Im off this week from work, ale to jest, not the only reason im in a good mood. The reason im in a good mood is weve got something exciting to show you guys today, and it is the low c limited edition mint 400 baja ray desert truck. So this is a very limited edition, uh truck produced by by losi um, its the uh, the min 400 Serii, if youre not familiar with the mint 400 uh make sure you go out to youtube and look up mint 400 and youll see its actually a race And this is their official limited edition. Um baja racer for the mint 400 so were excited uh were going to unbox. It show it to you, let you know our initial thoughts, ty. Let us know what you think of it, and is it worth the money? It was pretty pricey, it was around what 600, i think will something like that shout out to my manuel behind the camera, all right without any further ado, lets unbox it and see what it looks like all right lets see: oh its losing always puts the trucks. Upright, which is nice so that you can just pull them out all right lets see all right were actually going to be gentle with this box, because it is a limited edition collectors item um. We are actually going to not uh race. This truck and subjected to all kind of scarring and stuff like that were gon na um, keep it as a collectors item and keep it in in mint condition.

No pun intended mint 400.. All right lets uh lets see what we need to cut open here and get this thing up and running well, not up and running, but get it undone and show it to you see what else we need to get. We got some stuff in the back here. We need to undo all right, oh what a beauty, what a beauty okay! So the controller is on the inside for a minute i was wondering like where the heck is the controller, so its actually in there im gon na have to open it up. But this is a beautiful truck, um again really nice, really nice coloring um. The plastic ties off of here so its the uh, the ford truck the ford raptor theres, a uh, a picture of the front theres the side with the mint 400 logo as well as uh, some other uh branding weve got bf goodrich horizon uh dirt company low C theres, the back you see, youve got two drivers inside and again with losi, very strong sturdy construction. Youve got the metal up underneath youve got nice suspension with the drive shaft overall, a beautiful truck um. The spare tire in the back um, which i dont know. If thats functional it actually is functional, it unscrews and you can uh use it to replace a tire which i dont think youll ever need to do, but you can so again the very limited edition losi mint 400 Ciężarówka.

We may take it out for a ride to test drive it to see how fast it goes, but were not going to do anything stupid with it to to scratch up the shell or damage it in any kind of way again, because it is an expensive vehicle. It is a limited edition and its something that were going to put in our collection behind glass, just as a collectors item to say we have and thats it for now. So you guys leave a comment in the description. What do you think of the limited edition? Uh mint 400 low c uh desert racing truck thats it for now um make sure you like and subscribe.