This tubing, Oczywiście, shrinks. I heat it up, it's easier to remove. This is exactly why I remove the lipo batteries from inside the cab. Didn'T figure out. I didn't want to have body pins on this and earth magnets it's a very tight fit in there. I might be able to get the magnets to work, but for the time being, there's these screws it's the beauty about this project. It'S gon na always evolve over time. It has for a few years now I guess remember: the started off is a axial dingo. Idziemy tam. This is the custom tube work I did on top for the smoke kit. You can see there it's an oil smoker. Some folks asked, I think mr. Deng go asked me one of the youtubers asked me: why did I use an oil one instead of a water vapor smoker and really because I came across this one first, I thought it was kind of cool, so I didn't even Think about a water one stinks though it really does. This stinks one downfall about this whole oil thing right in the front where the reservoir is up here, I don't want to tip it forward. That'S exactly exactly the downfall is that it has an open reservoir that has a fan that blows it through the whole system. Dobrze, it can actually pour out from the front, so I have to make some sort of you know dome or bubble.

You know the only problem is: is it's a intake for air as well to push it through, so I got to work on something there. What made everything strip out? Let'S turn it around and have a look now, which one was at the front that was broken inside idler gear. I can tell right away. I can see that I'm turning the spur gear and that the bottom drive shaft is not spinning at all. Just making sure the drive shaft is attached, yeah spinning, but no spinning of the drive, shaft and it's totally attached so it's the. I know the one piece that I cheaped out on darn it, and it was just in one of these in the original overkillwas the plastic idler gear it's, very small I'll show you one here. This is the part right here that I broke this plastic one. These plastic teeth just don't, have enough strength to hold up I'll have to order a Robinson Racing parts. Is that our RP? I think I can't remember. I never can with that one, but an inside steel, one replace that transmission. Get this front diff running again. Oh well until next time, that's what it's all about break them fix them break them fix them. I got to clean up this back area. Remember right! Up into this video here, I've just been learning how to drive it. I have everything set up independently because it's easier for me to film like when I have to cut shots or when I have to move to the next part like when I do a full cinematic, RC adventure, it's easier for me to control things independently other than Having the smoke hooked up to the throttle, when I want to add more atmosphere, Oczywiście, I can just get that smoke on demand everything else, these chattery servos from, powiedzieć, Vox, they're, worse, a Vox, they're, very they're, bardzo silny.

I got to work on the front. Steering I noticed that I have less throw to this side then, on this side, and I think what it is is I see a bit of not sure like when I put it down, it pulls to a side, see that yeah. I don't know what to do with that, but I'll work on that an alignment issue anyway until next time guys there's a good look at where I am with project HD overkill.