You know that we’re going to lose all our subscribers, because most of our latest videos are boring yeah. I know it’s just a flame, no smoke whatsoever, to jest, Nie. Wreszcie, you have no brakes. You know oh that’s right it’s, actually faster than i thought Music. What if we get the battery to like, hang from it i’m getting hurt today, somehow i think that’s it. It was impressive it’s like edf, roulette edf reload, you just launch it and everybody runs for their lives. Roz i found the battery. Where is it it’s in the tree over here? Look right here, Muzyki. How are we going to be able to control it honey in the neighborhood uh just throttle? Okk, so throttle for it’s, doing good stuff and kill the throttle if it does something bad. The weight here needs to be under the center of thrust or kind of that. We should mount the motor here and cut those grooves here in the rocket and it should be better yeah. I think so Applause. Oh you know what Applause this is epic and it’s going to do great. I hope yeah well, while we’re waiting for this to drive. Why don’t you tell everybody why you’re not speed running right now i can. This is still rolling i’m actually moving um. So everything is in boxes. I love speedrunning and uh. I will speedrun soon, but everything is in boxes and until then, until my flight, which is in three days we’re doing these things, which are fun also and if you’re a trooper and a true fan, you should stick around i’m connie b, and this is the one Channel edf rocket Music, nothing but comments from people that are going to be like you know.

Why are you destroying stuff or you should have just mailed it to me? So we have a lot of those people that say: Dobrze, you have those toys that you can donate instead of ruin, guys it’s our choice. Więc, szczerze mówiąc, we only destroyed destroyed toys. Let me try and say only destroy destroyed toys. The stratostrike twice that’s it and it’s, not like i mean it’s not like.