Jest to samochód RC z kamerą fpv na nim, i wygląda to tak, jest bardzo mały. Został zaprojektowany, aby zirytować twojego kota, twoją żonę lub twoje dzieci., lub jeśli Twoje dzieci prowadzą samochód, denerwuje cię do. Tak, its a little RC car that comes with a remote and you get fpv goggles with all of this, and the fpv goggles actually have a record function. Nie wiem dlaczego, but you can record your journey driving this around your house or outdoors in your backyard or front yard. You have to be on concrete pavement something hard. It will not drive in the grass little wheels. Although Im pretty impressed, it does have little shock absorbers. Let me see if I can show you the little shock absorbers here. If I push these wheels, see that little shock absorbers and it does have proportional steering and you do charge it up with a little USB cable at the bottom. This is your camera up top. The antenna is all there and there is an on and off switch on the bottom. Let me show you the remote right here. This remote has a ton of buttons all over it and some pretty cool things. One of the cool things is that when you power it on, it comes with this little USBC item. Let me put it under my little camera here this little USBC item right here, which is the charging unit and you can pull it out and stick it in the base.

If you wish, jeśli tego nie zrobisz, want it to be sticking out, but if you leave it sticking out, you can then take your car and plug your car USB right into it. Like that there we go, and if I power this on theres a little on switch here, my car will come to life. Everything comes to life and it is charging up. So let me show you quickly the functions of the remote because Im going to drive it around here. Tak samo, you understand whats, going on so right over here. Get this in the camera right over. Here you have your steering thats your trim control. If your car is not driving wheres, my car, if my car is not driving straight its going this way or that way, and you want to to keep it straight, you can adjust the trim control so that the wheel stays straight when going forward. Następnie, if I flip to the other side, you have your on off switch right here that powers your remote on, see there. It is you get a little light flashing so now its on and if I click that off its off and then over here we have power plus and power minus. So one is to give you a hundred percent throttle and the other ones to give you about. 70 Lub 75 percent throttle when youre pulling in the throttle and the brakes and all that stuff and thats your steering control.

Następnie, if you look on top, we have a series of buttons as well over here. That would be your headlights thats your bottom lights. Tak, theres lights under the car and Im trying to look over here, thats the turn on your fpv, because when you turn on the fpv use up more power, so you get less run time because the camera sucks a lot of power to shoot the VTX and All the video signal out this antenna, so you could turn it off if you just want to drive it around and not do the fpv and whats the last one: oh thats for binding thats, your binding button, so you never have to use it. So next thing youll do is Ill show you quickly how the remote and the car our work together. So lets put the car down over here, so my secondary camera can receive it. Take the remote powered on there. We are then, take our car and look for the on off switch, which is really tiny. Its over here Im going to flick that and there we go. We are on, ty, see all the lights flashing and they should go solid because that were connected to our remote lets. Put it down. Miejmy nadzieję, you can see the color shining on the bottom, so I should have steering functions proportional steering for the forward wheels and let me show you the light function Im going to try to leave this like this and show you so thats headlights.

But let me go bottom lights: they should change there. We go were changing colors. I think theres, four different lights, going from red to purple to blues and stuff like that so put on the brightest one and then over here would be your headlights. So let me turn it this way and tail lights, so headlights should be changing there. We go theres a signal, light and theres. Another signal light right. There I think, z tyłu. You also have brake lights. Let me try yeah. Tam jedziemy tam, we go so got a lot of lights on this thing and Ill drive it nice and slow. Idziemy tam, we can see going around. Could you imagine if he had a cat? Dobrze, if you do have a cat, youre gon na have a blast with this thing. Next thing to show you is the goggles now in the manual it says, Tam, four video channels, so that tells me that if you buy one of these and you have kids in your family and you want to buy one for every child, it sounds like you Can only get a maximum of four of these each on their own video channel. If you have five cars uh its probably not going to work because somebodys going to share video channels and youre going to get interference so thats what I gather from the instructions now these are full functioning, fpv goggles with the DVR, the digital video item inside and Yes, you can play external video and theres sounds and everything else I I dont know why they gave you such a high quality goggles for this tiny little car.

When I say high quality, I mean for box goggles. Są całkiem niezłe. You know like a lot of fpv drone kits you get, you dont usually get a DVR built in and other things you get pretty Basics, but this one yeah they went all out. So you have to put your own micro SD curtain. They are a rechargeable. You just plug them in they charge up thats, Nie ma sprawy. Oh that brings me to something very important. This remote comes with an 18650 battery in the bottom, so here Ill. Wyjmij go. Just pull this out see its a huge thing, so let me bring it over to my little camera. There we go theres an 18650 Baterii. Nwo 18650 batteries are very common and theyre all rechargeable. Problem polega na tym, że, you cannot recharge this with what they give you here. You have to own a charging system for an 18650 Baterii, so Ill put a link to one below just in case you get that it does say. You can use three AAA batteries in here, but you need some sort of unit that is not included that they fit in to fit inside. Something that looks like this and goes inside so back to the goggles. Naprawdę szybkie, theyre really simple: to use theres a little menu button here, Ill just move my car out of the way Ill show you over here theres a little menu button here you hold that down. That gives you power and then, if you look in the screen there we go.

We see what our car sees thats, not a picture thats. What this little car sees its automatically connected its so cool, so youre moving wheres. The car will be the car right here. Więc nie chodzę, you put them on your head and you go drive around and there is right over here. You see it theres a little button here. You could record put a Micro SD card in this slot, hit record so Im gon na hit that record right now. Watch What Happens so if you look there youll see Im going to pull it down. You should see a red dot at the top. Oh maybe you cant, because the image is not that great the Red Dot will start flashing when it starts flashing, then its recording. So now I should mention the obvious, or maybe not so obvious to some of you who are new to the RC hobby. If you wear glasses box, goggles like this probably dont fit over your glasses. Unless you have a small small set of glasses with small rims and if I take them off Im farsighted, which means that I can see items far away clear as day, but if theyre close, like my hand, is blurry. So the screens right here. So when I look at in through here, I can still drive the car fine, but I can cant make out small my minute objects. Tak czy inaczej, let me put it on Im going to show you Im going to drive it with this blind as a bat drive.

It around here wheres my controller. There we go and uh. I can just drive along its recording here, so I will show you what it records there. We go Im going to go super slow because once again, Im blind as a bat, so Im turning around here. Going this way smashing through cars that are in front of me, I just dont want to go off the table going backwards. There we go lets see if I can bring it back into the picture and go around this way and there we go were almost off the table, so its kind of ridiculous. What Im showing you here is because Im blind, Nie mogę, see anything yeah smash into all the little cars. I stuck there. Okk, to help out my little goldfish brain. I pulled out the specifications, so the screen in here I just hit a bunch of buttons. The screen in here is a 4.3 inch screen 16×9 800 Przez 480 resolution. So the micro SD card that you put in here it says it should be a 32 gig or less. It says it records your DVR records at 30 klatek na sekundę, the video which is really good. It says if you wish to record sound its selectable on or off I dont know. If I have it on or off it says, this remote control is a five channel, Pilota, and it says the distance that it can transmit from the remote to your car is about 30 metrów w górę.

But what that is in feetand the most important thing people want to know is whats the run time. If you fully charge this little baby up, it says it can run for 20 minutes now. Jedna rzecz: Czyli, really good about an analog video transmission system. Is that so you have your display in your goggles here here so thats, what my little car sees, co jest całkiem fajne. You can have one child in your house wearing these goggles and, if youre already in the hobby of fpv and you own a set of goggles any type that are analog while you can tune into the same signal. So I have my fat sharks here. Im going to tune into the same signal Ill, just tell it to search so since I could see super clear through my fat sharks, Im going to put those on and Im going to record the video in these ones. Idziemy tam. The red light is flashing up top. You see it in this camera its right at the top of the screen. Okk, so the display is much better for me to see stuff through here now I can drive much better stay on the road go this way around. The cars yeah there we go next, better whoa crashed into another car smashed through them, no cant smash through them. Idziemy tam. Tak, Mogę. Nie, I cant try to get around there. Idziemy. So this is pretty cool.

If you had kids, they would have a blast with this. Oczywiście, this little fpv camera this pinhole fpv camera requires an awful lot of light for you to get an image. So here I am driving around you can do it. I can go pretty well now. Nie ma sprawy – and you want to see how fast I can go. Okk, hang on a sec. Go backwards. Go this way, Ill see how fast I can loop around crazy man off the table. Oh look Im on the floor. Zobaczmy. Can I keep driving there? We go going through my house, I dont have any lights on in the house, so its not gon na. Look that great look at this its not too bad. The signal is going through all the walls, all the way down the hall Im gon na go through some more uh hallways here and yeah. Now the Signals got to go really far now Im down in the laundry room: Och tak, Tak, Czyli, całkiem nieźle. Its still gon na need a signal, wow to jest, pretty decent all right, and this is Darkness. I dont have any lights on on the house. Its dull outside, because its a adult, overcast rainy day, lets go into the kitchen area. There we go were passing me heading to the kitchen Im, not full blast thats for sure, because it will go really fast here. Ill go full blast down the hallway. When I turn around and come back so lets go under stuff because thats the whole idea of these little cars, nie, want to go around things, and here we go full blast.

Whoa look at it, go its too fast. W porządku, guys next thing Ill show! You is what comes in the box so check this out. To jest pudełko. Your q25 comes in first item. We see in the Box would be a keychain, followed by an instruction booklet. Następnego, we have a series of stickers, followed by another keychain and a USB cable. Dobrze, Rzeczywiście, several USB cables to charge up all your items. The little fpv card comes in a jewel case and when you take it out of the jewel case, it looks like this, which should actually looks quite awesome for its size. You can have a lot of fun with this next, you receive the controller and it does have an 18650 battery in it. That is already charged. Final item would be your fpv goggles. Nwo, if you have a drone, you can use these goggles with any analog drone. Also included are AV cables, extra antennas and more USB charging cables simply connect the two antennas. Then power on your fpv goggles power on the car power on the remote and everything works right out of the box have fun there we go there. We go youre back to me. Can you see me in this little tiny, fpv camera there? We go Ill move this away and well focus back on these. I was filming myself with this little camera, so there is something interesting here: Im not familiar with this company.

Tutaj, its s n, i c l o design. It says it right on the side here, but I am extremely familiar with this company. This is the company that made me aware of this little car thats diatone diatone makes high quality. I dont know wait. Dytone makes high quality fpv quads that I review on this channel many times they make some of the best fpv quads known to man, so they must have partnered with this other company to make this little. Where is it this little car, co jest całkiem fajne, so they have their fpv technology in this with the controller and the goggles? So that would tell me that this is a good quality product and also that, if you have any issues you know youre dealing with a big name brand. So if you have any issues, they probably will support it. Dobrze, Tak sobie, with all that said, Im going to put links to this product below go check it out. If you have questions on this car post them below Ill get back to you, i jeśli podobał Ci się ten film, please give it a thumbs up and Ill catch. You in the future, with many more RC car reviews for RC car week.