7 Najlepsze samochody RC, które możesz kupić 2021

My number still got. My name tell everybody im back in the game: Muzyki, bigger and better. This is my time faster than ever hungry and im going to come back and take what is Music all the pain and the struggles and the rain Music. This house is Music, just a red light running […]


Welcome to this piece of you, woud het al bijna, Op, maar •, eens bikes and today i got ta. Do de reviews, for this is lewis. Hij is peugeot jo seks, orgie van 2005 en detail classic french al touch, which were pretty much. I always like xlii bij, so much fun with frank, sleutel, […]

Building my dream Monster Truck ep3

So i want to get the body fitted and get one of the wheels on there to see what its going to look like so so far, weve got the axles on these axles are actually custom made to be a lot wider than a normal monster truck. If you look at most monster trucks, […]

Batmobile Launch and Defend Car RC [Mistrz spinu] mit Batman |Który napisze recenzję

So sieht der figur aus das ist der batman da sich darin befindet ihr knnt die armee sogar ein bisschen bewegen zeigt die fe auch, also keine stumpf figur finde, ich schon mal sehr gut gibt auch hier, im kleinen stoff umhang gut gelungen, so sieht die figur dann Aussage die gutachten mchte, st dann […]

How to clean your rc carbest way to clean and wash your rc truck

How do you wash your rc car as soon as you get home, get into your washing routine? Więc, whatever your washing routine is stick with it and ill? Tell you my uh key key segments is one is have a washing station. Wiesz, if its on your way into the garage dont put […]

BIG! tires for your RC car (Podstawy RC #7)

If you have an rc carand hopefully you do otherwise imnot sure why youre watching this channel, but if youre into rc cars, if you have one and if you bought one one of the first things you probably think about when you get an rc car, Is well, Wiesz […]


Can we hurry up marshall? I i dont know marshall marshall hello come on. Can i get a little help? Can i get a little help marshall? Why do you keep calling me marshall marshall uh? This is what we do. Can you help me uh? I need some help, marshall. I i need a […]

Traxxas Widemaxx install, testowanie i przegląd – best Traxxas Maxx upgrade

We are modding and upgrading one of the coolest vehicles around the traxxas max we are going to make it better address its achilles heel. So perhaps you can compete with arma creighton in the traxxas big boy x, maxx, and how were going to do it is we are going to put on the […]

Xray XT8E 22 after 1st race review.

This is the first time ive actually been to a proper rc track, really really impressed with how it drives um. So what we took with us fly sky, noble mb4 for radio, the halter d6 plus charger. We took the um gf or gt fr fdr 8400s and the z8000s um, both of them […]

My New RC Cars I Bought CHEAP | Traxxas Ford GT Rally Team Associated Apex Tamiya Truck

Welcome back to channel welcome back to rc vlog. This is the new rc. Vlog were only gon na. Do super exciting stuff. So lets take a look at some of these cars. Naprawdę szybkie. When i say some of these cars, i am talking about the cars that we got out of the storage […]

Want To Build An RC Car? Oto 10 Cool Kits We Love! | Sterownik RC

Today were going to talk about 10 cool kits that ive built up here on the channel and im comfortable recommending to you, Tam, a variety of kits that were going to check out im going to tell you. You know how they build up if theres anything that you need and ill have links […]


Nadchodząca muzyka, the armor exp range of icy cars or the extreme bash version over their standard ready, throwing cars which are already pretty tough by the way youve got the one fifth scale: outcast and kraton exps youve then got one eighth scale, talion outcast, mojave and Of course, ten jeden 8 Skali […]