You can hear that helicopter hes fixing to take off hes been uh, taking guys on a cable with a ladder hook to it from power tyler. What you call it power tower tower, maybe i can show a little video of it here, so you can check it out. They just replaced them within lines. It went bad. So look how smooth the helicopter is. Music hope you all enjoy this video uh weve got uh had a flood yesterday in the area, a lot of rain all at one time and uh had some tornadoes touched down near here. So im not gon na be able to get a crawling video in this week, because um theres, just the rocks that we crawl on or underwater theyre like below a dam and the other places. We go crawl. This im sure theyre just flooded out, so i was going to show you the uh enjoiner hard body that ive been working on and show you exactly how i uh built it and how i went with it. Uh see if i can turn the camera around real slow uh here it is ill put the camera up on the tripod and explain to you exactly how we did it. Okk, guys here it is the enjoyer hard body uh. This actually looks like the old scrambler one of my friends online helped me out with the name i couldnt remember, uh and the way we mounted it, we weve got two magnets in the back.

You probably can see them theyre right up under theyre bolted right up under this strap. Let me show you how i put the battery in first uh i used put the battery in here. Ive got a little jumper. I will show you this little box comes with the kit and fits right on top of it so ill put the battery in there. Let me get a battery right quick, so i can show you sorry about the helicopter. Thats life put a battery in there plug it up, put the cover over it once i plug it up it all fits in. There puts the cup put the cover over it, just like, ah drunk okay put the cover over it just like that, just to clamp down and its well. I cant get it to work right now, ale w porządku, just like that there, it is cant, really see the bolts in the back and its all held down by uh two magnets in the back and this one little shovel and axe holder in the front. Let me show you what i got here: its just uh, its one screw in the front, and what this actually is, its a uh inset wheel, nut like if youre gon na put uh hex extensions on your rc car. You get these with it and actually what i did is took a screw screwed it to it and used the medium lock type, not the thread locker, but the medium strength lock tight to lock side that into that where it would turn and then it screws down Into here, and in here we just got a bolt in the cross member right here above the motor, you can see just uh, so we had to bend it a little bit to get it to line up.

We got two two magnets on the back cross member here and theyre uh loose with nylon bolts on the back that way they can just snap in and uh heres the bottom of the hard body see. I got two magnets here theyre loose too, but we can step in theres my little jumper that goes from uh from the battery box to the top. W ten sposób, i could take the hard body completely off and work on the car. I know yall think this is extreme, but i use xt90 on all my cars heres the front this this really. This really fits really good. This is s i dont know if i mentioned it before, but this is an sx103 uh ive read. I dont know that if you want to use it on the trx4, the chassis rails is too long on a trx4 that you would have to uh have to cut them and uh uh. I tried it on one of my enduro chassis, one of my element: enduro chassis and uh. It basically wouldnt wouldnt work, the transmission wouldnt clear and it wouldnt work on my enduro chassis, tak uh, but it fits up good on the scx 103. Jak widać,, the bumper sits in there really nice. Możesz. Actually you got a good approach. Angle too, on your front wheels, tył, Oh, i did have to do a little a little modding on the back. I forgot about that.

Ive actually got a trx force, uh bumper mount here. I had to grind down a little bit and turn it upside down to get the bumper up high enough to set right up next to the bag, but i i think it turned out pretty good uh. This kit does have opening doors and uh got the little fire extinguisher back here, but uh thats about it. I just wanted to show yall this truck. I know some of you was asking about the enjoying her hard body. I hadnt run it yet, but as soon as it dries out here, im gon na get out there and run it thats pretty much it well then join our hard body. Podoba mi się, i really havent run it. Ive run it on a little test track out back, but i really hadnt ran it anywhere to really check check it out. The only downside i see to this is uh, where ive got screw run through the hood. It is gon na put scratches on it. As you turn it, but its no big deal uh looks like its gon na be a good little truck. So i hope you all enjoyed this video and remember until next time.