It looks pretty cool, although usually with these, these aren’t the best but hey they’re fun to mess around. So click look at the box here there are two different kinds you can get. I got this one here. It does say that it takes seven AAA batteries and that it can run for up to 45 minutes so let’s get it open here. Thanks open up this side got a owner’s manual. Porządku, now let’s take a little closer look at that got the controller here and got the RC car. These be zip tied in so buddy here click and get it out that frees the car and the transmitter from the box. So I don’t know if they sent any little plastic things to hold these remote or the you can is up I’m sure they did. I’Ll have to look down here, but let’s take a closer look at this. Porządku, so here’s the car. It has a little bit of suspension on it. The wheels are a little loose, but we’ll see how that works out. Underneath we got the battery compartment and a little trim knob there. This runs off of a 27 Megaherców, and the car itself takes five double a batteries, and the remote takes two so let’s get the batteries in here quick and see how it runs. Porządku, więc oto, a close up of the remote basically looks like it’s, going to be just forward backwards and left and right, and it doesn’t feel like there’s any proportional controlling on.

This seems just like it’s going to be buttons inside of it, which I may take it apart later and look inside, but yeah I mean it’s just basically feels like some tactile button. These push buttons all righty, so let’s get this thing started up and we’ll see how it runs. Witam, all righty guys, so my personal opinion on this car it’s not even worth getting for our toddler, um it’s extremely slow, has no power. It barely moves, barely turns. Um and that’s with brand new batteries in says full shocks. You don’t even need the shocks. It doesn’t even go that fast. You can run this thing straight into a wall and it doesn’t even build up enough speed to break it. The motor on it is extremely tiny way: underpowered the fact that it runs off of double a batteries just another thing because, like they just wear out too fast yeah, you can probably get 45 minut z niego, but it’d be the most boring 45 minutes of Your life, my recommendation, is to go and get something a little more expensive, something that runs a little better, preferably something with a rechargeable battery, something that goes a little faster than 2 miles per hour and yeah. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and hopefully it keeps you from buying this, and you know basically wasting your money on it.