Just take a little bit of time. Do a little bit of research and definitely step out of your comfort zone and I’ve said before you never know what you can accomplish me just surprise yourself, so this is a brand new install of a hunter ceiling fan. This is a hunter designer series. Crandon Park ceiling fan 52 Calowy, remote control and it has an LED light model number five, dziewięć jeden, eight eight, so let’s get the thing in pack and see what all is included. Jestem. Always I’m. Happy check pack lists make sure there is nothing missing. So we don’t have to worry about it and have that whole moment in the middle of the installation, let’s see what we have here. Owner’S guide table of contents, installation guide looks like remote control. Receiver, look like wire nuts screws, installation hardware there’s your 2 inch downrod and a couple more wire nuts, and we have a LED light bulb, looks like yep, LED light, bulb, there’s our base, plate frame and there’s the light and there’s Toph. Dobrze, Okk, Widzę to. This has two bulbs in it there’s only one so that’s good. I got two LED folks. The other one is right. There we’ll take this out there’s the other bulb sweet, don’t cut, light cover glass, not plastic hunter is a good quality ceiling fan anyway. I have no doubts. Quality is their base. Now you bracket blades, oh to jest, one heavy motor right there, To miłe, they’re tilted and there’s.

Only three plays kind of give an industrial look to the like a matte black finish. Now the instructions starts out. You have your table of contents, tells you everything is going every step of the way it will give you what to expect with your installation mounting elliptical measurement. You need you mean these funny help, because it’s kind of heavy holding it next. One is tools needed you’re. Definitely going to need a ladder, pliers wire strippers, Phillips, flathead screwdriver, with the option of a drill and a 1964 drill bit, you got your mounting options, either flat or vaulted. W moim przypadku, I have a semi voltage, not roll steep, but is a vaulted ceiling. Okay step one we’re going to mount our ceiling bracket. Now you have a couple of options: the wood screws, which I believe are these or you have machine screws. These are the machine screws they go into my box up here. These are all my wires. I’Ve already got this up ready to go quick little side. Note you see up here. These little bumpers make sure all for the buffers on here that’s what rides on the ceiling here cushions it. Więc jest, no vibration, the opening here, doesn’t matter, which way it goes. If you have a level feeling, if you have a vaulted ceiling, this opening is to mount it uphill it’s going up like this, so the downrod go then fit in there. No chance of the downrod or the fan somehow pop it out, because it’s kept at an angle.

If the opening was down it wouldn’t take much for that, maybe earthquake or something and pop right out and fall down hurt. Somebody make sure this is facing uphill. When you mount this ceiling bracket to your ceiling, if it is vaulted flat ceiling, really doesn’t matter, which way it goes now before we came up in the cradle or as they call it, the ceiling bracket, the housing. Here you got the hole in each side that mounts to the ceiling bracket. Now you see, it’s got a triangular shaped, cutting. It will only fit in one way. So if you fit it up there it’s both to mimic that part. So if it doesn’t fit and aligns and the holes don’t line up to the bracket, take it down, move it 180 and fit it in and it should work so let’s just get these wires through here now. Niech, hang this up real quick with the ceiling bracket mounted. As I stated the opening you want facing uphill. So when you slide your drop right, it’s going to hang in there without having a chance of going out going down here there, you go first thing we’re going to do. We want to start doing the wiring, so we’re going to connect all the ground wire. Pierwszym, the wires coming out of the ceiling, our bare copper wire for the fan and then wire for the ceiling bracket are green with yellow stripe. So let’s mount all the ground together, get your supplied wire net and connect them all together.

Just take your time get them all lined up, sometimes a little difficult. Now I personally will always tug on just a little bit to make sure they’re secure. W ten sposób. I know there’s nothing loose and I’m going to come out. Art art do something damage later. So this is a slight tub just to make sure they’re connected and you’re good on the ground. We can shove a by the way we don’t need that no more now let’s get the remote installed. The directions will tell you where they show it comes this way on a vaulted ceiling, you’re going to have the opening facing uphill. I this actually fits better in the opening in better desgas on the other side, so I am going to set it in this way. It actually sets in better so I’m going to set this here. We can start wiring it up. Nwo. Your fan comes with a very long wire they painting on. If you want a longer down mod or not do not cut these till you get the correct down. Rod that you want for your application, so I’m cutting these about 12 inches right now there we go now we got all three all of our brown wires already done stuck up in there. So the next step is a third wiring receiver, yellow wire phone receiver goes to the black wire from the fan and that’s the one strip that off now and I’ll connect these yellow phone.

Your receiver, black from the fan connect next step, is to go blue to blue Blues on the receiver blue from the fan next step. All the white from the receiver to the white of the fan into your white wires out of the ceiling let’s get all those together and again strip this wire about connect. All these again, I took I’m just make sure the secure good to go. I get the soft wired up on this culprit, real quick just so you know exactly what you’re doing your ground wires. It saw the lights of the see ground, wires, miedź, drut, coming out of the ceiling to the yellow to the green wire, with the yellow stripe. On your ceiling bracket and from the ceiling fan, all your grounds are connected together from the receiver. You want a blue wire going to the blue wire coming out of the fan, yellow water from your receiver, going to the black wire coming out of the fan. Po drugiej stronie, you have the black and white black wire to the black wire, come out of the ceiling white wire coming to the white wire out of the ceiling with a wiring complete now we’re going to position the canopy up over the drop rod. Now the screws, if you look on here, directions, powie, insert to canopy screws found in the has got a solid circle: Sprzętu: bag every bag has a symbol on it. Triangle like an equal, Stałe, open circle, another solid triangle, solid square, solid square.

So for this we want saw the circle, which is these two. These are your two canopy screws, so let’s go about that there’s a head on one way because of me triangle shape the bottom of the pad. If you go 180 it’s not going to fit turn back and tilt it’s on there now we can mount it now, we’re going to connect the fan blades to the fan housing we’re, going to use the square washers, which are here with the triangular bag hardware, which Are these so we’re going to secure each blade with 14 screw? These are holding it in this? Secures it it’s going to be three of these three of these set them on that’s a snug fit that’s good. I like that now put all three screws and washers in let’s, see if you have some is magnetized that keeps it even the washer keeps it right there. It makes it so handy now. Take this one, and you have to have outrage that you want to secure it in with this lock screw. This secures it in like an element, Allen, klucz, dokręć go, that’s it so I’m going to get going and do the rest of these two there. You have it all three blades drawn and you have three screws, and then you have the locking line. What the blade is also cured next thing, we’re going to do is put the housing assembly on now. Those you want to bag with the three equals on and I’m going to tell you right now.

There are six screws in here three about maybe half inch three that are maybe 38 three half inch you’ll use. Pierwszym, two three three eighths or quarter inch screws, you’ll use on the second part, don’t matter, there’s three holes here, doesn’t matter, which ones you put in to put two screws in about halfway, so you’re using the longer ones. Są to. I think these are half inch screws put them back here now. Take these through here now put three screws in here same thing, to put in first so you’re going to pay first set it twist it to lock it on, tie them up. Then you put the third one on halo where’s that there’s only one way this plugs on see the little tab right here between the L and a it’s for this little latch here. Więc teraz, if the screws up in there is connected by those tubes, slotted screw holes and twist now title up right here is the switch to reverse the motor. Więc, if your mothers, who have gone one way in the summer, one way in a winner, you’re going to have to take the light housing or the dome other glass down in my hair, is your switch to turn it on reverse forward. Whichever way you want to go now, certain oddity bulbs on the glass exceed or not there’s a little notch right here, there’s little tabs inside up there. This slowly just goes in and twist.

You have little tabs here here and here. Okay last thing to do we’re going to check, make sure it works lay on there. It goes really have success. Nwo, what’s remote, shut it off a medium okay, I’ve set off when I hit the remote once kicks it. On I had medium now, I did hi wasn’t that hard very simple directions are very well lay down, and a member, every packet of hardware has a simple, very easy to determine which packet goes with any particular step of the instruction nothing. I can say that was easy and, jak widać, it was a nice fan. So I appreciate it greatly and I am just overwhelmed with people watch and subscribe and if you do subscribe, click notification button. So your are notified. My next video and I have a couple videos coming out so subscribe and stay up to date with things coming up. This is all Home Improvement going on right now, plus I got grandkids, so I guess I got to toy boxes. I have to make pretty soon, but I got to get some jobs then, because I’m trying to go to Japan again July, so a lot going on and that’s all my expense. I don’t get nothing out of that as this. This is all me nothing. Wiesz. None I have nobody promoting me or backing me or in this is all me out of my pocket. So I appreciate it.

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