So this is a very tiny little mini cooper 176 scale by a company called turbo racing. Now i’ve got quite a number of their radios. I happen to love them i’m kind of optimistic about this car, anybody that is interested in one of these cars. After watching the video, there is an affiliate link in the description to where i bought it now right off the bat there are more cars here shown these colors than there were on the banggood site. Ważniejsze, it showed that each car came with a radio in the corresponding color honestly i’m doubtful that that’s gon na be the case, but let’s see, i really hope, it’s purple, because i bought the purple car because i wanted the purple radio. Oh it is. Och tak, i didn’t think it was gon na be that’s awesome. What the hell is this there’s two bodies – oh mój boże, it gives you a body to paint. Is that what these are for? How cool is that that is awesome, so here’s the radio, a oto samochód. Oh, mój Boże! To jest niesamowite. This is so small. I was thinking it was like 164, which is like roughly hot wheel size but it’s, nie jest to, it’s way smaller than that. Here is the radio these are really cool, like i’ve got quite a number of these and the way that you use them. Is you open up this little flappy thing here and you drop in four aaa batteries right in there? I probably own three or four of these radios, just the regular black ones, and i will do a review on these in the future.

But don’t think that this is just some cheap, crappy radio, because you can pair this with other receivers. And i love how small it is. It fits just perfectly in my hand. I use these often for some of my trail trucks, because there’s there’s just nothing to it. It’S this tiny little remoteand this is a three channel radio i’mactually curious. If this third channel does anything, is it rear wheel, Dysku? I assume it is. I mean the mini’s front wheel, drive but uh yeah it’s rear, Koła, Dysku, Okk, oh bind little bind button down there. You see that, and this is going to charge it, and what is this for? Dobrze, we have instructions here. I just realized this multiple colors for choice. I, like multiple choices in the manual they’re, very clear, on charging this prior to the first use, so i’ll go ahead and do that this little cotter pin is actually here to do the binding, which it’s very thoughtful. I mean i’m sure most people have something like this around the house, but it’s just nice that they gave us this. Chodzi mi o to, że jest. These are fractions of a cent here’s, our charging cable. This is a usbc, so i mean that’s cool too it’s, pretty modern. It doesn’t come with a charging adapter but that’s okay, this uh in this time everybody’s got a million of those or just plug it into your laptop when it’s charging the headlights actually mean something.

So if i pull this up over here, so you can see if the front right light is on for a long time means it’s charging the front light is off. It means it’s, complete here, są one, very specifically, talking about which is the front right and which is the front left same with the rear, but let’s go ahead and plug this in and let this charge a rare shot of the ampro under desk. But you can see here the right light is on. It looks like the red light’s on, ale to jest, nie jest to, to jest, just a reflection from the right side, so we’ll wait until that shuts off and then give it to your first spin. W międzyczasie, let’s go ahead and get this ready to go. You push this little button in and this hole slides out open that up, and here you can see what the orientation is i’m going to use these new pale blue batteries. Uh i charged these a couple weeks ago. Let me see how they work just tab that in there and push it down there, you go it’s. Quite satisfying. To put this in. I don’t know why all right, we’ll turn this on and there we go. We’Ve got our throttle rate, our steering rate, our throttle trim and our steering trim the channel three. I don’t believe there’s. Tak właściwie, a wiesz, kanał 3 doesn’t have any particular trims to it, but you can you know if you’ve got a vehicle, that’s got two speeds or if you want to use these to turn on or off a light, you can use channel 3.

For that you know the plastics aren’t overly shiny, i think they’ve actually got a nice, a nice feel to him. It doesn’t feel cheap at all and again i i just love the size of this radio. The car is all charged and the radio will turn the radio on. I don’t know if we have to bind it or not: oh cool tail lights, headlights! Bardzo ładnie, always a fan! Oh just moved. I’Ll do this on camera, so we can see how much throttle and steering input is needed so i’m going to just give it a little bit of throttle. I see how slow i can get it to go the thing with this size here i often find that they’re too fast and it makes them pretty undrivable. I think that the slower the better for these because they become more controllable, so let’s steer it around the desktop. I guess the steering really really feels good. I have to say i think i maybe have throttle here see if you ask me this should be top speed. I know that that’s top speed and it’s not too far off right there that’s top speed. This is pretty good. I was assuming that it was going to be way too fast, but it is highly controllable. It feels really really good now, i’m dropping it on my desktop and what you didn’t see is that before i drove it, i actually wiped the whole thing down with alcohol.

Just to really really clean it, because when it comes to axles this small, if you drive this on the floor, i guarantee you it is gon na pack, the entire thing full of hairs dust. My suggestion is this: is a table top toy and a table top that is nice and clean with that said, this car needs to be driven on a track, so let’s go ahead and whip one up: Muzyki, A, Muzyki, A, Muzyki, oh Muzyka, właśnie tutaj, Music for Anybody that has seen my video on the zip zap s ease by radio shack. I tried to get the car to go slowly around the track, as i possibly could just to see how precise i could get it so for this one here, jesteśmy gon na. Do the same so let’s see how slow i can go and see if i can keep it just about in the middle of the track so that’s about as slow as i can go and i’m, probably not gon na show you the whole thing i mean it Is incredible how accurate i can get this car to drive this thing is fantastic i’ve been dying to have something that i could make a tiny tiny track for, and this is it. I had always planned to do this with some of the old radio shack, zamek, zap ses, but those are getting old and, szczerze mówiąc, they were always they were always kind of hit or miss, even when they were newer.

This may be the path i want to go now. I have seen some of these videos where the tail lights will shut off when you go forward, and i just wanted to point out that these do not so forward or reverse their same brightness, whoops two daisies and the front is the same. You know they have reasonable brightness. I wouldn’t say that it’s going to illuminate a path, but you get the idea of it. I was looking at the instruction manual and you can see here that it has some specifications now the driving distance it’s saying here, that’ll run for 40 Minut. That is hard to believe now: Mam, probably driven this at least an hour or so um. But every time i stop driving and i charge it so i i don’t really. I don’t really know how long it’ll last uh this i suspect, sounds a little overly optimistic looking in the instruction manual. I do want to point out something really cool. Pierwszym, off it’ll tell you how to disassemble the body so let’s go ahead and do that let’s get some tweezers in here and just pry the back up a little bit and it should just pop yeah. It comes right off nice. To jest naprawdę fajne. So if the battery does end up failing over the years well there it is, you can just change it. It is going to require a bit of soldering. I would imagine the red lead goes right there, the black prop.

Oh, i think the i see where the black one goes. It goes right under there. Tak właściwie, i don’t know that this is the no no. This is the antenna. Przepraszam, this is the antenna just got some red adhesive on it. The red and the black wires are right, underneath there they’re kind of hard to see what’s odd about the leds is that these leds fire from the pcb side. I don’t know why they didn’t choose side firing leds, Podejrzewam, że, cost. But again you know you get the you get the idea that the lights work there’s, Nic. You know they’re not here, to light the way now what’s neat about this looking further in here. It not only shows you how to pull the body off, but it shows you how to pull the pcb the wheel, assemblies, the transmission, the ch that’s kind of cool, but not just that. Look at this here you’ve actually got replacement parts. That is that is unheard of for something this small replacement motors. Jestem. Sorry springs. Does this car actually have suspension looking at the instruction manual, it is showing spring position right here and i couldn’t see them initially, but right, can you see that i don’t think i can point at it right there? There is a spring. It has front suspension. I don’t see anything at the rear, but it does have bloody front suspension. I cannot believe that probably looking at about a millimeter just under a millimeter of travel, which you might be thinking, is nothing but um.

This car is tiny. They do sell replacement batteries little screw set. I like the little transparent box, an upgraded motor wow. These piqued my interest, the most no they’re, not particularly large 900 Przez 400. Tutaj, we’re talking about almost double the size down there, but to me that’s what you need. You really need somewhere to drive these on, because these aren’t floor drivers before let everyone go let’s, do a size comparison to reassemble this we’ll just slot the headlights pops right in now, comparing it to something that actually runs here’s a zip zap se. I would have always equated this to a 164 Skali, but you can see here the proportion issues that we’re having and the proportions of this become that much more noticeable when you compare it to something that has the correct proportions. I think what we’re seeing here with the turbo racing mini cooper is something that is beautifully proportioned and is a very good size. Tak myślę 187 might be a bit too small, but they’ve really done a good job with this size with the proportions and everything the question is, should you get one, and the answer is no. You should get at least two, because the problem with this is yeah. You know i can see driving this around your desktop and that’s what i’m going to do with it. But what i really really really want to do is get about four of them and drive them with all the you know with the whole family, ponieważ to jest, when it’s gon na start to become really really fun and the fact that you that it comes with replaceable Bodies that you can paint, specjalnie dla dzieci, giving something to give them a little bit more customization that’s a lot of fun too, and previously my only alternative was the zip zap and although the zip zap does have you know, the changeable gear ratios different motors.

You know some suspension. These cars were unreliable at best when they were new and these are going on 20 years now. I think this little guy is a beautiful replacement to my fleet of zip zaps. Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany, i did get these on banggood. There is an affiliate link in the description and from banggood. It does appear that you can get these cars with matching radios. I have already purchased several of these turbo racing receivers. W zasadzie, now my wife’s tamiya mo3 fiat uses this radio as well, so it’s not just going to be used for this. It can be used for multiple cars there. It is the turbo racing. 176 scale mini cooper. Mam nadzieję, że ci się to podobało. I know i am going to uh drive the wheels off this thing. Dziękuję wszystkim. So much for watching and we’ll see you next time mess up it’s hard to make it go right, to jest, really funny looking it’s, really ugly, to jest, really ugly little bugs sorry. I don’t like it. I know mad, what to do Music. I want to paint mine like a bug and it’s a mad bug, it’s going to have evil, eyeballs and it’s, going to have a scary, looking face with big teeth and then it’s going to eat daddy. For breakfast, you give me catches good eyeballs, Muzyki, Jestem, just gon na leave your white pink and blue wow.