Everybody asks me why I don't buy other larger trucks and I'll tell you it's, bo mam ten. Teraz xmax, chociaż ludzie mają różne opinie, I've read that it is one fifth scale that's why I bought it under that idea that it was 150 ale. It is electric I'm taking two 3s lipo batteries and running it in today on the VX l, 6s ESC that's got in here. I replace the front bumpers from our bosch session, got the arm fixed and also rebuilt the shock that was damaged, but I didn't come here to do a bunch of talking. I came to do some jumping let's get up in the air. Lemar reverse it's hard standing off to the side. Ah, ah this is the self writing system I'm. Using hey was that self writing system hard on you, nie, Oh a little more exercise shall we do one more jump, even though the batteries are going down. What I think my answer is yes, Tak, Tak, let's go over to the big one see if we can get some air that's awesome guys thanks for tuning in today, hopefully you've been inspired to try out the RC hobby. Get a monster truck go out play in the dirt, enjoy the weather you have around. You make your video post it online and put a link in the video comment section below. I want to see your guys's fun thanks for tuning in subscribe for more catch.