You eight reasons why you should use them for rc cars, fast cars and crawlers, and im going to give you two reasons why you shouldnt use them curious. Okk, what we have here is a brushed motor in 540 size and a brushless motor in 540 size as well, and first im going to start off by giving you eight wonderful reasons why you should be using the brushless motor. The first reason why you should use brushless is because it produces a lot more power punch and top speed with a similar size. This produces at least double the the power of this. So if it is speed, power jumps fun that youre looking for you have to go brushless. The second reason why you should go for brushless is because it is more battery efficient with with similar power, outputs speeds. This one gives you about one and a half times more runtime, maybe more than that than the brushed motor counterpart, its just a lot more efficient. So you have more fun time right. But what if you dont want a two hour run time, youre happy with your one hour run time. What you could do is you, can use a smaller battery and get the same amount of of runtime as you do with your brush, and a small battery allows you to lower your center of gravity, and you can position this in more spots in your vehicle. The third reason why you should use brushless is because it has more drag break, even though you dont have the desire to go ballistic speeds.

The drag break on this can help your crawler as well, and it has this different type of technology is called foc field. Oriented control which can give you drag break even while you are going down a hill and its very controllable with the latest technologies on brushless motors. The next reason why you should go brushless is because it is available in more form factors. They are more compact than whats available on brushed, jest to więc 540. Jest to 550 but theres a few other technologies. Where you have a 540, can you notice the escs big, where they integrate the the motor and the receiver in one unit like this? Więc, instead of having this system on brushed, you have basically that which is pretty cool another one thats kind of cool. Is you have different kinds of motors called outrunners? So this thing is: is a tiny outrunner motor and its a lot more powerful than this motor right here. Więc masz, you know more power density and that allows you. You know more options with center gravity and positioning your uh, your motor in in tight spaces number five in our desirability scale for the brushes motor. It is a lot more bulletproof. It is a lot more protected from the elements dust, water mud, anything because its completely sealed this is a brushed motor. It always has holes uh to to vent it because it gets hot inside so it allows sediments water inside into the sensitive parts of the motor.

If you have very clean water, its not a big issue, but once you have you know: river water, where theres sand in there and in little rocks it will mess up your brushless with your breast motor pretty quickly because the brushes in there are sent sensitive. So aside from being elements proof its also maintenance, Wolna, you know this thing: doesnt have any move contacting parts inside its really, everything is on bearings, and so it is a lot more friction free and you could run this for four years and not have to maintain It a brushed motor, it has a brush that is contacting an armature, Przędzenia, Uh, reversing the polarity, so itll keep it rotating seamlessly, and that is a weir item for sure. The higher performance uh, your brushed motor, the more the faster that item wears and you have to replace brushes periodically number six on our pros for the brush motor system is the rpm range is much wider. So this thing i think it tops out at 20 000 Rpm, but this thing you can go 40, 000 rpm so from zero to 40 000, jest całkiem fajny, and what that allows you to do it is it gives you top speed uh. So it gives you, you know the the the the modulate the smooth control in the bottom end, but some high end as well. It kind of acts like a two speed transmission. So you know youre able to avoid the complexity and mechanical complexity of a transmission by having a motor with a very wide range of rpms next reason to go.

Brushless is you have this type of motor, which is fascinating, called the outrunner motor? Więc tutaj jest, you can barely see it its so tiny, but it is so powerful and it modulates well. The esc as well is right here, very small in the past. These were very noisy, bardzo łatwe, very good control, good torque, but very noisy, but theyve theyve been able to quiet that down now homes hobbies has, and so what you have is is a motor system that is so so tiny, but still so powerful and controllable. And this is why they use it in uh, drones and and planes the power to weight ratio on. To jest niesamowite, and this is a developing subject. The number eight reason why brushless is cool is because all the technology, all the know how the brain power in the world is pouring into brushless technology, so its ever changing. You know that outrunner motor thats a new thing um, that its so quiet the integrated one um. You know theres so much thats gon na happen in the next few years with this technology that you know its good to be part of it, because were gon na benefit from all that that science thats going to going to come in, and the reason is its Not only used in rc cars, planes and drones, but also you know your bike, your scooter, your electric car theyre, all using brushless technology. So all that uh know how technology programming flexibility is going to come into the brushless system.

Okk, so now we get to the other side of the coin, which is why you shouldnt use process technology, so theres a caveat here if youre using a fast car, like my rms and my my xmax theres, no reason to use brushed, no reason. Aside from budget, you know thats just the domain of process technology, the fast cars, but the other thing is, you know where the channel is based on is is callers. Why should you use? Why should you not use process technology in crawlers, and there are two reasons why you shouldnt do it that i could think of the first one? Is the modulation and the control on a brushed motor is better just a little bit better, but it is still better. So here is a 20 dollar motor homes hobbies 550.. You made this with a hobbywing 1080 and you have amazing control um, because you know theres, nothing like a brush contacting another. The the the armature to to give you that slow, smooth control and whats really cool about these things is uh, Theyre, very flexible. A lot of them are hand wound when you get to the high end, so you can optimize them for a particular style. So you they have a trail master, a crawl master up a torque master, so all different varieties, just very varying how they are wound, and then they have all these turns um. How many turns determines how how punchy it is or how much uh rpm it has you also have these slots? How many magnets does it have so so much flexibility here, uh through decades of experience that its still pretty darn good, pretty good to control? Więc kiedy ty, kiedy, when you jump through brushes, you think oh im going to have way more control, im gon na crawl way better, może nie, Okk.

The next reason why you should stay with brushed is because we have a couple good options. Szczerze mówiąc, Faceci, if you have all you had, was this: Co to jest, i believe its an actual uh. This thing i would say, yeah just go. Brushless forget this. This is awful. Also this and the traxxas one uh ready to run awful, but whats happening is we have a few manufacturers that are doing amazing work, homes, Hobby, Uh, Tam, hobbywing 1080, which i have in my vehicle right now, theres a new isdt esc 70, który jest fajny. You can have this thing for 25 Dolców, a uh, a smaller trail master for 15, więc to jest 40, and you have a really good system, Więc 40 dolce lub 50 bucks versus this is 250 Dolców. This one Applause, może może 230., so the price is high and if you can see yourself benefiting from the first eight reasons that i gave you you want to go high speed. You want to play in water. You want a really small battery or long run times. Then yes, maybe its worth the 250 Dolarów, but if they those are not relevant to you, because you are crawling, you know you you just you just tool or too long every weekend, theres no maintenance issues, youre fine with your runtime, your your. When youre top speed, then maybe you dont need to go that way. Wiesz, spend it on on a good set of tires.

Um so spend it on a nice hobby at 1080 in in in a few brass components. So it you know, the one reason to not to go brushless right away is to spend your money a little bit better. If youre a crawler. If youre a fast car, you got to go brushless thats how it is so there you go. I hope you found that helpful, uh chory, try to to show you some video ive used dozens and dozens of these systems and its really cool.