Emery welcome back to channel welcome back to the vlog. To jest gon na, be another tech Tuesday, and today, what I’m gon na show you guys is how to mount an RC Nitro clutch. Tak więc dzisiaj, I’m gon na mount it on a TRX three three engine it’s because I’m still building my Revo 3 3 rebuild but I’m gon na basically show you with the idea of this can be any clutch and just kind of things you want to look out For and how you, how you actually mount the clutch correctly so let’s get started alright. So these are the basic components of a clutch. You have your flywheel, your clutch belly clutch belt, bearings your clutch shoes, your call it and then your clutch nut flywheel nut, and then these are just some shims, since this is a Traxxas, a Traxxas clutch, these Teflon shims, which are freaking awesome. These shims will work on the normal, normal click also, if you need a thicker shim and then in this case, because the Traxxas engine I’m, just using the e clip but you’ll, probably need a screw. A clutch bail screw at the end, if that’s the collector mounting but nonetheless again I’m, just gon na kind of show you how to do this. You want to put the flywheel on the crankshaft gon na, put it all the way back, all the way back against the bearing and then what you want to do. Is you want to push the clutch put the flywheel after you put the collet on gon na put the flat wall on there? You want to make sure there’s just enough gap.

You want to make sure this. The flywheel does not touch the crank case. If it does touch the crank case, there are actual shims that you can put behind the collet to make sure it doesn’t. But in this case it does not touch the crank case. So if you have the flywheel on you’re gon na want to put your flywheel nut on um, some people think that they should put Loctite on there. Some people might actually put locks on down there. I don’t put lock that on there just get it kind of tight with your hand, and then you want to get a. I guess this is like a pipe wrench. Little bit nice and tight I’m gon na use flywheel tool, I’m gon na kind of tighten it on there, eight millimeter, you want it pretty tight as tight as you can. With your hand, you don’t want to light it. Nie, Szalony, Czyli, pretty tight, so once that’s on there there’s your clutch, your flat means not your clutch, but your flywheel it’s mounted on there it’s, not touching the crankcase everything’s good there. This is nice and tight I’m just gon na double check it again. I believe sorry guys. I thought this is an eight millimeter there’s. Just too much play there, to jest, actually a five sixteenths here’s, A 516 nitrile wrench I’m just gon na tighten it up, make sure it’s, nice and tight here. I did tighten it with that.

Eight millimeter, though so that works but it’s 516, so nitrile wrench, it’s kind of cool. I bet you on the clutch bail on the clutch belt, nut on actual a scale. Cars is eight millimeter, now I’m going to check because I’m a cycle hole in one. Drugi, to szaleństwo, I’ve always thought it was an eight millimeter. I guess I’ve been tightening with a millimeter, just fine and it hasn’t been given out, ale jest to 516 Zobacz. You learn something new every day. I know I had this tool that’s. What I used to tie them all so time, but sometimes I use this anyway. Przepraszam, I have to figure that out, because you know I’m, one of those people that if something boggles me, I can’t stop until I figure out the answer. Jednakże, jest to 516 to jest, the same as nor any normal a scale model nut all right back to the task at hand. So now that we have the flywheel mounted most times, you’re gon na put your clutch boat. I mean your your clutch shoes on here. Więc, on the Traxxas clutch, what you want to do is you’re gon na want to there’s two ways you can mount it, so the clutch belt actually spins. I believe it’s this way, so you can do it where it slowly opens up. Więc, Zasadzie, if you mount the clutch this way, the clutch is this way where they swing out and grip.

The clutch bell it’s a little bit softer on the acceleration. I don’t like to model like that. I like tamanna’ Jak to, so when it engages it, engages really hard expecially on areevo. So whenever you push these collectible shoes on, are the clutch shoes on it’s not gon na go on there. You want to get a the reason why it’s not going to go on there’s, because the springs are interfering with the post, so you want to put something in there to push it out. There you go and then your collections are mounted so that your collections are mounted now. Następnego, you want to put the clutch Bell bearings in the clutch bell and to check these are actually brand new bearings metal shield, it’s a little bit better. Nwo, whenever you do this, what you want to do is you want to put the clutch belt on there and you do not want the clutch belt hitting the flywheel in this case it’s not, but you do want the clutch shoes gripping as much of the clutch Belt as possible, so this is pretty much as close as it possibly gets without it actually touching the flywheel, if it is touching a flywheel flywheel what you wan na do you want to put shims between the bearing the clutch belt bearing and the flywheel nut? So you want to put shims right here in this case we don’t need any, but what you would do is you would put a shim like right there if it was touching the flywheel in this case it’s, not so we’re.

Just gon na put this on here. Like so so, the question that I get second most is: how tight do you want to collect Belen? Do you want there to be play? You do want there to be play in the collection bill. You don’t want the clutch bail to be so tight where it doesn’t move at all, so we’re gon na put a shim on there, because there was a little too much of the crankshaft shilling there and we’re gon na put this on here. Like so and then you’re gon na now, I just did a video on how to do these Eclipse. You know I’m having problems getting the eclip on I’ll, be there. You go so see there’s a little bit of play on the clutch bell it spins freely. That is a perfect clutch mounting on the Traxxas car. You know what I’m probably gon na just do another clutch mounting on an actual a scale: nitro buggy, because it’s a little bit different than this. This was really easy, so that’s how you mount a clutch on a Traxxas, nitro visa that’s. What I’ll call this video I won’t do this nitro clutch. I hope that helps. That is how you mount a Traxxas nitro RC clutch.