, you get maps. Everything is so beautiful in this car it’s a touchscreen. The various ways of you know using the whole system, with touchscreen with gesture control, with obviously the iDrive controller, as well as handwriting recognition. That’S super cool let’s get into the menu and let’s talk to the car, hey, BMW, hello. What can I help you with Sport? Displays smooth displays, please continue using manual control, yeah that’s, also very cool, so all these things have come in the systems. You know they keep improving time and again because be able keeps working on them to make them better and better and more fluid. So now, if you don’t mind guys the camera we’re gon na try cells park right now and see how guys gon na park, which means first and foremost in the menu yeah in the menu we need to get in the menu and here get into the camera.

Turn on Park Assist right now, and the Park Assist should turn on getting to drive mode. We give an indicator to the right and let’s see how this car is able to park, which means first and foremost, I need to buy my seat bed. So now, we’re gon na try parking the car using the self Park function of the BMW 5 series. Now the B another system is really fluid and nice and very different as well so it’s going to detect if there’s a parking spot nearby it has. It says: please stop the vehicle. I have stopped the vehicle to park switch on turn indicator. I have turn on the indicator: hands free, hold on parking button and monitor surroundings, which means that all I need to do is just check this. I need to press this button and not kuntu. Okay, stop the vehicle hands off the wheel, parking button held. Okay. Now just look at this. I have absolutely no like nothing. I’M, not pressing any brake I’m, not pressing any accelerator. The car is accelerating. The car is braking, the car is doing every I’m. Actually, in panic mode right now, because it’s so close to that the car, but is doing everything on its own it’s. Turning on its own it’s, accelerating on its own it’s, braking on its own as well, all I have to do is hold a button here. The parking buttonand this is actually an update which BMW is given to the car very recently there now see I’m, not changing the drive mode, also it’s, actually going forward, reverse aspects, own convenience and there it it’s, okay, it’s heads parking is completed.

That’S, absolutely sensational. The way this car actually goes around parking, Wow it’s, just mind boggling, so now BM will keep updating stuff on the car. Like you see, the gesture controls are become much better than before. You’Ve seen that how this system the Park Assist system has also become so much better than before. I really don’t even have like accelerator brake it’s, so freaking fluid, and you know what the cameras are next level on this car. The cameras are so good. Now. Okay, now I’ll show you another thing: forget the parking thing now I’m over the park, I’m just going to be maneuvering from here I’m just going to try and get out from here, okay and every time I park the car. It becomes super easy for me because obviously it’s got cameras all over the place. Now, if I am doing the parking myself also, I don’t have to worry about it because it’s got something whereas 3d view 3d view is absolutely beautiful and sensational, and you know it lets me see things everywhere. Look at that and when I’m actually getting out of parking more stuff. This obviously is one of the views, but more important in this is it actually gives you a bird’s eye view when you’re actually turning the car in parking getting into tight spots? It gives you a proper bird’s eye view to show you what around that’s also very sensational, the way everything is done. The cameras on this car are next level.

Indeed, okay, it actually makes you see everything around you. Even when I turn off the car. It gives its a sense of occasion, then also look at this. Okay get your parking now turn off the car, and you know there. You see it says a nice goodbye with this beautiful beam. Everything that’s not only there, it’s, also on the instrument cluster, but you know when I get into the car when I open the car and there open the door, it comes again. Super nice welcome. There says, BMW and this beautiful graphic. The way everything comes up is so nice. Now this remote obviously has multiple functions. I can swipe up here, for I see parking which I’ve already shown you I can browse through this, and I can see the range of the vehicle I can see. What is the vehicle information? How much fuel is there that I can lock and lock the car whatever I want? I can also turn on the ignition of the vehicle. Now this key is a remote key which can be charged using the wireless charging pad here that it starts charging as well anyways let’s get driving, because I have so much sweat on me right now, right, let’s get driving 7000rpm.