Velocity RC Cars Live – Rc Bełkot #2

2 of I don't know what the hell we call this babble, we are see, live babble, a bunch of Archangel people on a screen talking about stuff that doesn't make any sense, also involving RC cars, brought to you by this thing. Velocity RC cars magazine, you can buy this hat little plug here. […]

Redcat Racing Wendigo RTR ReviewShould a rock crawler go fast? Magazyn Velocity RC Cars

Red cat must like us to Google things, because I had no idea what a when to go. Wendy go when to go once i had a google it it's, some scary ice monster eats flesh blah blah blah. It just means bigger monster. Eating flesh winter thing, so is this a big monster flesh […]

Prędkość RC Bełkot – Rozmawiamy RC

I am your host, the guy that, with the biggest picture, obviously that's about it. My name is Derrick Peter in the bottom right, the guy that looks like the dude or a caveman is Jeff he's in Canada yeah. We are velocity RC card magazine, a magazine, not just a YouTube channel or a […]

Redcat Racing Kaiju RTR Review – Magazyn Velocity RC Cars. Can this beat Traxxas at their own game?

I had to look it up in Japanese. It means monster or monster truck and a bunch of other things, but it means a big guys, truck and we're here to test Redcats new monster truck. So let's get to it, try to keep it real here, so red cat racing in the past, I […]

Team Associated DR10 RTR Review – Magazyn Velocity RC Cars. – 1/4 Mile Life

We even raced horses, but we race them in straight lines. Why straight lines are easier. We live our life 14 of a mile at a time and team associated is taking this new underground. No prep drag racing movement seriously and our GoPro not so seriously Music. I say this with peace and love, […]

Traxxas Maxx Recenzja – Magazyn Velocity RC Cars – Bash Idealny?

Dlaczego warto na to spojrzeć? You can't do this with an on road car. Twój honorowy samochód wygląda ładnie, but it doesn't do anything we're reviewing the Traxxas max to see if this little french bulldog and its proportions can match up to the legendary t max Emax, wszystkie maxy, możesz sobie wyobrazić muzykę, I'm […]

Arrma Infraction RTR Review – 80MPH Off-Road? Nie. Velocity RC Cars Magazine Recenzja

You ever get asked this at a corner: hey baby. How much or how fast do you go? Dobrze, the armored infraction can answer those two questions at about 600 dollars and with the right gear over 80 mil na godzinę. Does this mean this hooning truck is worth your cash we're gon na take […]

Kyosho Inferno MP10T Review – Magazyn Velocity RC Cars – our fast assessment of the brand new MP10T. Wszystkie nowe i przygotowane do obserwacji. We get a restricted take a look at session with a professional's equipment. Evaluate in concern #37 Assist our sponsors

WYŚCIGI HPI – Maverick Strada MT Recenzja – Velocity RC Samochody

Jaki jest najlepszy 1st RC Automotive? Niech ten mniej znany model sprawdzi wszystkie pojemniki? Wartość, prędkość, i solidność wydają się wracać do gry. Ten model jest importowany przez HPI Racing w USA, jednak prawdopodobnie będzie dostępny pod zupełnie innymi nazwami miejsca, w którym możesz być. Nasza pełna ocena […]

Element RC Enduro RTR Recenzja – Magazyn Velocity RC Cars

Falling beneath the Related Electrical umbrella this new model need you to start out your journey into the category with them. The complete assessment can be featured in Difficulty #37 of Velocity RC Automobiles Journal.

Traxxas Rustler 4 (Polski)×4 Recenzja VXL – Magazyn Velocity RC Cars

Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL może osiągnąć 65 mil na godzinę i wziąć bicie. Subskrybuj VRC Journal, aby uzyskać pełny przegląd. szczegółowe informacje. Rozważ subskrypcję tego kanału. Przejdź do/Pomóż naszym partnerom medialnym- www,

HPI Venture Toyota FJ Cruiser Recenzja – Magazyn Velocity RC Cars

Przejdź do, aby zaprenumerować czasopismo! Całkowita ocena zostanie prawdopodobnie przedstawiona w sytuacji #36. HPI Enterprise jest na ścieżkach od kilku lat i w końcu uzyskaliśmy nasze dłonie na sprzęcie do oceny.