So i hope you guys enjoy all right. Więc, Po pierwsze, A, i will show you what you get in the box and then we will go through each bit individually and let you guys know what i think. Więc. Po pierwsze, you get the actual tank itself which we will get into in a second, but this thing wow this is awesome and then you get a 1500 milliamp lithium ion battery. It comes with its own usb charger, its not the best, but it will work. I would suggest getting a balanced charger, not that you need them as much with your iron batteries, but it is good to know that youre getting the most charge out of your batteries and then a very basic 2.4 gigahertz pistol transmitter so well start off by looking At the transmitter, so it is a very basic transmitter, its very light. It runs off three double a batteries which youre gon na have to supply yourself, as i said previously, its very light not much weight to it. But if you youre planning on getting this for your kids, the same way i did for ollie, then lightness is not necessarily a bad thing um. It is literally just two channels, Choć: youve got your on off, switch there an led to indicate whether its on or off, Youre, steering and throttling reverse um, nothing special, but at the same time it could be a lot worse and only real complaint.

I had was that the stickers peeling off when i got it, but that really does not affect performance in any way. But if you are one of those people, thats ocd about how your stuff looks, wouldnt stop me buying it anyway and then youve got 1500. O nie, jest to 1200 miliamsy. I was wrong. 1200 miliamsy, Uh, akumulatory litowo-jonowe, looks like its just 28650s, stuck together um. Jak powiedziałem, the charger that comes with it is just a cheap wall. Not even a wall plug actually its a usb plug to charge. It it will get it charged, but again i would suggest using a balanced charger or buying a balance charger if you dont have one so now lets go and look at this tank. So here is the mean machine. Now this is, jak powiedziałem, and as you can see in the title, this is the ftx branded version, so its called the ftx buzzer and on the website that i got it from it was 62 pounds uh you had a choice of camo, white or black And obviously i went for the camo had to go for that all the military look. But oh this thing is awesome. The plastic on it is absolutely solid, so you dont have to worry about it, breaking or cracking if you roll it over or something the treads on this really grippy rubber, it could be a bit grippy ever at the same time.

You dont want it being too soft and wearing out too quickly. This is not going to wear out anytime soon. Youve got um your going doors up here, Tam, actually quite a semi scale interior in there youve got a steering wheel outside seats. Youve got a little screen on the other side, for your co pilot easily fits the lego guys in there, possibly a little bit bigger but yeah ollies trying to decide which little guy is that he wants to go in there, and you also have this led light Bar at the top, i know that the newer versions also come with lights in the front bumper. Ten, unfortunately doesnt, but still it looks great at night, youre gon na see in this little montage i made in a minute. It looks amazing. Now the battery actually goes into this tray at the bottom here, and it has a little screw that goes in there to stop it from opening, because this is quite new. This tray is really really really stiff to open. You dont really need the screw, but its nice to see that they have added that screw there. If you need it in case these tabs come loose. Now it comes with a mini tamiya. I think its either tommy or mini tapia ill check to let you know. I will be swapping this over to dean, so i can use my other batteries, but the battery fits into the tray here and then you would hook it up.

Oczywiście, but you can see theres plenty of room here. So what im planning on doing is cutting this lip out and that way youll be able to add bigger batteries, get some more capacity now, just as an example, this is actually a stock battery from a stock lipo battery from an ftw 009 rook boat. Tę, jak widać, actually fits absolutely perfect in there. It is a lipo 1500 ml wzmacniacz. This can handle lipos, but there is no low voltage cut off. So if you are going to use lipos in it, i would highly suggest using a lipo alarm voltage alarm whatever you want to call it. Jak widać,, people seem to think that this has suspension, Ale, as you see when you push down theres, almost no suspension to it all this spring work is essentially to keep the tracks making contact with the ground doesnt matter what youre driving over. So it doesnt really have suspension per se, as you can see when im lifting this up its just so that the tracks can stay tensioned as theyre contacting the ground, its not actual suspension. So i wouldnt try and take it out over any big jumps, but it its a strong little machine. It drives over anything um it rarely flips over unless youre trying to go over something super steep that has no chance of getting over, but just driving casually ollie. Absolutely loves it its great for us to go on a little trail walks.

It doesnt get stuck on twigs. You just drive it its got a decent walking, speed to it and he absolutely loves it now. Im going to cut to a quick video of olly driver in the tank im gon na show you how to turn the tank on and connect it with the controller and power controls, and then i will leave you with a montage. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this. Not a very in depth review, but just a quick overlook looks like hes doing well on that gravel though Music yeah, sometimes if youre going too fast or if you turn too fast on grass or if you just turn too quickly, Tak, to jest.. Why you practice, though isnt it? Co o tym sądzisz, so its amazing thats good? This is exactly what its perfect for when we go out for our little walks, you can just drive it along the paths and not have to worry about it. Getting stuck or where were going or anything like the other a959b, and that was great when were on concrete and stuff. But when we go on our walks down these paths and stuff, it just got stuck on every little tweak. This cheapest chips just keeps going through. Anything and its strong, oh spójrz, theres a ramp there. Dlaczego nie? You drive it over the ramp. Look over here: Muzyka wow! To było niesamowite: Aplauz muzyczny, Aplauz muzyczny, Muzyki, Och tak! Dziękujemy za oglądanie.