Now we drive this occasionally off camera, but it has been a long time since it’s been on the channel. So i’m excited, Wiem: abby’s excited we’ve got two fresh smart batteries in here. Eight cells of power and we’ve never put this in the snow. I’Ve never watched a youtube video of it in the snow or anything so it’s either going to get bogged down, because this is some pretty thick fluffy snow, where it’s going to tear it up and we’re going to have a good time either way. I think it’s going to be fun, so let’s go that’s amazing. Every time there we go creighton 8 ass in the snow, you guys abby and i have been having just a little bit of a rough day a little bit of a stressful day. I think we are both excited to take the day out on this rc, Ponieważ, as soon as i turn the camera off there abby said who’s driving first, so abby go ahead, that’s doing better than i thought, where’d it go. That is doing tearing the ground up. So much better than i thought, though wow can it make it up the hill, see if you can blast it up the hill? Yes it can. Why did i have any question? Why was there any doubt? Oh Music wow, so you guys we’ve flown a few drones here. We’Ve never done any ground vehicles here yet at this location. But a lot of you have said why don’t you take the creighton and take it down there and ramp it.

So i think we’re going to, Tak myślę, we’re going to plow it down the hill and hit the ramp. Probably this will be amazing. We probably ran it today too, but i don’t know if it can do what this is doing. Man, oh człowiek, Okk, i just got to be careful not to fall wow. It disappears in the cloud of snow yeah. Look at that happy, wife and all the stress of the day is gone Music that was so much better than i thought it would be. Wow, Przejdź: Przejdź: Przejdź, Przejdź, Przejdź, Przejdź, go nice, Wow! W porządku! Abby let’s go let’s, Przejdź! Oh, mój Boże! Okk! You held off on the throttle because you were coming toward me, didn’t you. So we got one gopro shot before we did this. O człowieku, Dobrze. Dobrze, after what yes, we cheated a little. We got a gopro shop first and it was epic, Przejdź, Przejdź, Przejdź, go yeah. We have the perfect creighton 8s bashing spot now wow. Tutaj idziemy, go baby! Go nice, Muzyki! Okk! Let me go. Let me go. Come on now, you remember, this is mine, the xbox is yours. The x maxx is always broken. Your fault, nie moje. Okk, this is never broken, touch this in the snow. jeszcze, first time here we go, it is just i think the cold is getting to the batteries. Oh, you see that’s. Why you don’t get to drive yeah that battery’s not dead.

You just hit a thick patch of snow down that’s. All that happened yeah. Here we go yeah nice, och, to jest, somebody down here now that was amazing, but it was too far away. Here we go good Music, that’s amazing. Every time you know that was the best ramp up, that’ll be the best shot of the video. That was amazing. Oh, this is so funny, ah that’s full throttle that’s full throttle. The battery is pretty much dead, yeah it’s that that’s actually full throttle right there yeah every time we run this. We always wish we had even more batteries and we never break anything knock on wood knock on wood. This is not broken since that we’ve owned it now the xmaxx. Every time we drive it not to you, people are gon na, powiedz dobrze, you guys are biased. It just breaks everything: factor’s back fact is fast: it breaks every time. I drive it, zgadza się, to jest, Szalony. This thing is a beast that was so much fun. That was fun and you know what we did get some uh. One reason it seemed so short is because we used that battery those batteries there’s two 4s batteries to get some shorts shots, the rc sailors shorts, which is probably one of mine and abby’s proudest creations. That channel has about 4 000 subscribers and it’s, not even 2 months old. Yet so, if you guys want to see some bonus content, which actually i think we hit a ramp recorded with our gopro and i think it was the highest rampwe did with this that will be on our shorts channel, because it was recorded in a different Format, so it doesn’t even work here, so you got ta go over to the rc sailor shorts.

So if you want to see the highest rank, that we did i’m, pretty sure you let us know if we hit one higher on this channel or the shorts channel and while you’re there hit subscribe, hit the notification bell, because everything that we post over there moving Forward everything will be extremely unique content, it might be the same vehicle, it might be the same location, but the actual content is unique, so we would love it if you guys would help us hit 5 000 subscribers to see more stuff like this bonus content over There, if you love this rc and you should it’s linked in the description box below and just know that if you buy it with our link, you’re basically supporting us, jak Ty, support a hobby shop so using those links, doesn’t cost you a single extra penny, but It does support a good old american family that makes youtube videos for entertainment, so use those links all the batteries that we used they’re linked down there, the radio abby and i are going to upgrade our radio by the way so we’re going to have our upgraded Ground vehicle radio linked down theresomething we’ve never done before all that good stuff’s linked down thereand this is just amazingly fun. We totally tore up the snow. Look at that oops! Przepraszam, the pristine is not pristine anymore. There were deer tracks everywhere anyway, so they did it first, and i thank the big guy upstairs for that.

Thank god for this beautiful snowy day this opportunity to tear up that beautiful snow. Dziękuję. Dziękuję. Thank you and we thank all of our patreon supporters too, with just everything that we have. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t do our channel without you guys it’s super cold. We got to get some snow melting off. Of this thing. Get those electronics dried out, so we got to go guys we’re going to have another video of the crate at 8s popping up right about now. When there was no snow on the ground. That thing was so much fun. I think i like it in snow. A little bit more though that’s, mój ulubiony, this is like we’ll have to come back here. We got ta come back here that was so much fun.