Thank you for your question and your comments. Uh. If you have any, you can actually leave it in the comment section down or you can actually email us at info at, so let’s get straight into it into this part. Trzy, if you haven’t seen the the part one and two, i would highly recommend you to go and see that and then you can come and join us on the spark tree and we’ll do a few uh more videos on this thing: uh this machine there’s. So much to talk about it, hence um. I have to go and show you the details, and hence we won’t be starting the machine on this video, but we’ll start it on the next one. So let’s get straight into that thing. I want to share with you um the amazing stuff, that the way this thing is built is if it’s, almost like god, sent that’s what i can that’s, how i could describe it. I mean what i want to share with. You is the detail of how they have done every single thing, na przykład, what i’m showing you right here is is the connection for the hoses that will be coming in the future. Let me get a pointer guys, so so i can point out to you what i mean. So you can see um. There is a four way, quick connect, which is an accessory that you need to buy and even routing of the hoses they have taken into consideration and they build these beautiful, high quality detail clamps, as you can see where the hoses will go through, Chodzi mi o to, że.

The level of detail that i’m talking about which you don’t seeor this is the benchmark uh when it comes to actually rc modeling or rc construction. I mean look at look at the bearing housing and the pivot points. You know this is what you actually see in real life, how the pins are kept together and how they’re secured together um something else. Sorry for the shakes guys well here, you can see um the manifold where the hoses actually come in. Let me see if i can get it more closer and and try to bring it into focus. Okk, Okk, you can see how the hoses are actually crimped uh to the to the manifold, and then you can actually see the block over here. How the block is actually bolted to the boom, just like in real real life, and then you’ve got a flange with proper four bolts on it i mean that’s. The level of detail. Uh is almost bringing scale down every single thing that you see in a real machine same same thing up here again on the cylinders you know you can see, the connection is actually replicated just like the real deal. You can see how the fittings the hoses it’s all replication of the real thing now um. Some more detail that i want to share with you guys is well i’ve got the dozer. In the background too, i haven’t moved that for a reason so that you can actually see the comparison of how big this machine is uh in comparison to the dozer okay, i haven’t taken off uh the protection foil yet, but these are rock protection fitted onto the Cylinder, let me bring it into focus, so you know what i’m talking about uh the damn machine is so big that i need to go back and if i go back, you can’t get the detail so i’m trying to juggle the whole lot together.

Okk, so so this is rock protection to protect the cylinders right. They even replicated that and they actually have tracks and guides that they actually slide on now. They are so well built or so well, crafted that they’re actually smooth, while they’re actually on the guide itself. So this thing this part stays stationary while this thing travels up and down. So that is that is you know that is next level detail the same with um same with uh on the stick i don’t know. If you can see up here, let me bring it into focus and then pan down slowly. You can see that there is a rock protection uh even on the stick up here so let’s see if i can get it in a better angle up here, to jest. So damn big that it’s hard to get it in within focus, i don’t know if you guys can see it. Let me see if i can bring it that way: Okk, więc to jest. What i’m talking about you know the rock protection uh on the stick. Now going more further um, i want to share this with you. Just a quick connect, there’s so much to talk about on this machine. Okk, so here’s the cylinder that retracts the hoses are actually concealed within the stick. So you can’t really see the hoses for the quick connect anyway. Nwo, in case, if you’re wondering what this is, this is just a dummy setup over there, where you will have four hoses coming from the boom.

Let me bring the camera into focus. Okk, so you’ll have the hoses coming in from here and they’ll. Spin up and they’ll actually come and connect into the four way quick connect, just like the hedra make. So at the moment they just put this dummy in place, but when you buy the accessory kit, this will actually plug out and you’ll have a four way: quick connect which i’ll speak to uh. I’Ll show you in the next video once we get it, it’s still getting manufactured right now, teraz jestem, going to take the camera out to run you through some of the pipe work. You’Ve got to see that it’s very important. I want to share that with you. So here you can see all this beautiful pipework that runs across the boom. Let me see if i can minimize the zoom, so you can see again the hoses. Wiesz: uh to jest, to jest, crimped and it’s crafted just like the real thing: Okk, Jestem. Just going down that you can see all the pipework i mean chrome is pretty good, ale myślę, że, having this thing, uh in a matte finish rather than a shiny finish, would actually mean a lot better. I think i mean because you’re not going to have the shines aren’t going to stay forever and having a matte finish would be, would be so much better. Okay here, you can see there’s another manifold um up here. So this manifold is just like the real machine.

You have the hoses that form a loop and they come from the boom and then they actually have a soft curve, and then they go into the manifold. So as the boom goes up and down there’s uh there’s easy stresses on the hoses, then you can also see there’s a there’s, a side glass up there. You can see the level of oil uh in the side, szkło, który jest bardzo, bardzo poręczny, and the really good thing that i like the way they designed this is having a vent plug. Now this vent plug is pretty handy, jak wiesz, if you guys have fill oil into the rc models, it’s a really it’s a big pain in the ass, because you don’t have any vent for the air to come out and then you’re just constantly blowing out Oil it’s not filling in the tank. This one is as simple as it can get you take the plug out, take the vent plug out and boom. You can just fill oil straight away, no wasting time. Okk, let’s go into some more detail now uh. What they have done is this particular cover they had to build it the way they built it because you got you got a curve up here and it’s really hard to get the hinges so it’s in two sections. Nie chodzę, you open the two sections now uh it’s, pretty handy, i mean i’ve put a battery in up here, there’s plenty of room here.

You have two receivers up here: Uh, because you need you need fairly a fair few channels. I didn’t count. I think so about more than 10 Lub 12 Kanały. I need to count before i. I share that information with you, rather than just just giving a figure another door that you can open now inside up here. There are two switches. Let me see if i can point it out to you. There are two switches in here there’s, one here and there’s one up here now, whatever you do, don’t touch those switches. Okk, they are for speed controllers, jeśli, if you put them in the wrong position and you power the machine up and and you don’thave the speed controller set up to zero. You’Re gon na have all kinds of problems because you go into the setup menu of the speed controller and then you’ll have all kinds of issues. So don’t touch those switches. Unless you really know what you’re doing, inaczej, you can fix it, but you’re going to get a lot of grief to go with it another door on this side, another door. On this side now i’ve made some modifications on mine there’s. Actually a plug up here. I’Ve taken the plug out and i’ve actually connected um a longer lead, so i can fit the battery and the reason being uh. We can’t ship the model with the battery and hence you have to buy your own battery at a local destination.

So the battery that i have was too long had all kinds of issues, so i put a longer connector, bardzo łatwe, very simple i’ll share how you can do that in the following videos: Okk, a power switch up here and then you have another switch up here. That actually indicates uh the battery posit the battery status because it’s a three cell or 3s lipo battery. You got three indicators up here and you can put this on and off with a little switch up here and you can power the whole machine from here. Więc znowu, um awesome quality in the video there’s. Another manual pressure gauge inside up here. If you want to see it manually now, the paintwork on this thing is just unbelievable. You can see the gloss because you can probably see the dozer. If you look carefully in the reflection of the machine that’s, how good the paint is, i don’t know if you can see, but you can actually see the blade and the cylinder of the dozer in the paintwork. If you look carefully so amazing amazing paintwork, no blemishes. No marks no scars smooth finish a functional latch, so you can actually open up a nice spacious, cab, Uh. Oczywiście, it’s not lit up, but i’ll show that in the next video good detail with the cab interiors too, the foot pedals uh, even the vents. If you can see the vents, um have a lot of detail, there’s so much to talk about this machine really now here you can see, you got the lights super bright, beautifully.

Crafted bolted on! You can actually get a kit so that you can fit a beacon and then there’s a little hole on the top up here. I don’t know if you can see it it’s very hard to get it into focus guys there you go, you can see the hole over there that’s, where you feed um the wire for the beacon uh. What else can i show you on this side before i spin it around? Let me get this thing into focus. Przepraszam, Faceci: Okk, that’s in the focus again so that’s pretty much on this side. Będę, try to spin the machine around and give you some more insight and a tour of what’s uh on the other side of the machine. Let’S spin that around now i don’t know why the upper rotation motor or the cab rotation motor they painted that in blue. I don’t understand why they did that. You know i’m sure they could have actually got another color just to make it more attractive, but anyway it is what it is: to jest, hidden, to jest, not so important there’s. So many other things um, you know on this machine. So i think that really matters okay, so let’s go up here so up here we have, ty, have a radiator, it actually says radiator and then you have an oil filter. You have the pump. Now you have a screw. Let me point this out to you now: i’ve had an issue on my machine um.

This is actually a regulating screw up here and what it does is, as you wind, you increase the pressure. As you turn it out, you decrease the pressure now mine is leaking because the o ring that they put in there is a 1.5 mil or one mil o ring. Where you need a 1.5 ml ring to actually retain the oil pressure and prevent any leaks. So that’s the problem that i’m facing on mine, which i’m going to actually change, but once again you can see the detail inside the dough, you know even the netting is crafted so well as fitted. So well hinges are beautiful. I mean even the finish when you, when you close the door, you feel that it’s robust it’s not weak and flimsy. You know you feel the dough is solid, to jest, not weak and flimsy at all. Po drugiej stronie, i gained some more detail up here. You can see it’s got mirror finish on the on the loose up there: Okk, więc to jest. You got two doors on this side and then you got um three doors on the other side over there, okay and once again, Bardzo ładnie – finish very sturdy. Walk rails, it’s bolted, pretty well beautiful tracks, all these accessories. You actually have to fit them because they don’t come fitted into on the machine when the machine is delivered. You got a nice detailed mirror up here. This particular thing, doesn’t open up now, interesting that they have provided two pivot points on the boom, not that you’re really gon na change um.

But you know just the thought of it’s provided just in case if you want to it’s there, but you know it’s again, one of the things to keep the realism of the real machine uh exhaust. This is fully metal. Jest to, nie plastikowe, chrome floated plastic, to jest, pełny metal. All this detail is all metal all stainless steel, laser etched uh with a lot of accuracy. Again you can see the finish um, Wiesz, that’s the shine. You can see my tube uh all the tools on my toolboard and in the in the reflection of the paint you know, so the amazing paint work. Jest. No doubt there’s, you know there’s, no defects whatsoever. This particular paint um. The lights are quite bright. Przepraszam, the lights are quite bright um, you know there’s plenty of lights in the front. You got lights up here on either side of the cab, the rock protection that’s, pretty strong. Sorry it’s gone out of focus guys, but yeah i’ll give you a little bit of comparison. So you can see how big this machine is in comparison to the dozer. You know it kind of dwarfs the dozer, even though the dozer is quite big. I don’t know if you’ve got it into focus: Okk, Czyli, lepszy, ale tak, so that’s pretty much uh it on this video guys as usual. Dziękujemy za oglądanie. If you have any questions and comments, uh leave it in the bottom section below or email at us at info, csmi.

com i’m trying to get this machine into focus, as i speak. Przepraszam za to.. So let’s get it back again, so you can see the total machine full yeah it’s that big it’s, unbelievable so as usual, uh kevin from csmi. If you want to buy this machine or any other machines, you can visit our website. Uh there’s a link below in the description and we’ll catch you on the next video.