Wiesz, whoever it is he's been doing this alone. Even I have a little bit yep. You know how many trucks do you have whoa jeez. If I had to count sixish in the fifth scales that's a lot of trucks, you must have a garage just for yourself, basement nice yeah for all basement dwellers. We got everything going on we've been kind of hiding what we have in the back here, even though you had a little glimpse of it. We'Ve been working very, very hard on this over the last week, trying to get some stuff moving moving forward. Tak um, you know just so it's, not as boring yeah we needed to get some work done. Doolittle is you're gon na get liquidy. That looks good yeah. I know I thought who knows like you got to anything you want to add to this before we get into parts ready to go, we're ready to go okay, so we're gon na get right into this, because we've been doing lots of work to show you. So over the last 400, an X number of videos that I've done I've learned to show off the products that we use in the build series. So we don't have to field a thousand questions as the years go by, and this is here, we'll just tell you what they are now right: yep make sense, got ta have products. Okk, these are the team fat, dad CV, DS and drive cups, so Aaron here medic also picked up the drive, cups they're separate their different purchase.

You got to buy both. If you want both drive cup, you do need a couple stock parts out of the stock bones. Actually you just need two little pieces. We don't have a moat. Do we, Wiesz, let me show them this look at this, so this is a bearing on the outside, because I replaced it with the team Fast Eddie wheel, bearings yeah, a kit that I got off of one of the fifth scale websites out there check this Out look on the inside. This is the difference of the fat. Dabs thickness, see the gauge in there and the low C. So any kind of stress you know the fat dads are there to kind double up right, so the boot on the back of this. This is completely greased on the inside it's, amazing that it feels like it's, a real fricking car part. A lifetime warranty stands behind it, that's how I call it as long as there's grease and as long as yeah you got to maintain it earlier. You know it's, like any party like yeah okay, so where do these go for the people in the audience that don't know what these are yeah? I know you're excited you're, looking at all the stuff. Let me just spin this whole tray around. I said spin axis or C okay now I think we should do a cut shot and kind of get up in here. It'S up in here, you want show you.

Should you look at that? Okk, get a camera okay, so these driveshafts they just plug right into the diff right. So this is the front diff just like so nice, and then on top of that you have to have the hub and their tire hey what? Co to jest? The Kraftwerk's hub? Oh so they have a couple different kinds for the low C, Okk, which is kind of nice craftworks. Let me see that package nice, Okk, Przejdź! This is the low C thread here: there's two different thread patterns for the two different ones. So this takes the nuts that comes stock with the low C. Okk. These ones here come with a thread pattern for the HPI Baja nuts wheel nuts, so medic here he's got an awesome little set of nuts. That came the other thread pattern, Więc mam ta. Pay attention to what you're getting okay, so these these are the craft works RC. My buddy Jeff manufactures these down and I believe in Santa Monica trophy truck wing nuts. These especially go with those uh axle extenders that would they are actual extenders. These are extended yeah. They give you a little extra, you can actually run. I believe somebody can correct me, but I'm, całkiem pewny. With these you can run rears of the Baja tires on all four corners with these Erik's axle extender, so doesn't have to be the Front's cuz the front. Goodnight, it would be run with the stock.

This is a Bart alone, a lot perch it's a shock perch spring perch, Tak tak, so we don't have a so it's, I believe it's all machined aluminum. This way it doesn't kind of this. The shock perch doesn't kind of kick out right, some of the stock ones when you go over a big bump or something like that, isn't a solid piece all around so with a rebuilt shock which were surprisingly clean for the amount of freaking. I was surprised all the oil rised. It was pretty much transparent a little on the cloudy side, not a big deal um but yeah outerwear sent me well. I didn't I bought these ones. I have other colors blue as well. There are they over here trade up boom right there, Okk, so these are blue ones. They have lots of different colors red. If you wanted right, these are pretty cool. I, Podoba mi się to. Oh there we go look at these now I got the products on the side. See how many manufacturers we had good paint on this and look at Capel there's, some pro lines right there here are the tires. We chose to go with RC four wheel, drive big big Mickey Thompson tires: do we have them on here Mickey Thompson. Baja MTZ tires for the Baja or Faik sorry about that ever uh. These are an aggressive, tread check that out. These are basically I'm surprised how firm the tire yeah I was too.

These are much firmer than almost everything I have. They'Ve got several kinds: they smell like a freaking tire. They smell like mm. Hmm, they smell like a real tractor tire, so we put them on the truck. Also I've got some skunk works. Skunk works, skunk works, zamki koralikowe, Aluminium, bead locks that I got. I think it was off a DDM or somewhere tgn somewhere. Tak właściwie, I think I got it off the skunk works site. When I went there, these aluminum bead locks go with the wheel nuts from craftworks RC. I don't even have the the skunkworks box nearby. Nie, Nie, it doesn't matter. Um, you're, gon na see him up close anyway. You know so we're putting all this stuff together. I think we've done enough of this yeah. We should do a little bit of wrenching, but you know what you don't get to see. The rest of this we're gon na go ahead and assemble the other arm. I think it's time we look at the little motor maintenance. Would you agree yeah? Definitely time let's have a get that other one that what used to be in there. I have my stock motor and I was very, very uncaring with it. Yes to say the least yeah it needs a little TLC, so you guys are gon na get up close with us. We'Re gon na have my buddy Everett ripped my engine apart for you and you get to see what the inside let's have a look see.

What'S up could be perfect, could be damaged, look forward to seeing what it's like inside. Oh yeah let's see what we got shut. Your goddamn cellphone off, Hej, Oh we're, gon na try something a little different today. Tak, we are 430 X movies, I've done and we're actually going to stand here for the first time and disassemble a gasoline powered engine two stroke engine. This is out of my low C. This is the stock engine it's a 26 Cc. Chcesz! You want to tell them a little bit about it. The stock motor is actually a cy motor which stands for chungyang, so it's very similar to the Sonoma motors. Wiesz, Uh, you know man, I did not maintain this worth crap and really ripping into this truck. Has been a huge help in learning and not being a really about getting into something this large for me right, you sometimes I'm scared to break into my RCS until they break I'm glad I did because it's broken and only natural. Tak myślę, though you know yeah. I think most people are probably that way. Tak, I think yeah that's, the majority yeah um. So what we're gon na do is disassemble this, dla was chłopaki, you know uh piece by piece, hopefully see how far we can get down get into the piston. Ah, tak jak powiedziałem, outerwear sent me a cover for some covers for the low C than you were doing this.

They said hey check out what we got. I did not use one of these, like I said I used a piece of nylon, that's, all filthy and full of dust, and if I would have used one of these because you know what this is not my first pull start on here, mmm same thing inside I got dirt and crud and all that stuff in there, and I pulled the the thing out because I knew not you know to rip on it: yeah I'm really cranked it out and just stayed there. It was like a wet piece of spaghetti that they came out and just hung out, so I had to replace the whole thing. Then I put this temporary solution cost effective, ale jednocześnie, in real these were only a few bucks uh. What are we taking off? Pierwszym, tam, maestro we're gon na, take out the sparkler. Now look at that. First for sure, oh whoa looks like part of evolution, joshula yeah. Chciałbym. This is pretty nasty check. This out see all the carbon buildup on it, because this focusing yeah there we go. Look at that that's crazy, that I've actually fouled it that much. Why would this be I'm, mostly? Probably because of the oil you're running yeah, some sort of oil? I got it at my local hardware store because it's just a gas in an oil mixture, so I thought okay well, if it is a weed whacker engine yeah might as well take weed whacker oil and it worked.

Niestety, even though I hack, I was running it rich, I don't have a lot of experience with with like tuning it for high and low, and you know how lean isn't stuff, so I was kind of tweaking it. It works it's, just not the best thing. For your engine, if you want to keep your engine in top running, peak performance, pinion is done and I we're kind of interjecting we're talking off camera as we're in between shots and there's. A few things that we thought we'd talk about clutch bell: housing that what this is cold on the clutch buzzing yeah if it holds the clutch bell in the housing this whole plate on the front here. Watch this I'll bring this to you because I know you're. All wondering it's this plate right here. Okay now, I know there's a lot fifth scale, guys out there that know what I'm talking about there's also large audience out there. So this is where the clutch is in now. Have you guys seen a clutch on the inside? I know I haven't yeah, I have when they're brand new and Everett took it apart. Dla mnie, spójrz na to. There is a clutch right there. Okk, Nwo, a lot of the Nitro guys that have nitro engines are familiar with how a clutch works. Centrifugal force on a spring that's, not a lot of light. Przepraszam chłopaki, sorry Everett, so these two shoes they attach to the inside of this clutch bail, yeah right words in the housing and it spins the front pinion in a bearing this is the bearing up front.

Feels pretty good, actually yeah. It feels pretty good yep. You know what I notice all over. My fingers sit yeah dust what's, this yeah off of the clutch pad the clutch pads yep. So this is interesting because we're going to talk more about it in the next episode. When I go through my choice of what we're doing there's a lot dust in here and you know, I would think that that would not want to be in there. It would make it slip and burn a little bit. Look at the carbon yeah yeah people were saying to me when I was breaking this in that this engines pretty slow and that I was burning my clutch at such low rpms. But you know what even though there's some dust in here there is a lot of clutch pad left yeah on there. There is a good amount there. Clutch will last you a lot longer yeah, so that's cool, Okk, filtr powietrza. I see air filter and I see a carburetor right behind it with high and low setting needles yeah. This is a six six. Eight carburetor has a choke on. It makes it a lot easier for starting on the colder days, take off the top shroud here and look at the rest of the grass in there do they see if we can do it without loosening up the rest. Top part here is the cylinder on the motor that has the piston in it that the spark plug attaches to air mixture.

Gas spark compression when the motor with the piston comes up boom motor go for you guys out there. The pull starter from the Sonoma motor or the or the CY will work for this, so you have a few options of where you're shopping, to grab a pull starter from they're all interchangeable. In here we have the flywheel okay it's inside the fan cover this flywheel is what helps start the engine we'll get into the coil and shield out in a second that's, how it helps flow, the air around as well, very important to seal it up on the Bottom, for you guys that just get these motors because you don't want to be breaking off those fins it'll, throw off the balance of this for one and two it'll stop the cooling effect on the engine, so we'll be talking about that with the next motor. A little more in detail as well let's continue on taking off this fan cover now, I'll have most of the motor exposed, ah good job by the way, another round of applause he's, like master that's. Dlaczego? I doing it? Thank goodness because we have multiple angles on the camera. Pal look at that killer, RC switch. Do you guys remember when I did the video on that old plate over here somewhere? This is an important safety feature if you're running a fifth scale. If you're responsible Arceus in my opinion, I would run a cutoff switch. The cutoff switch is designed to run with the radio and transmitter when it loses a signal.

It kills. The engine correct, Tak, killer, Rc, kill switch. If you want one great, if not don't run it it's your own loss, if you lose it uh we're gon na move on take off the head. Everett was telling me earlier on today, I'm happy. I get to explain this I'm excited I get to explain. I understand a little more check it out on top as my bird nest fall, because I thought look II see all this that's. Nie. Is that normal that isn't it isn't, I wasn't being good with it. I just had a good time as RC should, but at the same time I got to maintain and as we break this apart, we can see what bad shape Milo C was actually in praat was gon na be running too much longer. Szczerze mówiąc, no I was having trouble starting it and stuff. Wiesz tak, I'm glad we ripped it apart because now we're getting into the guts look at this, the flywheel you're talking about earlier. This is the coil which provides the spark so when the flywheel spins the magnet comes across here, does its magic spark comes out next we're going to take off the cylinder here see if we can do it with the drill go. One comes the second try to get through the rat's nest: uh here's, the cylinder you can see on the inside here. Okk, piston goes up and down inside of there, Pistons attached to a crank, just rotates inside let's have a look inside they're a little dirty, not too bad man looks pretty good the basics of a motor Hey, so you did it all done done deal broken down.

You got the head taken off yeah I mean you could break it down further, but for our purposes I need to go any further. No it's good, Hej, Tak, ah good job it's. Looking good can I take it to show them. Tak. I'M excited. I know some of them have never seen the inside of an engine before and this whole contraption. You know some of them don't even know how an engine works. Wiesz, and so this is a good opportunity to show you the piston. This is the actual piston top that's, the piston yeah yeah itself. Right goes up and down. There is a shaft that goes back and forth, but not a camshaft right, Dobrze, it's, a crank right, screamo it's, the way it spins yeah, see it's, pushing and pulling yeah yeah. It looks very dirty inside okay, so this is the way it goes. He was showing us that there is a coil. The coil has a magnet that runs off of the. So this is the flywheel back here right. Should we even mention this is important that all these fins are here. This is why we have an outerwear shroud, Tak tak. There see look at this before I get into the mechanics. This is what he's talking about earlier. Okk, this flywheel has all these fit. Och, spójrz. I did bust one off, but it is there you go get. I had a broken tooth right here, so what happened in this I'm theorizing is that there was a rock.

There was something just like when I was at the river yeah yeah. There we go runnin. I didn't realize how important it was to have a shroud on the inside port, where all these rocks can get in, because it can break it off teeth and start a the cooling. Does that work as well? No yeah it's, exactly helping with the airflow I'm surprised. Only ones broken because usually wants one breaks and it starts clanging around inside yeah rocky of the fin and the rock now that's. Prawdziwy, Oh, is it breaking off yeah you left with a few outer wears. Is this it right here uh? What I should have been using is a flywheel cover from outer wears like cheap. I know I've been pushing a lot of outer wear today, it's for no reason other than maintenance, because I knew that I'd be able to show you all this stuff and show you why right good. To więcej, the shroud would have gone on the inside or pardon me the outside of the engine, but on the inside portion, which would have covered up all those exposed fins. I can't really see there's a lot of dirt buildup on the inside it's like just powder inside gross, więc jest to, Wiesz, fit for rebuild. I guess I could do that or we could just put in a new engine. Should we put in a new engine? We'Re going with a new engine, we can't fit it in today's video.

Can we not today no it's, actually so awesome? It needs a video all by itself. Definitely yeah. Okk, so are you excited about the Senate? Shall we we made a good choice on this? A good choice, we're gon na put into it I'm very excited about this. Thank you for all your awesome work. A lot of fun thanks for having me yeah a pleasure man, Okk. So if your first time here, you kind of like what you thought or you thought what you liked or whatever that sentence, didn't make sense at all. You can subscribe up above because we're gon na do more of these, and if you guys want to leave a comment in the option below the description, whatever you want to do, you're welcome to do that I'm. Talking too much I'm gon na sign off now and say see you guys next time on rcadventures yeah come visit.