I just sent me a surprise package, co jest miłe. I actually have no idea what's in here I'm, assuming an RC body because that's what they do it it dog hydro, is hydro dip which is not a paint job it's, not a rap or any kind of decal, but indeed it's a dip. You guys can find out more about hydro, dipping, Oczywiście, on YouTube and on Google and all that other neat places and, if you're interested in pic dog, hydro stuff. What I'm going to do is list his Facebook in the video description down below. If you guys want to have something done by them, or even you know just to go and check out some of their stuff, they even have a YouTube channel and also post that down below this version, just for giggles cuz. I know people want to see it anyway, but enough talk. I want to see what's in the box dude don't of dud, oh nice, wow it's the first time I'm, seeing it oh nice, Oh, I feel multiple layers in here hold on. O Boże. Look at this holy cow it's like Christmas and end of July, Wow I'm. Stoked thanks pit dog that's awesome. I always try to help. You know like entrepreneurs that are doing cool things on the show and when things when you work with people for a while and they send neat stuff it's, a real honor holy cow. Look at this three bodies: this one is for Jim and it is for us the proline body, Baja Bug.

Tak, O Boże, Wow I'm, totally stoked you guys Wow. I know this is just extra special man, holy cow, Jim, is going to love this. I wish she was here right now: duh duh, duh duh, look how amazing that is covered in hundred dollar bills holy moly. She is going to be so happy about that. Oh wow, I don't even know what we're gon na put this on I'm thinking about now, but I'm gon na leave that up to gem. Tak, for those who don't know it's just seen the show, Oczywiście, gems, my wife thanks bro. I just want to read what you put on here: multi side, Wielu, Rozmiar, aureola, flakes dressed and tinted windows, real chrome engine bay, the the the bling machine. This is for your wife, Tak, tak fajnie. Look at that Wow pit dogs. You really outdid yourself on this. One that is gorgeous all right, let's see let's move on here this one here for the crawler. Oh my gosh there's another one for baby Minich holy cow Wow. I don't even know what to say: I'm, just like useless. This is take me outside and watch me change. Colors need look at that little one it's got skulls all over it and skulls and barbed wire holy smokes Wow, Okk, so this one here, I'm totally also stoked Green. Tutaj idziemy. This is for a rock crawler. Looks like here possibly an axial yeah, see it.

We go out here, neon green army of darkness Wow and are see sparks logo. Pretty neat does does Delta proline from Pitt. Oh hi drew sorry guys. I don't have much to say so. I'M, just expert like seeing this for the first time myself let's see you can see like a face right. There is that cool or what army of Darkness a good cult classic wow. This is totally setting us up for the next little while with some sickness but sick bodies. So the bonus is is that when it gets scratched it doesn't like chip or anything right it's, just he signs them off right there, pit dog 7 For 14 Wow and then this one is Wow. I'Ve been just waiting to open this. A 1981 Bród, Bronco clear body for the slash 4×4 Wow, okay it's, my other body with the AMR rap, is just not old enough anymore, it's, all scratched and whatnot yeah. I saw up a little oh, and I see the VW Bug has a wing on it. Look at this down in the in the debris field below there's the bling thing for the bug right here: wow manthis is just extra special. I don't usually get things like this so and look this chrome, zderzak, Niebieski, favorite color. You see all the studio lights through my ford for big blue, that I have outside my full scale and are see sparks hydro dip, Wow dude. This is thanks for waiting I've actually been.

I had these in the studio for a little while, because I've been kind of taking it apart, getting ready for the the other studio as well, but I got ta say this was totally worth busting the camera and the lights out. Have a look at that. I know everybody's slobbering all over this right now. I don't know why I'm getting treated so well, but this is just a great example of fit dog hydro and their work that they can do right. He'S been doing this a long time anyway, so there we go I'm stunned, and I know you guys are like put it on a vehicle. I wish I had something right now, but everything's kind of getting shifted around, but this the SLAs body is to see it in person is just so different than on camera, Wow, again here's, what the army of Darkness to see all the faces and stuff in there. All the teeth look at the front on this like this: how it's done don't, Doug, Doug, Doug, pretty awesome so much to look at and of course, one for baby Mac we're going to change colors in different temperatures, so we'll experiment with that little later on, but The this bug is amazing, all of it. These will make a great show for all the RC adventure viewers, a pit dog. So thank you for adding to our arsenal. We'Ve got a lot of videos that are coming up that are planned out, and these are just going to be spectacular to be in it.

You guys want to check out pit dog hydro. Obviously they do a wicked job check it out in the description box below and hopefully you guys can get your hands on one of these amazing bodies, if you guys have something that you want done as well.