She chickened out, ha ha ha, but shot ha ha ha. So here is my old new bright one fifth scale toy rc conversion, and we had issues in here with these pegs being pure plastic and everything being such a toy quality when it was in the coal that actually snapped very easy thanks for holding the fort Brian Deegan so over here we did end up getting another sled, a red one, because we want to be able to have races at the ranch or go out on trail runs and we figured for some diversity and because the Art Attack snowmobile sells kits that you can Get a Mamba monster with and a castle system I decided to go with what they suggested from front to back and a Red Rider, so normally I'm, a Tekin man and I figure a little hefty competition from the castle. Mamba Monster two can go up against T kin and they should be a pretty darn good match. Nwo. I believe this one is a 2200 Kv. I put a 2250 in the gray or in the green sled that I have that's Tekin so again pretty evenly matched this one has the stock spur and the pinion setup on it on the green one that I have I've, actually lowered it to a 17 mm Steel pinion, why did I do that? Dobrze, I had the motor shift and it kind of melted half of this one on this spur.

Więc, but I did look at this and I put in a hefty Saavik servo. You guys have seen me use these servos a lot it's, the servo I use of choice really just because it's waterproof and it is the highest amount of torque force, a box in there waterproof line so that's. What I like to use, especially in the snow and the ice and everything else now the bonus about that new bright sled that I had was, even though we couldn't use it. I was able to retrofit this top bod instead of having the same Art Attack plastic injection, Formowane, one that we had. I ended up using this one. Zamiast, now I unfortunately lost the lights that go up front, but the wind visor on the top and the MXZ logos are absolutely fantastic, so I've sealed it up I've kind of modded it and when I get the body posts onand this is pushed down, there's Absolutely no gap in here, and the other thing I've noticed, jest: if you look at the steering rods right going through here in the tub chassis I've taken some Gorilla Tape, double sided it you can see on the inside there that this actually, when you seal up This hole keeps a lot of the snow out as well as this old nitro exhaust pipe port, więc zaczynamy, and you just made some quick covers, goes in around. I think we should fire this up and see how it does outside babe.

We do me a favor and help me show the AVC installed on the snowmobile e'er a VC and turn it around turn it on so it's communicating with the transmitter right now. The radio is talking back and forth and you're going to notice. Normalnie, when you have a steering wheel and for steering with tires or skis in turn that nice fast, a box turbo in there giving me lots of speed, lots of control and lots of power now, with ABC it's kind of like an automatic vehicle control system, it's An electronic gyro controlling the steering we'll just talk about steering right now, controlling the steering by sensing where the skis are use a turn, regions and cellphones. So this is basically so when you're sliding are you trying to do tricks and stuff? This will help straighten you out on the snow, so goes to theory. Other things to notice. I did stud the track on the bottom, every second lug on either side. This definitely helps keeping this sled from tipping over these little tiny screws. I think they are six and a quarter in size. Let'S go outside out on the snow, beep beep beep, doodlee doodlee doodlee do I've already had a layer of dry. Silicone on this track area is to keep the snow from building up and kind of getting the gunk in there. You want to keep that track area clear, so the track doesn't jump off that back pulley, you think the color Jim.

I love the color pops pretty nicely hey. Does pop let's go down down here a little, so we can hear a little rattle coming and that what that is are the fresh studs they haven't kind of grooved into that top body. So when the suspension is flexing, it kind of rubs a little bit on the chassis but and about two battery packs, that'll sound will be gone, looks cool. Then they go a little quicker, uh huh, Okk, so I'm gon na go down this area kind of going around I'll turn around. So we've got a little bit of space there. Idziemy. Jesteś gotowy, yeah rippen, oh nice, Ładne, Okk, so I don't have a track. Jumping off yet so that's good up and over a little bit of freestyle back up and over. We love in that little corner cut, it's starting to ice up and with those studs on the back, but definitely that's a fun little nice. You want to give it a try. Yeah right gem gets to try the snowmobile. You go darling Thanks, don't don't, don't, 10 ton, so Jam is new at the snowmobiling as mi beautiful, more better control. Nwo, hey steering servo upgrade as well as those tracks yeah world of difference, loving these snowmobiles these days finally glad to have found a kit that seemingly works, pretty darn good how's your stability. How does it feel so that a VC is helping you right now kind of keeping it clear and at speeds? I think when you're sliding it really does help nice job up and over that's right.

So you don't even need a lot of track. Speed right now. It'S got quite a bit of grip that's. What people want to know? How will it do in the deeper snow I'm interested in finding that out as well that old, retro body man that's sharp, looking give her some gas there dear? Who see you later? Och tak? Tak, I've noticed that it seems when it does topple. It does seem to land back on its skis. Yep a round head and round helmet helps it switch back onto its skis. Pretty awesome pretty awesome a little bit deeper yeah. Where are you on the throttle? Half throttle full throttle, half throttle three cell lipo okay come fullback around, or did you crash it haha good job? We got some skis coming or some skates for the skis, so we can go out onto the pond and try to do a little bit of pond racing way better than ski Beth. Whoo super fun. I give us a try. I'D recommend it to my friends. I can hardly wait till Morris can drive. One of these hey cat looks just like my fellow RC you're on youtube head quakes cat, but different. This is along here, hmm you're, quite far away and it's still responsive a into the deeper snow, keep going on throttle dole it off. Ah, too late you let off too soon enjoy your run. Mam ta. Give this a go see what kind of speed we can get around the corner.

Here we go JK good, good traction, that's we're, wondering where you were that's super fast. We stand behind the driver. Okk, so I'm gon na go on the left side. Okk, Jim hello. Will you please she's rolling, Tak myślę – I'm not gon na let off the throttle but we'll try to get down there and come back we'll see how it does in the deep snow. Powodzenia, Godspeed ready, pumpkin. So I have to kind of work. My way up to full throttle because it just hammers it yeah that's a no. I noticed that too so on that full throttle right now hard to turn and here's, where I always get stuck, because it gets hard to turn and you got it. Oh ah you're driving it to turn at full throttle and if you let off when deep, deep snow, you get stuck no weight transfers I'm going for the walk of shame, Donna, Wow and that's, like the farthest point too pure powder, Tak, there's, no moisture at all. Like light fan but colder, I don't know I think we're ready for the run tomorrow.