Nie. Tak się złożyło, że mieszkałem w środku ziemi uprawnej. Cóż za świetnie wyglądająca półciężarówka, Koo, Koo, kachoo, W porządku. W końcu podniosłeś się do X max Wow jedną piątą skali, lepszy kolor ha ha ha ha czerwony vs. Niebieski. Co możemy zrobić? Lou? We got a little special thing set up for you guys. We know you're excited to finally see spring in the air, as are we. It means more RC excitement and action and bashing and crashing broken parts yeah broken parts figure across for today. This is how big and x max is yeah sure he's, a giant. How tall are you? 6. 1. 6. 1. I'M. 5. 10. This thing is huge. I think that is it's got to be like 20 pound fifteen pound Z. I don't know I never looked at the Box. It'S heavy just opened it tore it apart. It'S heavy uh, so I've got to 8400 3s lipo batteries in here for a total of 6s lipo I've got two 6s 5000 mAh batteries. They'Re lighter I'm gon na win. Mine'S heavier. What are we doing today, we're gon na slap out the slalom course how many cones um four six, eight nine cones long over a distance of we don't know how, with a jump finish, we just set them out with a jump finish so best of three Slom Best of three yeah and we'll see who gets to the other side quicker, that's, Prawy, Okk, this is how I look as tall as Everett that's right yeah.

Both thought, jedyną różnicą jest: is the batteries one's a little bit bigger yeah? Dobrze, I didn't power heavier. Dobrze, Tak, exactly so that they were the same, so they should perform the same. He'S worried that he's going to lose some a Lewis is going to get to win it red always wins on and ready to go. Okk, we're also going to be using the DJI phantom and get you guys a little bit of an aerial shot. Let'S do it. Everything is fairly close together. This is our first round Everett. Good luck on your marks. Przygotuj się, Przejdź, they might be a penalty hey. Why are you in my lane what restart I'm not restarting and winning I'm winning? Ah alright, restart? Okk? That was a practice round. Okk, drone is buzzing away line up. Okk, so if we hit a pylon it's a penalty, obviously against you we're going to go around the outside, come inside yeah, okay and three two one go: Oh, I cheated ha ha ha! Oh, oh człowiek, it's hard uh at one. Oh, masz to. Okk! In three two one go: oh dang. It I'm Way off course: Oh ant, what breve it getting farther away? Och tak, Och tak, oh człowiek, I love winning fair and square. Och tak, hey cameras, rolling let's line up; Okk, so we're going to go in a test. Like pattern on the same direction, we want to go out to the right first yeah, Okk, so we're gon na snake right, Lewy, kinda idea.

Anybody knocks down a pylon, obviously it's against them. The person that knocks down the least pylons wins and we got to get over the jump down there so on your mark, get set ready, go that gets that ready. Oh, this is harder than it looks. Hi hit one already. Oh, I just got to be careful. Okk, well that's, interesting technically, you won well, but you hit a cone, the cone you didn't eh. I did not. That means I win I'm. It perfect. Never it was commenting. He might need some new batteries, but my 84 hundreds are still going strong. Okk, let's line up, I just left you feet before any that's, pretty close hey. Maybe we should back up a bit: okay back up a bit I'm thinking like here, yeah here's, Dobry, wherever yep ready, all right and three two one go all right here. When I'm out pirate wins straightforward, you win bro, Goodwin, good driver and because you're the winner, you get to go pick up the gold, Oh, który był bliski, though what's closed, generally got going at the end there. So you win two out of three. Chyba tak. That'S it once again, you wait for five, knowing that you are a superior driver. Let'S do one more run here, Choć, let's do one more right here, here's, where I redeem myself cuz my trucks. Have you to remember Freddie and your marks get set, go focus on the tires pretty good there.