Maybe one eighth scale rc trucks, cars drone, anything that uses hex, fasteners you’re going to be using this kit, because this is one of the best value. So this is a kit from the brand. Well, you know it’s all chinese brand and they all you know putting their own brand name on it, but uh this is peter witt or peter witter guys. You guys can correct me in the description, because i’ll just put the name on the the title of the video and in the descriptions, also leave a link to where you can purchase these but guys uh. I i purchased this kit just because of that one little screw driver here that 1.27 millimeter, so you guys can see the design uh it’s pretty well machined uh, you know, it’s aluminum it’s got a steel blade. You can see that blade there, so i’ve been using it a little bit, and this thing has not rounded off has not done anything. So everything is perfect on this note guys so no issue, but i purchased this because i wanted something to use on my 124 scale, also the scx 24 – and this is just perfect size so 1.27. If you need to know the exact size, because it comes with a little allen, wrench in the kit when you buy this truck, but that little allen wrench is hard to work with working with something like this to just unscrew is just so much faster.

And if you want to, you can undo this little hex there and just use that blade in a drill and just go to town and just chew. You know just being able to unscrew and screw stuff super quick, although you might strip your your fasteners. So you might strip your uh your screw as well, so anyways guys uh this. This kit is just perfect. It has all the size you need. So you know for my scx, 24 1.27 is just perfect. If you have something smaller well, you get some 0.9 millimeter. So that 1.5 millimeter is good for your 110 scale or even the 624 there’s a couple of screws that uses uh. You know 1.5 or the rc4 wheel, drive here. So let me just show you guys that real, quick i’ll just put it in there that’s what she said and just give it a quick turn. This thing is tight, pretty good, so you guys can see it’s turning i’m gon na have to torque that a little bit so because this is b lock. So these things fit in pretty nice. You need to tug on them to pull them out. So really nice fit guys uh they work great and for the money uh guys. These things are 25 bucks. For this complete set, uh free shipping from amazon. You got amazon. Prime, this is i’m leaving i’m gon na leave a link to the amazon, canada page where you can purchase this, but just as a reference guys uh.

These are, you know, made in china, they’re rebranded until many different names, including hobby parks, and this is why i say this is the best value, because the exact same kit, the exact same designs with the exact same uh ring there. Maybe just you know a name engraved on this one that says hobby parks instead of paying 25 dollars for these you’re going to pay 37. So in my last review, i left the link in the description for the hobby parks, which are 37 dollars, but this one with the links that i’ll give you on the amazon. Canada webpage for the name, as you guys can see peter with twitter or something you guys. I just don’t know how to pronounce it so, but these things are 25 bucks, so 25 bucks for a good quality set of rc screwdrivers and you know, i’ve been torquing on my creighton for the 2.5 millimeters and this thing is working perfect, there’s, no issue, there’s! No rounding off so i’ve been playing a little bit so since this is spring times just doing a little bit of maintenance on my creighton, so i played around with the hobby parks and the uh this one, this kit and they’re pretty much both the same. The only thing is they don’t have the titanium nitride coated, but this is just you know: fancy paint that they put on there. So maybe it added a little bit of durability. Who knows, but you know, for the money guys.

I can’t go wrong with this, and this is so essential having the right tool for the right job and having a tool which you can. You know, use and just crank on and just turn and just it’s just easier to have something substantial. Instead of those little allen wrench where you’re turning and torquing, if you’re not gon na work on your rc cars uh, you know you may maybe you don’t need that you can use the wrench that comes with the uh, with the rc cars like axial or something, But axial they don’t provide you anything else. They just have the 1.27 for working on, but since they have also 1.5 in there, which is not included, you’re gon na have to get this anyways. If you’re gon na do any works and if you buy an actual scx24 you’re, probably gon na, have to replace the motor and you’re gon na need this particular size. Uh hex driver so so might as well buy it guys, because, if you’re buying a rc car that is hobby grade, of course, you’re gon na change, some stuff eventually uh you’re gon nahave to change parts change anything so having a good quality set of uh. Screwdriver that doesn’t break the bank, in my opinion, it’s just thumbs up guys, it’s just a thumbs up right there, so i don’t mind that they don’t have any thing fancy or they don’t have any names or they don’t have any caps, which i didn’t mention that They don’t have any caps here, so uh click right there as you can see uh no caps on the bottom.

So if you want to put stuff in there, probably gon na have to put a piece of tape which i don’t know why you would do that. Anyways, but who knows you go in the field you bring in a couple of extra screws with the appropriate size. Wrench might be a good option, but you can always find something to plug that hole. If you know what i mean yeah guys, i go there. Sometimes it’s not my fault, i’m, a guy so but anyways guys. I thought i’d bring a little bit of humor there. So uh anyways a pretty good kit for the money. Guys you can’t go wrong. I’Ll leave a link in the description, uh i’m, going to give you guys the score, which i don’t do often pretty much. I give the score the description, but i’ll give a score of 9 out of 10 for the price, and since this is the exact same as the hobby parks, uh guys, uh pay less money. 25 bucks instead of 30 37 uh is a good deal. In my opinionand this is why i bought iti thought it might be less quality, but no, it is pretty good quality, guys just a generic package that it comes with. You guys could probably find this kit cheaper on banggood or any other places, but for the difference in price, uh, let’s say: banggood, you’re, gon na pay, maybe 20 bucks, or maybe 16 bucks and i’m talking canadian dollars, because u.

s is going to be less so us. You might pay like 20 or eighteen dollars for this kit, but let’s say you pay four or five dollars less or maybe six dollars less. Do you want to have to wait two to three to one month to get this, or would you have it the next day or in two days, shipping with amazon, prime for me, it’s, a no brainer amazon and if there’s anything? If you know there is a defect or the blade, you know that they did on they didn’t cut the the hex properly on it, and you know something is wrong with amazon it’s, just as easy as click click return, defective post, a shipping label on there and Just send it back for free, no hassles, no having to contact banggood customer support, and you know having them to try to get you a refund or something and just it’s, just a pain guys with these these chinese websites. They have a shitload of cool stuff that you can’t find anywhere else sometimes and at an affordable price. But if something is defective and something is wrong, you don’t have any warranties and you’re gon na have to either. You know really get angry and just send a lot of threatening emails or just bite the bullet and just lose your money right there.