Doesn'T work right now! Nie, our battery to do it happened, looks like the pin that holds the cap onto the motor to make everything kind of spin yep snapped into a few places. There'S a drive pin here drive in yeah drive, pin from the brush motor. There is a rock that got caught in the track. I came torqued it and snapped this long dry, pin in three pieces, yep we're going to improvise by using a titanium drill bit shaving. It off with the dremel hmm making us a new drive in that's what we're doing and attend. Hence why you have glasses that's, why the glasses are on very nice, Bardzo ładnie, so you marked it up already it's marked. I love this on the go fabrication that's. How we do it? Macgyver that's, are seeing 101 pretty much man good to make it work with what you got that's right. Okk, it should be good to go. That is a diamond bit that is and see. If this is the right length melt the table, yeah that's, my pit mat from cow Arcee looks pretty good. Man looks pretty pretty good. Are you worried that it's got a bit of a beveled edge like aren't, you worried yeah yeah, but if it breaks it breaks right and we'll just do it again? Zrób to jeszcze raz, maybe we'll order a longer one. I should order some new dragons. I guess we can just make them out of the wire.

We need a this yeah pretty much all right, let's put the set screw in one side, Witam, Oh, Wyglądać, who's behind me, Witam, tenten, tenten, tenten, tenten, Witam, Jim and Mac. He slew a new airplane Mac. You a gopher right on mmm big enough in my pink hi. Kumpel, daddy loves you daddy love! You right! You see all the toys.