I took it on its maiden voyage today. First test drive uh with my current setup and overall it did pretty okay um. I had some electrical issues where the truck kind of stopped working in the middle of the trail, so typical land rover feature there. Tak myślę, but overall i think this truck turned out really really nicely. I love the way it looks if it’s going to look even better eventually, when i detail up some of the interior parts and repaint the body i’m, really not a big fan of silver, so that’s gon na look really cool, and i just wanted to show you Guys around this truck because i really love the land rover defender, the old one. The d90, especially, is one of my favorite trucks, umm jestem, a big fan of the fj series trucksand this is probably my second big second favorite off road rig ever um with my very first, my my absolute favorite, being probably the samurai and the jimmy. But all that aside, let’s look around this truck so um from when you saw it in the first video i have made a couple changes to it. Um, like i mentioned my friend, mounted this body for me to this chassis and did the the custom links for the back, so the wheelbase would be correct. Um and i made a couple modifications to the magnet mount so you’ll see the right height. It is at currently, i actually modified the body mounts, so they sit a lot lower and just pull the body off right here.

Um i lowered both front and rear body mounts, so the truck will sit a little lower, and that was purely i like the right height. It was originally the only reason i lowered the body is so it would match the bumper height more properly because before the bumpers were really low and the body was really jacked up really high, so it looked really funny so that’s. The only reason i did that, but looking at it um overall, you see this defender like like safari bumper, that i put on the front of this. This is from amazon and it’s meant for the scx24 and it bolted right on um, though i was really surprised because, o ile wiem,, the hp adventure and the scx10 don’t share the the bumper post with so i was actually surprised it fit. I think the reason it fit is because the the post for this um is slightly adjustable, więc to jest, probably why i was able to make it fit um, so it’s bolted right on it looks really cool. I had to do some minor trimming, but i’ll show you that in a secondand you see this little winch sticking outi put a winterg winch on here that also bolted right onto this bumper. Tak więc ogólnie, the front half right here, Tak myślę – wygląda naprawdę fajnie. W końcu, i think the only thing i’ll change is maybe change the color of the hooks and the loops and stuff, but other than that looks really cool, looks very tough, very safari defender.

Look there um, definitely not the most high performance bumper. It does hit really hard. So not the best for performance, but it does look really cool and this is going to be mostly a trail truck, as you can tell by the tiny tires on this the wheels and tires on it are the same rc. The the uh amazon like steel, bead locks and then the g made um saw back tires on here. They look really cool, especially with the lowered body height it. It fits even better um, so really happy with how that turned out, and these tires are pretty pretty uh um, pretty short overall in their in their diameter. So it definitely not isn’t going to do really well through, like really soft stuff like sand or snow. Definitely won’t do very well through snow, as i found out today, A. Another reason for that is because the truck overall is very, very heavy um. It looks very heavy just looking at it. It looks very tough and heavy duty and it it’s as heavy as it looks it’sprobably like maybe 14 do 15 Funtów, it’s really heavy, the the heavy body on it. I have a lot of weights in these wheels um to keep the center of gravity lower and to really compensate for the heavy body that’s on it. So really heavy body really heavy bumpers, both front and rear bumpers are metal, so that makes it really heavy as well, and i use nickel metal hydride batteries with these, so that also makes it really heavy, but the overall weight makes this truck drive around a really Scale manner, the body like moves around um and the way the body moves around as it drives and the weight you can feel the weight as you drive it as well.

It really affects the dynamics of it and just looks really really cool um, but definitely being a higher center of gravity body and really heavy truck with a big bumper it’s, nie jest to, not uh the highest performing rock crawler. So this is more of a trail truck and that’s, really a big reason why i chose the hpi venture chassis to do this build um, but before i dig into the chassis i want to kind of go over the exterior stuff a little bit more. Some people again are going to mention. Oh d90s, are five lug that’s, not five lug that’s not very accurate. Dobrze, Ja nie. I don’t really care um that’s, not too important to me. Jest to, nie podoba. I have a real d90 or anything like that. So that’s not too important to me and i think they look fine, maybe i’ll even paint the screws black, so you can’t even see them, but yeah the rear. Bumper here um, można zobaczyć. I have it set up with some hooks in the back. The loops in the back again um fake spare over here that looks really cool um like looks like a full size, spare similar size to the wheel, that’s on it, but it’s completely hollow inside. So it gives you that spare tire look without hindering performance, because when you put an actual tire back here, um that adds a lot of weight to the back of the truck, and these d90s have really heavy rear ends.

To begin with, so i didn’t really see a need to add more weight back here than i had to, but you can see the sand rails right here and this tailgate actually swings open and when you swing it open you can see. I have extra fuel hidden in here as well. I might chop this bit off all the way, so it doesn’t look as ugly when i open it, but um nice arb stickers, the license plate overall, naprawdę ładne. Looking nice step here in case, you want to get inside inside the rear of the truck, so this is mounted with a magnet on this side, so that stays in place pretty well, and i screwed the hinge over here really tight, so it doesn’t flop around so Yeah overall, i i’m really happy with the way this truck looks and love the mirrors on it. The steering wheel is accurate, Choć, z jakiegoś powodu, the previous owner of this body mounted the steering wheel upside down, which is kind of annoying but whatever, ale tak. Ogólnej, very cool looking truck, and i really am really really happy with how this thing turned out so taking the body off. Wreszcie, it just pops off, as you saw because it is just on magnet. You can see the magnets down here and magnets right there um. It is just a standard, hpi venture chassis. The only modifications that are made to the chassis was a little notch was made back here in the rear of the chassis to pull this bumper.

In all the way and the rear, bumper mount is actually a scx scx 10 bumper mount not a venture bump bumper mount. That was like custom mounted in here, so it could fit this scx10 rear bumper um, so that’s chassis modification that was made the battery stock battery tray was cut. So i could uh we could make room for this. Carbon fiber um battery tray uh over here, but you saw that in the previous video for electronics, i went with a hobby wing esc. This is out of a ecx monster truck, but i set it up in the crawler mode. It’S a nice ic3 connector on here, co jest naprawdę miłe, has have it paired up to my spectrum. Dx 4s. I believe it is really nice controller really really adjustable. So really like that and um, mam 20 turn titan motor in here. I wanted to put a 27 turn tamiya motor in here, but the shaft wasn’t long enough. So i went with this axial one. Mam 27 turn axial motor coming as well, but after test driving it with the 20 Włączyć, i actually like the speed of it with the 20 turns. I might keep that in there, but we’ll see this motor is really old and kind of tired. So we might have to end up switching it out anyway, but you know again: we’ll see uh again the winch up here. The switch for the winch is kind of hidden behind the bumper and you can’t really reach it.

So eventually, i’m gon na have a little part that’s attached to the body a little like stick that i can pull out. So i can operate the winch without having to take the party off um, so that was a that’s a little bit inconvenient, but not a huge deal. I had to rewire that um uh winch, because all the wires pulled out which was annoying but yeah and then for servo. I have a amazon, 30 kilogram serwo. So a really high torque, really high power, Serwa, not the fastest servo, but plenty high torque, and it definitely needs that high torque to turn the tires on this huge and heavy uh truck so i’m kind of going into the reason why i chose the hp adventure Chassis to do this build is uh the shock setup that this thing has the shocks that it has, można zobaczyć, has dual springs and what that allows is on on the small bumps. It only activates the tiny spring up here, the really soft rate, so it can go over rough terrain at decent speed without getting too upset and then for the really huge bumps it has the nice spring, the big spring, to negotiate the rest of that and then The front shocks are actually maxed out all the way in their in their uh adjustment collar, but even even at its maximum. How much droop it still has that has plenty of group um in case i need it.

Um in the rear has more droop, oczywiście, because it’s not maxed out and that’s, really important to me as well. Droop is important to have in your shock, so um it’s not bouncing around all everywhere. Another reason i chose the chassis was for the behind the behind the axle steering setup you can see the steering is there’s, no steering like in the front here and that’s, because it’s back hidden in the back uh back here and um. Dla mnie, that kind of added a cool look to the front of this truck a little cleaner, look to the front of it so that’s. Another reason why i went with it. The the hpa axles also look pretty cool um with the uh, the aluminum or is it cast? I think it’s aluminum it’s a cast aluminum or something like that parts on here that looks really cool um so and then the transfer case setup. This has with the motor up front and then the transfer case in the middle that allows for me to mount this um galandi tube body on it, because oops, the galante 2 body has a full interior, and so you can see it has a lot of space. It takes up in the bottom here, and you really need a truck that has this setup in order to use this body so that’s. Why i can’t use like an scx102 or anything like that with a center mounted transmission really needed a setup like this um and then the third reason is because that reason i lost count but another reason um.

I chose this chassis was because um oops well it’s, because i’ve always wanted to do a galande ii like d90 build, but didn’t really have a chassis. That was like a good combination of price design, um features and stuff like that, and this really has all of those in one, and this only cost me 200 Dolców. The chassis only cost me 200 Dolców. I already had the wheels. I already had everything else and yes, i could have bought the a brand new scale builders kit for that price. But what what i did i wouldn’t have gotten with the brand new one is the modified battery tray the custom modified uh wheelbase modified bumper. So a lot of custom parts that my friend uh custom work. My friend did to this that um. I thought it was worth it and again this truck used to be mine originally, and then i i sold it to my friend and he sold it back to me and for some reason, after he’s used it with all the scratches and patina on it. It became more desirable to me when it was brand new out of the box. It was just really shiny had that new car smell really didn’t want to drive it because i didn’t want to scratch it up and stuff like that. So um really ended up, ended up, not running it very much which then, because i didn’t run it a lot made me sell it because it was just taking up space, and i didn’t really see a point of having an rc car that i didn’t drive um.

But now that has some patina on it, Jestem, not afraid to drive it i’m, not afraid to scratch it up. So this thing is definitely gon na get a lot more uh miles on it and it’s going to be my new replacement for my redcat gen 7 uh it’s gen 7, as my main trail truck, because my gen 7 used to be my main trail truck um Used to go on trails with me, and it also performed pretty decently on the rock rock crawl courses and stuff, but that one has been converted over to unimog and it doesn’t look as scale with some of my friends rigs and having a rig like this. I think looks pretty cool and um also adds a bit more challenge, because my redcat gen 7, with the portal axles and the and everything like that it just performs too well um, and this it doesn’t really quite have the challenge that this thing does this thing You really have to think every like every inch you drive, you have to really think ahead. Inaczej, you are going to get stuck because of the tiny wheels and the heavy heavy truck overall um, so that’s a that’s, a cool, um and fun factor to driving this, and also having the expensive and rare hard body um. That also adds another element and kind of makes it feel like i’m driving a real uh d90, like truck where i don’t want to roll it over and ruin the body and everything um, so really fun.

Truck um really happy with how this thing turned out and you’ll definitely see this truck again on on the channel. I’Ll do some running videos with it um i might do a like a mini review. Video we’ll we’ll see i have a lot of stuff on my plate, so we’ll see about that, but just to talk about the hbi venture in general um. So a lot of stuff planned for this. W końcu, when i can paint again i’m going to paint the body a different color um, so a lot of changes that will continuously happen with this it’s. Definitely a work in progress like a lot of project. Cars are but overall love the look of it, love how it turned out so far and really excited to take it out and drive it again. So this is a really long video, but it got kind of long, because i really love this truck um. So if you guys watched uh watched all the way through, thank you so much for watching. If you guys want to see some of my other videos you can check out my channel subscribe.